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Thank you for visiting our web site

Come and visit us at St Walburge's Gardens, Weston Street, Preston PR2 2QJ. Phone 01772 720060.We welcome players of all standards and have lessons for beginners as well as practice and supervised play for the less experienced.The premises are easily accessed and have ample car parking.

Welcome to Preston Contract Bridge Club

Monday 9th August -trial session CANCELLED

We are very sorry but we have had to cancel this session due to lack of interest.

Please sign up for Thursday 19th if you want a game.

Bolton Bridge Club 75th Anniversary Congress
The 75th anniversary Bolton Congress will be held on 4th/5th September on BBO.
Championship Pairs 2 x 22 boards on Saturday 11am - 5pm.
Championship Teams 7 x 6-boards on Sunday 11am - 5pm
Full details and entries at 


We are planning to re-open the bridge club on Monday 6 September.  Initially there will be 3 sessions each week:

  • Monday evenings – 7pm
  • Thursday afternoons – 1pm
  • Tuesday evening supervised play – 7pm

Please note the revised starting times, which will operate for the immediate future.

The Monday and Thursday evening sessions are open to all members, but when competitions restart, Monday will be the night for the Monday & Thursday competitions.  The Friday evening Realbridge sessions will continue but from September, table money will become £3 - the same as the face-to-face sessions.  BPS Online will continue with a full weekly schedule. 

The club has decided to implement the following measures to protect members:

  • No one should attend with symptoms of Covid-19;
  • All visitors to sign in on entering the premises;
  • On arrival, everybody to use hand sanitiser (or wash hands if allergic);
  • Masks or visors to be worn (unless medically exempt);
  • All players to read the full instructions for play, displayed in the club and on the website;
  • Mitchell movements will be used wherever practical;
  • North only will be responsible for handling the boards and the bridgemates, including passing the boards to the next table;
  • Moving pairs will carry their bidding boxes with them;
  • The TD will remind everyone of protocol at the start of each session, including vacating the room a table at a time.  Please hold conversations about the boards outside at the end of play;
  • All players will be required to help tidy up at the end of play - particularly moving boards, bidding boxes and other equipment to the assigned storage areas;
  • Payment will be made by automatically charging members’ accounts. Cash will be taken from visitors and any members without an internet payment capability;
  • Only 1 person at a time will be allowed in each of the 3 toilet areas;
  • The kitchen will be permanently closed.  People are welcome to bring a drink but not food to the table.  If you do bring any drink containers with you, then you are requested to take them home with you at the end of the session.

In order to test these measures, there will be 2 trial sessions in August:

  • Monday 9 August 7pm
  • Thursday 19 August 1pm

There will be no charge for these sessions, but numbers will be limited to 8 tables.  It will greatly assist the club if we can fill these sessions, but we will need to know in advance who is attending.  If you would like to play at one, or both of these sessions, please click on the link(s) below.  These sessions are limited to 8 tables and it’s first come first served.

  • Monday 9 August 7pm Click HERE
  • Thursday 19 August 1pm Click HERE

We look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

Preston Bridge Club Trustees and Club Committee

Catherine Draper monthly seminars - summer break


There will be a summer break in July, August and September and the next seminar will be on Tuesday 19 October at 09:30.

BPS Update June 2021

BPS Update June 2021

There are a number of issues that the BPS organising committee would like to draw to your attention.

1) Undos in play

We have decided to adopt the EBU’s online practice of NOT allowing requests for carding Undos.  IBEx will be requested to put this into effect from Monday 28 June.  BPS sessions will start with an announcement that carding Undos are not allowed, and we would be grateful if players did not request them from that date.

2) Numbers of tables

To ensure that players enjoy a proper duplicate session, we have asked IBEx, our TD provider, to try and avoid running any sessions with fewer than 4 tables.  We do apologise if a session you want to play in does get cancelled, but we will keep an eye on this issue and if a session regularly doesn’t run, then we will consider removing it from the schedule over the summer months.

3) Summer schedule

The Thursday 11am session has had fewer than 4 tables for the last 3 weeks and we are therefore suspending the session until further notice.  We will review the situation in the Autumn.

A number of players have suggested that an extra evening session would be helpful during the summer months, while people are more often out during the day.  Therefore, as a trial, there will be an extra BPS open session each week on a Friday evening at 7pm, starting Friday 2 July.

4) Regulations

We have deliberately set out to be as light touch as possible regarding regulations, so it is important that we all respect the few regulations that we have.  We would therefore be grateful if everyone would try to remember the following:

- From Monday 28 June, please don’t request carding Undos;

- For our restricted sessions, please make sure before you play, that both players meet the defined NGS restrictions;

- BPS is a community and it’s nice to know who you are playing against, so please can everyone make sure their first name and surname are completed on their BBO profile;

- Robots are meant for occasional use – not as regular partners;

- Please explain what bids mean rather than just giving them a name e.g. Multi – weak 2 in a major or 19-20 balanced, Landy – both majors usually 5/4, etc

You can see the BPS Online schedule by clicking HERE

75th Anniversary Bolton Congress
The 75th anniversary Bolton Congress will be held on 4th/5th September on BBO.
Championship Pairs 2 x 22 boards on Saturday 11am - 5pm.
Championship Teams 7 x 6-boards on Sunday 11am - 5pm
Full details and entries at

Membership emails have been sent out here is the text of the email slightly amended due to a follow up email

To all members

You will have read in the recent newsletter that memberships are due on the 1st April 2021 and that we have decided to charge different amounts this year due to extraordinary circumstances.  here is an extract from the newsletter

All memberships expire on the 31st March 2021 and as we expect to open the club sometime this year we would like everyone to renew their membership. The club will only be open for a part of the year so we are asking for a membership fee of £10, however some people are registered with us to play online bridge either through BPS or in Preston events. We will be asking for an additional 5.00 for online bridge.

The process is that your account will be debited on the 1st April £10 around the same time I will be debiting all accounts of online players with the additional £5.00.

If you do not intend to rejoin it would be of great help if you could email me and let me know.

All payments will need to be made via the club's new account system see the members accounts page on our website or full notes are here

Payment Procedures

If you have any questions or problems please email me at


Online Bridge at Preston Bridge Club
Online Bridge at Preston Bridge Club

Online Bridge for Preston Bridge Club Members

Preston Bridge Club (PBC) provides a comprehensive programme of online bridge.  We offer sessions on BBO and RealBridge and some of these are specifically for Beginners and NGS 10 and under.  Most of these sessions are played jointly with Bolton and Southport through a partnership called BPS Online.  This means that all these sessions have sufficient tables to ensure a proper match-point competition.

To see the current schedule of sessions – click HERE

To find out everything you need to know about playing online bridge with PBC go to the green menu on the left hand side of the Homepage and select

All about Online Bridge

Charity Status

Preston Contract Bridge Club is a registered charity No. 1161100


Our spacious club rooms are available for hire to play bridge at the following rates

Matches Involving Preston Members £10

Unless representing Preston such as in the NICKO when it is free

Non Members £30

Ad hoc Bridge £2-00 per player

Regular Bookings by negotiations

Hire for similar games etc by negotiation

Whether free or not the room must be booked with the secretary contact Maxine on 01772 744805 or email

5th August 2021
BPS Open
BBO 11.00 am
6th August 2021
BPS Restricted NGS 10 and under
BBO 2.00 pm
6th August 2021
6.50 pm for 7.00 pm start
BPS Beginners
Scorer: Mitch
BPS Open
Scorer: Mitch
BPS Open
Scorer: Mitch