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We play face to face

in St Paul's every Tuesday night

It would be good to see more people there.

It would also make a better game for all.

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Wanted: items of interest, jokes, suggestions etc.


Dear Members,

I am pleased to attach below the link for the fourth edition of the new-style Irish Bridge Journal, completing the cycle for the first year of CBAI publication. I hope that you are enjoying the Journal, and I’d like to thank our editor Enda Murphy, our designer Sue Power, and all our contributors for the work they have put into it. We are planning a member survey on the topic of “communications” for the new year, and will be seeking your feedback on the Journal as part of that. Enda is always in the market for new contributions, so if you have an idea, or even the germ of an idea, please share it with him.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during season 2023/24 so far, particularly to those of you who have come out to attend regional and national competitions and congresses. While we are clearly still in rebuilding mode, and the overall picture is a bit mixed, the numbers at the tope level have been very heartening. As I write, we have a full house of more than 100 pairs booked in for the Master Pairs in Templeogue tomorrow. Hopefully the picture will continue to improve at all levels in the new year. We're also hearing positive news about many of the clubs in the country, with some even booking bridge weekends away as they did pre-covid. If your club is considering something like that, why not select one of our congresses and travel to it - a weekend away and good bridge without having to do too much organising yourselves.

There’s plenty of bridge to enjoy in the new year. Upcoming national events are:

  • The Men’s and Women’s Pairs & Teams (Masters and Inter As) in Clane, 13-14 January
  • The new Regional Masters Confined Pairs & Teams (Regional Masters and Area Masters only) in Templeogue, 3-4 February
  • The Holmes Wilson Trophy (Masters & Inter As) in Tullow, 10-11 February (the hotel is already fully booked, which is a great sign), and
  • National President Gordon Lessells’ Intermediate & Novice Congress (Novices and Intermediates only), in Ballykisteen, Co Tipperary, 16-18 February

We also have Waterford, Cork, and Ennis Congresses on 5-7, 19-21, and 26-28 January respectively, and all are welcome. The first weekend in January also sees our first home international of the year, as Mark Moran, John Carroll, Tom Hanlon, Conor Boland, David Walsh, Ciarán Coyne, and NPC Gráinne Barton do battle for us in the first weekend of the Camrose Trophy in Wales. I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them well.

Finally, you may have seen from our website that the CBAI has a new sponsor, ALHomecare – the Live-In Care Specialist. The firm, which has coverage throughout the country, and earns consistently excellent reviews, will sponsor some of our major competitions, and advertise in our publications, for this season and provisionally next season too. We are delighted to have partnered with ALHomecare, and would ask all members to consider them for any family live-in homecare needs.

Have a very happy Christmas, enjoy the (hopefully short) break from bridge, and we’ll see you back at the table in the new year.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Dermot O’Brien

Chief Executive, CBAI

Last updated : 11th Mar 2024 11:09 GMT
  Grand Master Bridge LESSONS

We look forward to seeing you!

As you probably already know, statistics show that improving your Bridge can only be achieved effectively if you are taking lessons between club games.

With this in mind, here is the long awaited GMB Lesson programme for Spring 2024.We have a variety of lessons open to you at a number of venues.

We are delighted to be progressing our programme with Elm Park Golf Club whose members can sign up for Absolute Beginners at 5pm on Mondays and a new Improver's Course, with emphasis on playing hands, at 7.30pm on Monday Evenings. Both are starting next Monday the 5th of February and you can register at this link: 

Similarly, we are continuing a lessons programme with UCD with Absolute Beginners on 5pm on Tuesdays and a new Improver's Course with emphasis on playing hands at 7.30pm on Tuesday Evenings. Both are starting next Tuesday  the 6th of February and you can register at this link: 

Again, we are continuing our lessons programme with Royal Irish Yacht Club with Absolute Beginners on 5pm on Thursdays and a new Improver's Course with emphasis on playing hands at 7.30pm on Thursday Evenings. Both are starting next Thursday the 8th of February and you can register at this link: 

We are also doing a Basic Bridge course for those who feel they need to get back to basics or have just finished a Beginner's Course in Roundwood, Co Wicklow. This course is starting on Monday the 12th of February and you can register at this link:  

We are doing an Online Absolute Beginners class every Tuesday morning at 10am starting next Tuesday the 6th of February and you can register at this link: 

We are also starting an Online Improver's Course on Friday Mornings starting next Friday the 9th of February and you can register at this link: 

Don't forget our great Wednesday night game at Taney Parish Community Hall, Taney Road, Dundrum every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm with a partner provided if you're on your own. All Welcome!

