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  JOHN  BLACKETT  ON  07702 794 800  OR  E-MAIL  riponbridge  FOR  FURTHER  INFORMATION

A.G.M. 2018 minutes

                                 RIPON CITY BRIDGE CLUB

                           A.G.M. 24th. April 2018 MINUTES 

APOLOGIES:  Shirley Wagner, Gillian Malloy, Kathy Duffield, Mike Heyworth, Neil White, Brian & Jenny Graham, Frank Jones, Rosemary & Angus Livingstone, Audrey Ramsden, Robert & Jill Barraclough, May Hawkes, Barbara Robertson, John Martin, Ruth Barker. 

PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS: John mentioned the club’s appreciation for all the hard work put in by Graham which he felt promoted the purchase of Bridgemate and Duplimate.
John went on to ask members to be more considerate of less confident players especially those new to the club.  John thanked members for their contributions in setting up and putting away equipment and clearing the kitchen.

2017 MINUTES: Acceptance of these were proposed by Jenny and seconded by Margaret.

TREASURER’S REPORT : Chris explained that the income deficit last year was mainly due to two Easter Friday holidays plus the loss incurred for Friday evenings.  The large expense was for the equipment purchased.  Chris requested that the charge per member for the Christmas party be increased to £15, agreement was proposed by Judith and seconded by Norma.  Mike Fieldhouse raised an objection to this increase being put to a vote saying it should be implemented by the committee only.  John explained that the vote was required under the new constitution.  There was to be no increase in table monies.  The decrease in financial loss for the Yorkshire League teams was due to a change in venue.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Graham felt that the new equipment benefitted the club to have a more professional atmosphere.

TEAM CAPTAIN’S REPORT: John mentioned that the A team had a successful season in the Yorkshire League  and remained in the middle of their league.  Andrew said the B team had enjoyed their first season and proudly won two matches.  Kay mentioned the Harrogate League and anyone interested in playing to contact her.

NEW CONSTITUTION: John mentioned two main changes to the old constitution.  Primarily, if the club winds up any monies remaining would be donated to bridge charities.  Secondly, alternate members of the committee resign every two years. Shirley had previously stated that an incident occurred at a club when the committee resigned ‘en masse’ which prompted her suggestion.  The new constitution was accepted proposed by Peter Laing and seconded by Sue Needham.


FRIDAY SESSION: Due to the continuing loss sustained by Friday evening sessions John proposed that the evening and afternoon teaching sessions be combined in Friday afternoon play as the teaching sessions would be discontinued later in the year.   Earlier Steve had put forward a suggestion for afternoon play geared to less confident players as he felt the Wednesday evening play was too stressful for them.  Tony suggested that the Friday afternoon sessions have more simple bridge but many members did not agree and Christine did not agree with eliminating systems.   Steve suggested play less boards, allow more time.  Steve also suggested new competitions for the learners which John informed we have a new competition in the near future.  There was much discussion on the subject with several members contributing, Maureen, Rachel, John, Jenny, Tony. It was agreed to keep the boards played to a minimum (21 ideal) and that members would host the session so members could turn up without a partner.  Friday afternoon was proposed by Maureen and seconded by Andrew with usual systems in play.

SIT OUT TABLE: Some members had complained that only East & West sat out  but Graham stated it only happened 5 times in 2017 and it meant one less table to be placed in the room.  John Digby felt members should be allowed to sit where they preferred.  No action was taken.

TROPHIES: CLUB PAIRS – Graham Boardman &  Mick Heyworth
                        JUBILEE TROPHY – Maureen Tebb & Tony Swiers
                        D K MAXWELL TROPHY – Graham Boardman & Mick Heyworth
                        ALDERSON TROPHY (men) – Alan Johnson
                        ALDERSON (women) – Deb de la Haye
                        MIKE RICH TROPHY – Fiona Taylor
                        DEREK BLAND SALVER – Maureen Tebb
                        MONOMAYA MITRA TROPHY – Christine Edwards & Susan Swiers
                        NORDALE PAIRS – Brian & Jenny Graham
                        CITY CUP – Not Played

NOMINATIONS: In line with the new constitution John Digby and Kay resigned and then we’re re-elected.  A new committee member Andrew Murday was proposed by John and seconded by Graham.

