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Please be polite

♥  Be on time
♣  Value your partner/s
  Be polite to other competitors
    and our volunteers
♣  Greet your opponents as
    they arrive at the table
  Introduce yourself to people
    you don't know
♣  Be understanding of newer
♥  Explain your system clearly
    and simply, if asked
♣  Acknowledge good play by
    your opponents
♥  Thank your opponents at
    the end of the round
♣  Try to keep noise to a 
  Report poor behaviour to
    your Director
♣  RESPECT our Directors

Bookings for members and visitors

PMH Bridge Club is happy to welcome visitors.

To make our Directors job a little easier, bookings are preferred for all players and can be made online until 8.00a.m. on the day of play. However, we will always accommodate walk-ins who arrive by 12.30.
If you are unable to book online, or you wish to make a late entry, call Carolyn on 0404 98 98 95. 

To make a booking, click on the appropriate date, enter your name and then confirm your entry. You are then offered the option of adding your partner or requesting one.


Library - a resource for all levels of player.
Library - a resource for all levels of player.

Just a reminder that our club offers a wide range of bridge titles in our library. For anyone who is looking to improve certain areas of their play, whether bidding, defence or strategies there will be something to assist all levels of player. Books and several CD's suitable for Novice / Intermediate can be easily found in a separate, marked section. The majority of titles will suit Intermediate / Advanced players. Please feel free to utilise this facility following the instructions posted on the bookshelf door.
ALSO available to borrow is the latest issue of the Australian Bridge magazine - find it in the red folder on lower shelf of bookcase.

Welcome to Port Macquarie Hastings Bridge Club


Congratulations to local Choir "Blokes Notes" including our own Tom Meakin, on their 3rd place in the Seniors of Equal Voices category at the World Choir Games in Auckland.

Well done gentlemen on a great result and helping to put Port Macquarie on the map.

Morning tea
Morning tea

On Friday 27th July, we will be holding an afternoon tea to welcome our new members who have just completed their series of lessons. We would ask those who are playing that day to come along by 12.15 to mingle and help make the "newbies" feel comfortable. Any other members who would like to join us are welcome.

Upcoming Red Point & other events

Saturday 20th July - GNOT 2/2

Saturday 27th July - Club Teams Open & Intermediate 1/2

September congress
September congress

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September, 2024

Swiss Pairs - Saturday 14th 10.00 a.m.

Teams - Sunday 15th 09.00 a.m.

Cost is $45 per person per day.

Book online using MyABF.
Entries close on Wednesday 11th September.

Organiser: Tom Meakin   Phone: 0439 198 751
Chief Tournament Director: Ronnie Ng


Things to bear in mind

Just a few things to keep in mind at the bridge table.

Firstly, please give the Director your attention and DON'T remove cards from the holder until you are given the go ahead.

Please leave bidding cards on the table until the first lead is made.

Don't argue with your opposition - call the Director - they need to keep in practice.

If the Director is called and makes a ruling with which you disagree, don't argue. Please remember they are volunteers and human so can make a mistake - and you have the right to appeal. This must be done via the Director who will refer it to the Appeals Committee.

Cold, 'flu & Covid symptoms
Cold, 'flu & Covid symptoms

As cold and 'flu season is here again,
 Covid and a range of viruses continue to circulate in the community.
We ask all members to be aware of any symptoms
- especially fever, coughing and sneezing.

Given that we would all like to remain well and,
bearing in mind the age and compromised health of some players,
it is only courteous that you refrain from visiting the club
if you are at all unwell.


Bridge Sessions every afternoon at 1:00pm except for Wednesday and Sunday.
Bridge Sessions every afternoon at 1:00pm except for Wednesday and Sunday.

Port Macquarie Hastings Bridge Club is an ABF accredited teaching club.

Bridge sessions every afternoon at 1:00 p.m. except for Wednesday and Sunday.

Hastings Bridge Club is at Hamilton Green, 176 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie.

Tel: 6583 3767 or 0404 98 98 95.

It is preferable that you pre-register to play. See details on left of home page re booking.

Mixed pairs - every Monday (Open), Tuesday (<75MP's and mentors), Thursday (Open), Friday (<75MP's and mentors) and Saturday (Open).

For enquiries phone: Carolyn 0404 98 98 95

March 2024 congress
  • March 24 congress
  • March 24 congress b
  • March 24 congress d
  • March 24 congress f
  • March 24 congress g
  • March 24 congress h
  • March 24 congress i
  • March 24 congress j
  • March 24 congress k
  • March 24 congress l
Web Site


This website is now the only way to book for games at the club, apart from phoning Carolyn on 0404 98 98 95 or emailing



The Membership Database is available online and Members are able to login to the Members Area.


Please read the Website Help article 'Set Up Member Login' FIRST.

When you do get access to the Members Area, click on the 'Account Tab' and please check that all your details are correct. If not, make change and click 'Save'.

Please complete the Emergency Contact Details so we know who to contact in the event of a medical episode at the club.

If you have a small portrait you can upload it to appear with your results (head and shoulders) - passport photo or similar.

There is also a Website Help Page for 'Bookings' and 'Find a Partner' if you are having problems.

GNOT 2/2 - Teams - no side game
GNOT Teams - Combined Sessions
Fri <75MPs or Mentored
Mon 22nd July 2024
Monday Open Pairs
Tue 23rd July 2024
Tue <75MPs or Mentored
Thu 25th July 2024
Thursday Open Pairs
July Birthdays
July Birthdays

04         Sam Kebby

07         Freya Luick

08         Jessie Seago

09         Errol Pillemer

09         Jann Wattle

11          Elly Edgar

14         Annie Quadroy

14         Diana Zanon

16         Robyn Hardman

17         Garry Bates

19         Annette Davis

21         Ron Cross

24         Lynne McDonald

26         Marion Geard

29         Yvonne Cains

30         Walter Masman

Life in the fast lane
Life in the fast lane
Aging like wine
Aging like wine
Emergency Contact Register

Port Macquarie Hastings Bridge Club keeps a members Emergency Contact Register for use in the event of a medical episode or other emergency at the club. This will allow Directors or Committee Members to quickly identify an emergency contact for the player. Please log in to the Members Area and complete these details on your Profile. (These details are Emergency Contact Name; Relationship to yourself; Phone and/or Mobile number of the Contact Person). If you are having trouble, please contact us.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO: Check your information and update any details which may have changed.

Club Membership Fees

At this stage your membership fee is $45.00 per year. 
$30 of this is monies paid by us, on your behalf, to the NSWBA and the ABF making you a full member of these organisations and allowing you to accrue masterpoints. You will only pay this amount annually through whichever is your “Home” club.

The remaining $15 is an annual membership fee to our club, assisting us to pay council rates, electricity, insurance, maintenance, security, cleaning, fire inspection compliance certificate, gardening, supplies for kitchen and bathroom as well as costs all clubs incur for purchase of cards, boards, stationery, dealing machines etc.