Details of all our courses are on our website at 

We hope to be sending you more news about seminars ans special offers for GMB Students. 

Until then, be good, be safe and be nice to your partner!

Rory & Thomas

Grand Master Bridge Website
Last updated : 1st Feb 2024 12:16 GMT
  Terry Byrne Obituary


It is with sadness that Raheny Bridge Club has learned of Terry Byrne's passing. May he rest in peace.

Details on:

Last updated : 17th Nov 2023 13:40 GMT
  CBAI Newsletter Update

CBAI Newsletter 2023

The CBAI’s annual Newsletter has just been published and uploaded to our website. 

The Newsletter has a long history (this is the 22nd edition). Originally it was a printed bulletin, but it went online a few years ago ... even pre-covid. Now that the CBAI is also publishing the Irish Bridge Journal on a quarterly basis, we debated whether we needed to produce both publications. We have decided that we do, at least for this season.

While the Newsletter and the Journal are both sent to all members, they have different objectives and styles. The Journal is a bit more technical and serious in nature, while the Newsletter is “newsier” in approach. This current edition contains just a single bridge deal, for example, one played by one of our juniors, which is described in the Junior Committee report. In place of technical analysis, it contains articles by the secretaries of all the CBAI’s regions, detailing the main news from their respective areas for last season and some plans for the current season. You'll also find details of all the CBAI-accredited teachers' classes that have been advised to us to date. The two publications also have a different advertiser base; please make every effort to support our advertisers where you can.

As a result of these factors, we’ve decided to publish both items for this season, but will keep that under review. We’d welcome your feedback on how useful and interesting you find the material in both publications. Our thanks to the editor of the Newsletter, Aidan Hodgers, for his efforts.

Finally a quick reminder that the first major event of the new season, CBAI President Gordon Lessells’ Duais an Uachtaráin, will take place over three sessions in the Greenhills Hotel, Limerick, this weekend (Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September), starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Players of Intermediate A and Master grades can play, and entries are open on the CBAI online entry system. Please come along and support the first major event of Gordon’s presidential term if you can.

Yours sincerely,

Dermot O’Brien

Chief Executive, CBAI

Last updated : 12th Oct 2023 16:33 BST
  CBAI 2023 - 2024 Progeamme

Welcome to Season 2023/24

Welcome back to the new bridge season. You’ll find all the national events, and the congresses of which we’ve been notified, on our website.

The season kicks off with the Duais an Uachtaráin (President’s Prize), hosted by CBAI President Gordon Lessells and the North Munster Region in the Greenhills Hotel in Limerick, on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September. We’re reverting to a three-session competition this season. Please note the earlier Saturday start time of 1 p.m., which will apply to all CBAI and IBU competitions this season, unless notified otherwise. Sunday play will start as usual at 11 a.m.

This and all the pre-Christmas national events are now open for entry using our online entry system. The relevant dates are:

16/17 September:          Duais an Uachtaráin, Limerick

21 October:                    Spiro Cup, Templeogue

22 October:                    Coen Trophy, Templeogue

9/10 December:             Master Pairs, Templeogue

These early-season events are aimed at the Master and (apart from the Master Pairs) Intermediate A grades, but players from the other grades shouldn’t worry, we’ll have plenty of competitions for them too over the year as a whole.

If you are eligible to play in our international trials (more than 100 National Points), then a quick reminder that the closing dates for two sets of trials are coming up – entries for the Camrose Trials (to be held in Limerick) close on September 15, and entries for the Lady Milne Trials (to be held in Dublin) close on September 29, at 5:00 p.m. in both cases. Entries after these dates will be accepted only at the discretion of the International Committee, and no guarantees can be offered in that regard.

We’ve also been advised that, for the first time, the NIBU online Open (on RealBridge) and Intermediate (on BBO) Leagues will be open to teams from throughout Ireland. The exact format will be decided once the entries are known, but the matches will take place online on a fixed midweek night (yet to be determined). You’ll find full details, and an entry form, on the NIBU website.

Finally, a personal plea to all who attend our national competitions and congresses. Please make a special effort to stay for the presentation of prizes if you can. We understand that on occasion your presence will be urgently required elsewhere, but that can't be the case every time. It's a bit dispiriting, and somewhat discourteous to the prizewinners and the organisers, to find that the only people still present are the prizewinners themselves, their immediate family, and those to whom they have promised a lift home!

We hope that you will be able to join our new President Gordon Lessells for his Duais and start the new season off in style. 

With best wishes for an enjoyable, competitive, and sociable, bridge season in 2023/24.