A.O.B. John advised the members that due to the new Data Protection Act they must all sign a new Membership Application Form. 

 John closed the meeting.

A.G.M. 2019 minutes

Ripon City Bridge Club


AGM Minutes  24 April 2019




Jenny Gleeson, John Martin, Kay Thorpe, Ruth Barker, Elizabeth Marx, Sue Needham,Neil White

Shirley Wagner, Peter Laing, Robert and Jill Barraclough Norma Swiers and Judith Hollingworth


President’s Address


John began by thanking Steve, Jenny and Graham for the success of the Friday afternoon teaching sessions, which has attracted many new members to the club.

He then said that he was delighted with the success of the Christmas Party which appeared to be enjoyed by all in a convivial atmosphere.


This year the dealing machine was purchased , this enables members to look at their hands on the website after a match and replay the hands if they wish.

With this in mind John thanked Christine and Christopher for taking over the task of dealing the hands from Graham, during his period of ill health, although Graham said he could still assist with this job.


We have now moved upstairs in Community House to a larger and more airy room.  The only drawback is that the kitchen is not accessible to us during Friday afternoon.  But in practice this has caused almost no problems.

The move will enable both the Sunday A and B team matches to take place simultaneously . Changes to fees  are that for all team players they now will pay £5 per match whether home or away.

Drivers will be able to charge upto £5 per passenger (not including driver)when driving to away matches occurring beyond Harrogate. John added that we need more volunteers for both teams for this coming winter 2019/20.


There had been a number of queries regarding a rover movement which has arrow switches during the course of play.  Some members consider it unfair and biased.  However John and Graham can find no evidence of bias in the results and it is a movement recommended by the EBU.  Alternatively we could draw for table numbers as in Sim Pairs.


John asked if all members where possible, could assist  ingeneral preparation of the room beforehand or general tidying up after a session. E>G> if there is a sitout pair close to the end of the evening if they would tidy the refreshment table  etc.


John then announced the following resignations from the committee:


Graham after quite a long absence, but having run the club almost singlehanded for many years was now retiring from the committee but wishes to remain an active member of the club.

He was presented with a bottle of whisky and we thanked him warmly.

Jenny, too, has now resigned and many years of service to the club but wishes to stay involved the club’s affairs.  She received a bouquet of flowers, which were delivered to her as she was absent.

Christine has taken over all the pc work from Graham was warmly thanked for taking over at such short notice and was also presented with a bouquet



2018 Minutes


The word “excepted” was queried but was accepted as a typing error.

Acceptance of the Minutes 2018  was proposed by Graham and seconded by Christine.


Treasurer’s Report


The accounts were explained by Christopher.  After discussion in Committee it had been decided that there would be no increase in either annual subs or table money.

The move to Friday afternoon has resulted in an average of 61/4 tables up from 21/2 on Friday evenings

Furthermore the increase from £10 to £15 paid by members for the party meant that the club broke even this year for the first time for many years.

We have spent £4,400 in the last year on new equipment and it was felt we should have enough funds in the kitty to be in a position to replace in about 5 years or so.

We have some assets but it was felt that these should be spent for the benefit of the club members.


Director’s Report

Nothing to report


Team Captain’s Report


Andrew. Captain of the B team was delighted to say that the B team has moved up a league and that 16 people had played in various matches over the winter. He thanked them all very much.

John said that the A team had been demoted.

Sorting Cards at the End of Each Hand


John led a discussion on this topic but there was very little support and also the point was made that it was discouraged by the EBU and after a show of hands it was decided it was decided that this would not be adopted.




The Trophies were presented but they will no longer be inscribed with the winners’ names.




In the Constitution that was accepted in 2018 it was agreed that the committee members had to resign after 2 years servicebut could restand.

This year Christopher and John resigned but were re-elected for a final 2 years.

Graham’s job will be shared by other members of the committee.  Christine was elected onto the committee in view of all that she already does for the club.


Graham proposed Steve as a committee member. Steve asked that his portfolio was to be outreach and social bridge, this was accepted.