Yours sincerely,

Dermot O’Brien

Chief Executive, CBAI

PS The latest edition of the Irish Bridge Journal has just hit the shelves. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Last updated : 11th Sep 2023 11:05 BST
  CBAI Message to Clubs


Season 2023/24

Dear Club Secretary,

 Welcome back for the 91st Season of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland. Let’s hope that this year will represent another large step on the road to recovery after the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic. 

 We hope that your club is back to the table and that things are going well. If there’s anything we can do to help, please just ask. In particular, if you’d like to promote the club within your locality to try to attract new members, or students for classes, we have lots of material that will be helpful.

 Your club pack has been collected by your Regional Secretary, and will be distributed at the region’s upcoming start-of-season meeting. Please make the effort to attend this meeting if you can, and also to distribute the new membership cards to your members promptly. Due to circumstances, some members may not have received their cards in some time.

 As a reminder, your two key tasks in relation to the CBAI, and the dates by which they need to be done, are as follows:

Collect and pay over affiliation fees:

You need to list all the members of your club and submit those names, and a fee of €12.50 for each member, by 30 November 2023. There is a process for registering late affiliations too, so if new members join the club, or existing ones return, later in the season, you can register them that way. The affiliation forms are generally sent to us here in Head Office, but in a small number of cases, they come via the Regional Secretary. If you're in any doubt, your Regional Secretary will advise.

Collate and submit Master Points:

You need to award Master Points for all the games your club runs during the official season (1 September to 31 May), collate the figures, and send them to us no later than 31 July 2024.

Please use the official forms that we provide to you for the both the affiliations (so send changes via the pink sheets) and the Master Points (so use our Summary Sheets, or an Excel spreadsheet laid out identically, so in surname order) IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. We realise that clubs may keep records themselves in a different format, but we cannot tell you how much easier it makes it for us to input data, and hence how much quicker the turnaround for you will be, if we get it in a format that is consistent with our own database. If you mislay our forms, just ring us and ask for a replacement. Both affiliation and masterpoint forms can be sent to you digitally if you’d prefer. 

The rate of €105 p.a. for the CBAI’s public liability insurance scheme remains unchanged, and, anecdotally, represents excellent value. The scheme year starts on 1 September, so if you participate and haven’t paid your premium yet, you’ll need to do so without delay. The form is available on our website, or from Don Reddan Insurances (061) 419685. In addition, CBAI clubs continue to benefit from the 20% discount we offer on most items from our shop. We have all the necessary supplies to replenish your stocks for the new season. A current price list is included in your pack; it’s also available on our website.

We have recently updated the details on our website for all the CBAI clubs. You’ll see them under “Find A Club” in the Resources section, and also on the front page of your pink affiliation sheets. A lot has changed in the past few years (venues, secretaries, days/times etc) so please check that the entry for your club is correct and let us know if anything needs to be changed.

The CBAI and IBU competition calendars for 2023/23 are up on our website, and the pre-Christmas events are now open for online entry. Most congresses are also back live (although a small number remain online), and those we have been informed of are listed in the calendar too. Please draw your members’ attention to these events, and encourage them to support them if they can. Your pack contains a list of all these events for you to display on the club noticeboard. You might also make sure if you can that members are aware of the new start time of 1:00 p.m. for CBAI and IBU Saturday competitions.

We have three sets of the ever-popular Simultaneous Pairs weeks again this season. The IBU Simultaneous Pairs Week will be from 6-10 November 2023; the Celtic Nations Simultaneous Pairs Week will be from 4-8 December 2023, with the proceeds going to junior bridge; and 

the CBAI Simultaneous Pairs Week will be from 4-8 March 2024 (note the move from the 

traditional first week in February to avoid a clash with the new St Brigid’s Day bank holiday). Each represents a valuable source of much-needed funding for the respective bodies, so if 

your club has not supported these events previously, please consider doing so this season. 

Just give us a call or send an email to

Finally, thank you for all your support in 2022/23; it was a difficult year all around, but things got better as the year went on, and I think we can be reasonably satisfied with the progress made so far after Covid. Thanks also to the CBAI office staff, for whom conditions were also very challenging at times. If you phone the office, or drop in to see us, you’ll be dealt with by Bernard, Eimir, Fran, Freda, Siobhan, or myself, and each of us will provide a friendly welcome and do our best to help you.

With best wishes for a successful, and enjoyable bridge season in 2023/24!

Yours sincerely, 

Dermot O’Brien

Chief Executive, CBAI

Last updated : 11th Sep 2023 10:59 BST
  Local Club amalgamation

Hi there,

This is just to let you know that the following proposal was unanimously passed at our AGM last week.

“That Raheny Bridge Club moves to amalgamate with one or more of the other Clontarf Area Bridge Clubs (Vernon, Clontarf, St Anthony’s, St Gabriel’s) if any of those clubs decide that such a process is in the best interests of the bridge playing community in the Clontarf area.”

I am delighted to say that, Vernon and St Gabriel’s passed a similar motion at their AGM’s. At the Clontarf AGM, the members agreed to not enter into amalgamation discussions until such time as there is clarity on a future premises for bridge in the area and St Anthony’s have yet to decide as they won’t be holding their AGM until October.

For now though, the 3 clubs, Vernon, Raheny and St Gabriel’s are ready to start looking at how an amalgamation might work, so that they can bring a proposal back to their members. And don’t forget during the Summer months each of the above clubs are open to non members, so if you fancy a game on a Monday at 19.15 come along to Vernon BC in St Pauls College or on a Friday at 19.00 with St Gabriel’s BC in St Gabriel’s Parish centre.

In the meantime the 3 clubs hope to put a working group together to begin to address issues raised at the AGM’s and to discuss a series of potential early initiatives. These may include: 

  • The use of our CBAI NBID numbers as our reference numbers when using Bridgemates. This will make it more efficient for non members to play in each of the clubs

  • Agree how best to facilitate members from each of the clubs playing in each other’s club nights from September onwards.

  • Agree approach to membership fees for 2023/2024 season. Ideally members would continue to pay their membership fee to the clubs that they are currently members of

  • Agree how to accommodate novice members across the 3 clubs from September

  • Potential to have a joint charity event in September

  • Potential to have an inter club team competition.

  • Potential to use pre dealt boards for some or all games

  • Potential to set up a common Bridgewebs site where the results from the 3 clubs could be displayed and all news relating to amalgamation initiatives could be updated.

The above is just for starters. If there is anything that you feel needs to be considered either in the immediate term or longer term relating to amalgamation discussions or if you would like to be part of the working group, please contact me or any of the other committee members.

Enjoy your Summer bridge and whatever take your fancy during what I hope are fine balmy summer days

Raheny BC Committee

Last updated : 20th Jun 2023 12:02 BST
  The Irish Bridge Journal

The Irish Bridge Journal was originally a paid subscription magazine. CBAI has now taken over publication and the magazine will be published 4 times a year online. It is now free to all members.

Last updated : 9th Feb 2023 19:13 GMT
  Update - 09 November

Hi there,

Player of the Month

The November competitions commenced last evening the 8th November and will run until Tuesday 30th November. I was very busy last week with setting up Novice/Inter B Kirwan League and did not get around to finishing write up of October competitions. But never fear, write up is on the way this week.

IBU Simultaneous Pairs.

As you know we ran the IBU Sim Pairs in conjunction with Glasnevin all last week. You will find the full results up on the CAVBC Website. CAVBC Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club, Dublin (

Xmas Turkey Draws

Last year we ran a series of very successful Turkey Draws before Xmas where we had vouchers for Nolan’s supermarket as prizes. Well, this year we are going again, but with BBO$’s as prizes. You may have some difficulty converting your BBO$’s into turkeys, but at least your bridge won’t cost you anything for a while if you are among the winners and you can put the money that you save against the Turkey!

Each club will host a Xmas Turkey Draw between now and Xmas. These games will replace the normal club game(s) on the specific night. The dates of the Xmas Turkey Draw games are as follows:

Date of Turkey Draw

Host Club

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Monday 15th Nov.


Tuesday 9th Nov

Sunday 14th Nov at 18.00

Tuesday 23rd Nov.


Tuesday 16th Nov

Monday 22nd Nov at 19.00

Wednesday 1st Dec.


Wednesday 24th Nov

Tuesday 30th Nov at 19.00

Thursday 9th Dec.

Foxbay/St Anthony’s

Thursday 2nd Dec

Wednesday 8th Dec at 19.00

Friday 17th Dec.

St Gabriel’s

Friday 10th Dec

Thursday 16th Dec at 19.00


As with last year, we are expecting a huge interest in these games, and as a result we plan to use a Swiss Movement. The winning pair will each receive 50BBO$’s, the pair in 2nd place will each receive 30BBO$’s and the pair in 3rd place will each receive 20BBO$’s. All winners will have BBO$’s put into their BBO Accounts by Sunday 19th December. We want to spread the prizes amongst as many of you as possible, so a player can only win one “Turkey” over the five Turkey Draws. We will also be giving out spot prizes during each of the games with 6 people each receiving 10BBO$’s

Our first Turkey Draw is on next Monday 15th November at 19.30 and will be hosted by Vernon Bridge Club. You will need to pre enter for this game by registering on CAVBC CAVBC Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club, Dublin ( or by sending your details to the following:


Mobile No.