Tony Swiers then thanked John for all his handwork this year. In particular for teaching beginners both in the club and in his own home. It was noted that Tony is also engaged in this activity.


This lively meeting ended at 7pm and play commenced.



2May 2019




Please click on link below


AGM 26 april 2017 Minutes.pdf

Online Bridge

Copies of Tournament instructions for BBO as per Ripon.






Entering the tournament: 2

Finding the results of a tournament. 3



Taken from various emails and documents from John Blackett:

As nearly every club in the world closes there has been a glut of people applying to organise tournaments on BBO

Luckily I used to be a director on the site and they have reinstated my role.

I have attached details on how to create a free account if you have not been on BBO before and how to find the tournament. You will need a PC / Mac or tablet/ipad which is online for each player. there is an app on smartphones but does not work well and is not recommended

The tournament is open to all  members of Ripon and Thirsk  clubs and their friends

If you intend to play please email me to let me know with your UserName in advance so can watch out for you. Please make sure the Username works before you send it!


How to become a free member on BBO

Go to bbo website

Click on become a member (free) -  This takes you to the following screen

1)  Enter your user name / pseudonym such as “ACE SPADES - max 10 characters

2) Create a password

You will need both username and password to log on

3) Re-enter your password

4) Enter real name

5) Ignore ACBL NO

6) Chose your shill level

7) Choose England as your country

8) Click to agree terms of service

9) Click on register button

An account will be created for you and you will be taken to this next page

If you click on help button on top left you will be given more information

If you click on Vugraph button you can watch “Kib” any live international match which may happen to be playing

If you click on solitaire you are taken to play against the computer which is a good place to get to know how the site works

If you click on casual you will be taken to any table to play random opponents. Word of warning these tables are not monitored and players often leave in the middle of a hand.

If you click on competitive you are taken to the following screen

Entering the tournament:

Click on free tournaments to go to this screen

Here all tournaments are listed with the ones about to start at the top

I will call our tournaments Club Ripon

Thirsk tournaments will be called Club Thirsk

The first tournament is #6906 Pairs club ripon start 13:15 Fri Mar 20 2020

When you find the tournament click on it

It will ask for your partners username and will then send him/her a message asking to play which needs to be accepted. So partner needs to be online at the same time

 if you have a partner enter their username at 1 they will then get a message asking to confirm that they would like to play

if you dont have a partner enter your username at 2

Once you are registered you can leave your computer until just before the start of the tournament.

If you have problems logging on to the tournament it will be because i have preloaded your username wrong

Please get in touch straight away which is why i suggest you log on at least half an hour before. Email me , message on bbo or call on 07702794800 or 01765677723

when the tournament starts the page will open automatically given that you are still logged on

Please remember we are all learning and there will be problems so please be patient with your director (me), your partner and opposition

If you use chat you can talk to your table or the whole tournament


Everyone agrees to stay for the whole tournament

if an emergency such as house on fire call director before leaving.

You self alert bids. Any alertable bid such as 1NT, stayman, weak 2s, after making the bid click on the bid  and a box will open for you to explain the bid.

only opposition not partner sees this explanation

If opposition makes a bid and you  want an explanation of the bid just click on the bid.

It will be easier for the first couple of tournaments if you play out the hand and do not claim. The last table playing on each round may find the director claims for them to save time.

Finding the results of a tournament

Click on the history tab 1

Then click on the recent tournaments 2

Then click on the tournament you are interested in 3

The results will then load

Click on results 5

A pop up window will open 6

Click on your name 7

then click on your score 8

Click on movie 9

Press on movie 9 and following window opens

If you press on GIB button it suggests which card you should play

If there is a red no by a card it suggests your contact will go down by that no tricks if you play this card

If there is a green no by a card it suggests your contact will make that no over tricks if you play this card

If there is a = by a card it suggests your contact will make exactly if you play this card

Go back now to previous screen and press traveller at 11

And then you can see how everybody played or bid the hand by clicking on the different movies



When you are playing with someone

Click on their name here at 1

Their profile picture will open at right

Click on relationship 2

On the drop down target click on “follow”   3

In the Notes section you can add the friends real name

Then if click on the peoples tab 4 you will see all your friends who you are following

And you can join them at the table or message them