Dan O’Mahony

087 6824300

Dick Kiernan

087 6392546

 You can register for our 1st game up to 18.00 on next Sunday 14th November.

You can see the up-to-date list of players, that plan to play on a daily basis on the CAVBC Bridgewebs Site. (As of today, 14 players have registered already – well done all)

And what will happen then?

On the morning of competition, we will have a draw for partners, where we will partner an experienced player with a less experienced player. We will then advise each player of their partner and let them know how to register for the game. Then at 17.30, when registration for the game opens on BBO, the experienced player should invite their partner to play with them. It is important that the experienced player does the inviting as this will ensure that all experienced players will play in either the North seat or the West seat and as such get to play the same cards as each other.

Xmas is coming

We have some other Xmas presents for you.

Free Games

All our games between Monday 6th Dec and Friday 10th Dec will be free (including the Xmas Turkey Draw game on Thursday 9th Dec.)

Individual Game

On Saturday 27th November at 19.30 we will hold an Individual game on BBO. There will be BBO$’s for the leading players and there will also be spot prizes. So put this game in your diary. You may even manage to win a turkey leg!!

CBAI Document on Cheating

The CBAI issued a Statement on Cheating earlier this year. Please take some time to have a look at this again. Cheating-2021.pdf (


Last updated : 10th Nov 2021 14:52 GMT
  Update - 28th October

Hi there,


Player of the Month

Another week of our October Player of the Month ended last Friday with only one more week to go before our new (or possibly old) champions are crowned. In the Novice/B competition, Kathleen Briody took advantage of the fact that Mary Byrne and Vanessa Timon only played one night and has jumped into the lead. In the Open competition Frances Gill still leads the way, but Patricia Quigley, who has been partnering Frances, has now moved into 2nd place. It is all to play for this week though! You can keep up to date with how you are doing in the Player of the Month competitions by accessing the CAVBC web site CAVBC Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club, Dublin (


IBU Simultaneous Pairs

We plan to run an IBU Simultaneous Pairs Competition each night from the 1st to the 5th November. The cost will be the usual 3BBO$’s and you will register in the normal way. For those of you who don’t want to play in the Sim Pairs, there is no need to worry, we will still be hosting a separate game on CAVBC each night.


CAVBC Graded Team of 4 on Saturday 30th October ay 19.30

We currently only have 3 pairs entered for our CAVBC Graded Team of Four Tournament event on Saturday 30th October. If you would like to play you need to register with your partner on CAVBC. We will then make up the teams on Friday/Saturday by pairing a Novice/B Pair with a Master/A Pair. Although the game is on over the Halloween weekend there is nothing to be scared of, so come on get your costumes on and register for this fun game. You will find details on the CAVBC home page  

CAVBC Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club, Dublin ( Alternatively, you may enter by contacting Dan O’Mahony or Dick Kiernan 


Dublin North Kirwans League for Novices, Inter A’s and Inter B’s

You still have time to be part of the Kirwans Online League for Teams which runs from November 2021 to May 2022.


Application forms are available at Kirwans League | C.B.A.I. Dublin North Region ( or from myself. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 29th October 2021. The entry fee is €20 per team and this will be paid for by Vernon Bridge Club. Full details of the rules of the competition and the list of co-ordinators are available also on the DNR site.


Last updated : 29th Oct 2021 12:43 BST
  BBO - August 26th Update

Hi there,

Battle of the Bay - YOUR CLAN NEEDS YOU.

We still have places available in each of our Battle of the Bay competitions on Saturday 4th September. Please let Patricia Quigley ( know by next Saturday 28th August, if you would like to play in any of the competitions that we are holding on the day as we need to finalise the participants in Clan Clontarf.

Team of Four starting at 14.00

                                                                Novice/B Pairs starting at 14.15

                                                                A/Masters Pairs starting at 14.30

                                                                Individual starting at 15.00

You will find full details about the event on CAVBC Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club, Dublin (

To date we have raised nearly €2,000 for St Francis’s Hospice. You can donate through | Support Clan Clontarf vs Clan Foxnevin. If you do not want to use this link but you still want to make a donation, please contact Patricia Quigley.


Online Bridge on CAVBC/Foxbay from 1st September.

We are still not ready to return to face to face bridge. However, when we get clarity from the government on their plan to fully open the country, each of the Bridge Clubs will review their circumstances and advise you as to when face to face bridge can safely resume. In the meantime, you can continue to play online bridge on CAVBC/Foxbay. So here are the main features of our return to “Winter” bridge from the 1st September even though it is still Autumn!

  1. From the Monday 6th September to Friday 10th September, all our games will be free. With this in mind, we are extending the date for donations to St Francis’s Hospice to 11th September.
  2. Spot Prizes are back. One pair in each of our games will receive 10BBO$’s
  3. We will continue the Wednesday 19.00 games hosted by Clontarf Bridge Club as a Novice/B game. We will not be hosting a Novice only game.
  4. Player of the Month is back. We will have two competitions – the Open Player of the Month will be based upon the results of our nightly open games; the Novice/B Player of the Month will be based on the three Novice/B games each week.
  5. Our games are for members of the constituent clubs of CAVBC and Foxbay only. However if you want to play with a non member, just contact Dan O’Mahony (
  6. We do not plan to reinstate our Thursday morning game for the moment.
  7. We do not require in game substitutes. If we have an uneven number of pairs, we will use robots as we have during the summer. If you find that you do not get into a game that you have registered for, please contact the TD and the TD will endeavour to seat you if we have a robot pair present.

Looking forward to “seeing” you at the bridge table.



Last updated : 27th Aug 2021 15:23 BST
  Battle of the Bay



The new bridge season will be starting on the 1st September and it looks like we will still be playing online bridge for a few more months. To mark the occasion, we are planning to run a big charity event on the first Saturday of September to raise funds for St Francis’s Hospice in Raheny. We are calling the event “The Battle of the Bay” where we will have a battle royal between the CAVBC Clan (Clan Clontarf) and the Foxbay/GRVBC Clan (Clan Foxnevin). The event details are as follows:


Date: Saturday 4th September

To donate click:

Competitions (Clan Units): (Artillery) Team of Four starting at 14.00

(Light Cavalry) Novice/B Pairs starting at 14.15

(Heavy Cavalry) A/Masters Pairs starting at 14.30

(Infantry) Individual starting at 15.00


The battle will be over by teatime, so we will all be able to get home and put our feet up. The victorious clan will be able to bask in glory while the defeated clan will just have to lick their wounds and live to fight another day!


How will the victorious clan be determined?

Each clan will have an equal number of teams/pairs/individuals in the different competitions (Clan Units) and the top 6 in each competition will be awarded points. The clan with the most points at the end of the day will be deemed to be victorious without spilling a drop of blood. 


How will the victory be marked?

The victorious clan will be awarded the Aidan Synnott (Virtual) Cup and the top 3 teams/pairs/individuals in each competition will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze (Virtual) medals. It’s just like the Olympics really!


Are there any real prizes?

Of course there are. Spot prizes of BBO$’s will be awarded for bravery throughout each competition and the lucky winners will see their BBO accounts increasing by the princely sum of 10BBO’s during the game. 


Is there a charge for participating in the competitions?

As you are all volunteers, the competitions are free, so you won’t see any BBO$’s being taken from your accounts when you play in one of them.


How do I make a donation to St Francis’s Hospice?

We will supply you with a link to a web page where you can pay a donation directly to the Hospice from your own bank account/credit card.


How do I make a donation, if I don’t want to use the web page link?

Just contact the undersigned and they will let you know how you can send your donation to them as either a cash amount or a cheque. We will then make sure that your donation gets to the Hospice. 


How much of a donation should I make?

We are asking that you make a donation of €10. But if you would like to make a larger donation, that would be really great.


If I am not taking part in the competition, can I still make a donation to the Hospice.

Of course you can. You can use the web page link to make a direct donation, or you can send a cash amount or cheque to the undersigned who will make sure that your donation gets to the hospice.


How do I take part in the battle?

As the battle will take place between 14.00 and 18.00, you can only opt to join one of the Clan Units (competitions). Once you have decided on your Clan Unit, please contact the undersigned by the 21st August and let us know the following:


Your Name


Your BBO Name


The club you would like to represent


Your preferred competition (Clan Unit)

  • Team of Four (Artillery)
  • Novice/B Pairs (Light Cavalry)
  • A/Masters Pairs (Heavy Cavalry)
  • Individual (Infantry)

Your Partner’s Name (If you plan to play in Pairs/Team of 4)


Your Partner’s BBO Name


Team Member Name (1) (If you plan to play Team of 4)


Team Member BBO Name (1)


Team Member Name (2)


Team Member BBO Name (2)



Of course if you want to join the infantry, you are on your own and all we need is your own name and BBO name.


What happens next?

Hopefully we will get enough volunteers for our clans, and we won’t have to start conscripting you.  Once we see all the volunteers and their preferred clan units, we will finalise our battle plans and let you know in which clan unit you will be serving. We plan to do this by the end of August. In the meantime, you can continue your basic training on our nightly online bridge games on CAVBC/Foxbay/GRVBC throughout August. 

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  New membership Category

At the Gala Night, President, Irene O'Driscoll, announced that Members who have reached 90 years of age are entitled to Honorary Membership. 

Irene congratulated Mairead Sheehy, Michael White and John Mackey who are the first qualifiers.

Members who have reached 90 and would like to enjoy this new status should contact the Committee who will deal with the matter.  

Last updated : 6th Sep 2017 20:39 GMT
  In Memoriam

January 2023

Raheny Bridge Committee was saddened to learn of the death of Pat Stewart on Thursday 5th of January.

Pat and her late husband, Sean, were long-standing members of Raheny Bridge Club, and both took active and committed roles, especially as Club Tournament Directors. During Covid lockdown, Pat took up online play, and returned with enthusiasm when face-to-face play resumed.

She held office as Club President 2002 – 2003, and also was Honorary Treasurer over many years. She also played as a member of our Dublin North Kirwan League team.

Pat generously accepted her nomination by Raheny BC as President of Dublin North Region in 2017 – 2018.

RBC extends sincere condolences to Pat’s family who meant everything to her.

May she rest in peace.


November 22

COX (née Connolly), Marguerita (Clontarf and formerly of Claremorris) – 1st November 2022, (peacefully) at home, beloved wife of the late Dr. Joe. Sadly missed by her children Marcus, Johnny and Nicky, daughter-in-law Kristina, adored grandchildren Sophie, Daniel and Oscar, brother Adrian, extended family, relatives and friends.

Rest in peace.

Reposing at the Kirwan Funeral Home, Fairview Strand on Thursday from 5pm until 7pm. Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Friday at 10.30am in St. Gabriel’s Church, Dollymount. Funeral thereafter to Dardistown Crematorium.


October 2022

Claire McCartney

May she rest in peace

Please see for details


September 2022

Raheny Bridge Club extends deepest sympathy to Tony Wall and his family on the recent sad death of his wife Betty.

May she Rest in Peace

Betty will be reposing at Jennings Funeral Home, Springdale Road, Raheny on Wednesday, 14th September from 3.00-5.00pm. Funeral Mass will take place Thursday, 15th September, at Our Lady Mother Of Divine Grace Church, Raheny at 10.00am this can be viewed via the following link followed by burial in Balgriffin Cemetery.


July, 2022

Irene O'Driscoll passed away on 21st July 2022, Suddenly, but peacefully.

Irene was a longstanding member of several Bridge Clubs including Raheny, holding office as Hon Secretary (1954 - 1995) and President (1995 - 1996).  She played with a wide circle of partners and took part in all Club activities, distinguishing herself in several Competitions - Clibborn Cup; Teams; Kirwan League.  Since development of Covid Irene was an enthusiastic player online.

The President and Committee, on behalf of the members wish to extend condolences to Irene's daughter Anne, sons Peter and Tim & family. 

May she rest in peace.


January, 2022

It is with sadness we have learned of the passing of Gaye O'Brien on Saturday 15th January, 2022. See

Rahany Bridge Club extends deepest sympathy to Gaye's family.  

Gaye will be remembered as a longstanding member of Raheny, and of several local Bridge Clubs, playing with a wide circle of partners and achieving success in Club Pairs & Club Teams events.

May she rest in peace.

Kay McDonald 


July, 2021

Raheny Bridge Club extends deepest sympathy to the family of Eleanor Kelly, whose death took place.on 31st July.

Eleanor and also her late brother, Tom, were long standing members of RBC. May she rest in peace.


January, 2021

Raheny B.C. extends deepest sympathy to Peggy Moyne and her family, on the sad death of her husband Martin, on Christmas eve. Air dheis Dé, go raibh a hanam dhílis. Details on



July 2020

Raheny Bridge Club extends deepest condolences to the Frank McGarry's wife and family.


October, 2019

It is with great sadness that I heard of the passing of John Mackey.  I offer my condolences to his family.

John was a long-standing member of Raheny B.C. & held office of President in 1998 - 1999.  He had a great reputation for his card play, proved by winning all major trophies in Raheny & several other Clubs.  His most recent success was Raheny Player of the Year for 2018 - 2019.  He entered wholeheartedly into Club events, playing in all competitions and delivering jokes & party pieces when called on.   He got a very warm welcome from all when he returned on August 20th after his long illness.

Rest in peace John, I will never forget your card skill, your sense of fairness and your kindness & generosity to me.

Kay McDonald



June 2019

It was with great sadness we learned the news that

Mairead Sheehy

died on Sunday 23rd June.

Mairead was a longstanding member of Raheny Bridge Club.  In recent years Mairead was able to avail of Honorary Membership.

Her high standard of play ensured that she regularly featured in prizes and was never short of partners.

We extend our deepest condolences to Mairead's family, may she rest in peace.



May 2019

I trust members will join with me in extending deepest condolences to Irene, and the O'Driscoll family, on the death of her husband, Con on 9th May. 

Reposing in Staffords Funeral Home, Strand Road, Portmarnock, on Monday, 13th May, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Removal to St. Brigid's Church, Killester on Tuesday morning for 11am Funeral Mass, followed by burial in Balgriffin Cemetery.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis



May 2019

Maire Jennings, a long standing member of Raheny and local Clubs has died, may she Rest in Peace


April, 2019

We received the sad news that

Mary McAdams has passed away, following a short illness.

Mary was a long standing member of Raheny BC and will be missed by her many partners.

Mary was active in the running of the Club having been President and Hon. Treasurer in 1993 - 1996.

Her kind & cheerful personality will be remembered by all.

Raheny Bridge Club extends deepest condolences to Mary's family.


Dec, 2018

Raheny members offer their deepest sympathy, at this sad time to Breda McKenna and family, on the death of  Michael McKenna on 23rd December.  He was a long standing Club member and will be sadly missed.



Feb, 2018

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the death of  Peter Shiels R.I.P. 

Peter was larger than life in bridge circles and a member of our Club for circa 30 years. 

He was a great Club member always repairing tables and trollies and looking after stationery etc and a great man for recitations at social events.

He will be sadly missed.

He was,also, a member of several clubs in the Dublin North Region and achieved Master status early on in his playing career.

On behalf of all our members we offer deepest sympathy to his wife, Maureen, and family. May Peter rest in peace.

Irene O'Driscoll
President. Raheny Bridge Club.


Ethna Coyne passed away on January 12th 2018. She was an enthusiastic bridge player and member of this Club for 30 years winning several major competitions. She wasn't well for some years but continued to play thanks to so many members who partnered her.
Raheny Bridge Club extends sincere sympathy to her family especially her sister Olive.


We have received the sad news that

Miriam Dunphy has passed away.

Click for Funeral arrangements.

Miriam was a long standing member of Raheny BC and of several local Clubs and will be missed by her many partners.

Raheny Bridge Club extends deepest condolences to Miriam's family.


It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely death of Dermot O'Brien on October 8th 2017. He has been ill for some time but we hoped that the outcome would have been different.

Dermot was a member of our Club for over 25 years and was active on all fronts, including being President and taking position of Vice President last year before his illness. We are playing for the "Clibborn" Cup at present which Dermot won last year when it was the trophy for the Individual competition. He was, also, a member of the Kirwan League team and played a winning match on February 27th helping the team to come 2nd in the overall Competition.

Our Club offers sincere sympathy to his wife and family.

May he rest in peace.

 Irene O’Driscoll

President, Raheny Bridge Club



It was with sadness that we learned of the death on 22nd December, of Maureen White. Maureen had been unwell for some time.  Along with her husband Michael, Maureen was a long standing member of several Clubs in the locality.  She will be deeply missed by her many friends and partners. Raheny B.C. extends deepest condolences to Michael and their family.


Raheny BC is saddened to learn of the sudden and unexpected death on Sunday, 2nd October, 2016, of Eileen Murphy.

The Club extends deepest condolences to Barbara, Brendan, Raymond and all the family. Eileen was a member of long standing at several Clubs in the locality, playing at Master level.  She will be missed by her many partners and friends.


Raheny Bridge Club membership is saddened by the unexpected death of Brian Smyth.

Brian, was Past President and committee member, roles he performed with characteristic style and generosity.

He was a member of this Club for many years, during which time he played successfully with some carefully chosen partners.  His personal commitment to a high standard of card play enhanced the experience for his partners and raised the bar for his opponents. His many successes in the major competitions came as no surprise to anybody.

Recently, despite declining health, he continued to play enthusiastically, maintaining his usual standard. 

Brian always spoke with pride of his wife, Mary and their family.  To all of them, Raheny Bridge Club extends deepest sympathy.

May he rest in peace.

In memoriam

It was with deep sadness that I learned of the death of my dear friend Brian Smyth.

Brian and I were bridge partners for a good number of years.  Together we became members of several bridge Clubs.  Brian’s playing prowess, and expert knowledge of Bridge, resulted in him winning several major trophies.

Brian was a true gentleman, possessed of a sincere and caring nature.  On a personal note, I will certainly miss him.

Together with the members of Raheny Bridge Club, I extend my deepest sympathy to his wife and family.

John Mackey.

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