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Thursday Mentoring Scheme

We are trying out a new mentoring scheme to encourage newer players to take the next step to playing on Thursday nights. If you think you would like to try this with the help of one of our volunteers to guide you please contact  text or phone (after 5pm) : 07799581686  There is more information about this scheme here

Did you know?
You can check your EBU masterpoints online?
Go to the EBU website

The first time you use this site, enter your EBU number and click "forgot password" to have this emailed to you.

Masterpoints from events at Pinner Bridge Club are uploaded to the EBU at the end of each session, and processed by the EBU every week or so.

Getting Copies of the Hands

Did you know?

You can obtain a copy of each set of hands from the Results->Hands link.

If you have PC software that allows you to replay hands and it supports PBN format, then enter your email and send yourself a copy of the Hand File
Club Competition Rules


1. Club competitions are open to members only.

2. Entry to all club competitions is free, except for normal table money.

3. Where competitions run “over the year” the year is from 1st April to 31st March.

3. Substitutes are not allowed in all pairs competitions or the Julian Hunt Cup and all single session teams events.

4. Appeal times for all events will normally be 11pm one week after the event.

5. Conventions are restricted to:-

Duplicate:- Level 4, except Thursdays which is level 2 
Rubber:- Simple Systems Licence only.

6. Ties are not broken in the Betty Terris Trophy, Betty Terris Rose Bowl, Sybil tutton cup, Jennings Cup and Chicago Trophy. Ties are split in other competitions in accordance with standard EBU rules. (Short summary below)

7. At two session pairs events where some or all players play a different number of boards in each session, the overall score for a pair is calculated from the percentage score at each session, factored by the number of boards played by that pair at each session. e.g. A pair scoring 60% in session one over 30 boards and 40% in session two over 20 boards has an overall percentage score of (60x30)+(40x20) divided by (30+20) ie. 52%.


This summary may be used in the first instance without reference to the EBU rules.

a. Pairs events:- The result of the boards played by the tied pairs against each other in terms of total match points scored. Failing that, the number of hands in which the pairs scored above average (an average is counted as half) having due regard to the number of boards played by each pair.

b. Multiple teams events:- Use the match/round between the two teams in VP’s. Failing that use IMP’s. Failing that , decide by the number of rounds won by each team.


The TD when giving a ruling must tell the two pairs that they have a right to appeal his decision.

1. The appeal should be heard immediately after the end of the session.

2. The appeals committee to consist of the most knowledgeable players present at that session.

3. The TD and a representative of each pair MUST be in attendance.

4. Any further appeal must be made within 48 hours in writing to the chairman of the Tournament Committee and include a £10.00 deposit; refundable if the appeal is successful or deemed not to be frivolous.

5. The EBU will be the final arbiter if the Tournament Committee’s decision is not accepted


A team can register and field up to 6 players. A maximum of 2 additional players not listed on the original entry can be introduced as reserves provided they are Club members and have not played or registered for another team in this competition.
The team listed above their opponents on the draw list shall be designated the HOME team. Seating rights for the first half to be decided by the toss of a coin. The away team to change tables at half time.


A match shall consist of 28 boards played in two halves of 14 boards each.


Splitting Ties
In the event of a tie 4 further boards shall be played in one stanza without seating rights. Each team captain shall simultaneously submit their line up by compass direction, without knowledge of their opponents intentions. The teams must abide by their stated intentions. If a tie still results the extra 4 board scenario shall be repeated.


The preferred venue for the matches is the Club on a date to suit both teams. Provided there is no special event taking place, matches can be arranged for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays. Two matches are possible on Tuesdays but only one on Wednesdays or Thursdays. No limit is set for Saturdays or Sundays. Dates must be reserved in the match diary located in the lobby.


Entry to the competition is free, but the match fee advertised in the lobby shall apply for each match played, with each team contributing half the total fee. The HOME captain is responsible for collecting this money.


Play By Dates
The importance of the play by dates cannot be stressed to much. If a round cannot be finished, the following round is foreshortened which is unfair to other teams.
It is assumed that all teams entering the competition want to play the matches so everybody is expected to arrange their match dates promptly.
All teams are reminded that they can register 6 players immediately and add two more if required so there can be no excuse for not being able to field a team.
To negate any possible advantage that may be gained by being the HOME team on the draw sheet, the competition will be redrawn after every round. 
Immediately the draw is published the HOME teams MUST give their opponents at least 3 dates (more would be better), they should be on at least 2 different days of the week and spread over the period available for the round. On receipt of the dates the AWAY teams MUST within 7 days choose one of the dates or agree another date with their opponents. Failure to meet these requirements could mean losing the match.
If the AWAY teams do not receive the dates within 10 days of the round start date they should offer the home team three dates of their own to which the home team MUST respond positively or risk forfeiting the match.
As soon as the date is fixed the committee should be informed and anybody wishing to change that date will run the risk of losing the match if their opponents are not in agreement.


If a dispute arises details should be submitted to the chairman of the Tournament Committee. The submission, signed by the captain of each side, should include statements from the players involved and full details of the hand. These include:- dealer, vulnerability, bidding and, if relevant, the play. A substitute board should also be played and the result included in the submission. Where the outcome of the dispute may result in the match being tied, four additional boards should be played.


Appeals should be addressed to the chairman of the Tournament Committee.




Matches may be arranged for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings and at agreed times on a Saturday or Sunday. Two matches are possible on Tuesdays and Fridays, but only one on Wednesdays or Thursdays. No limit is set for Saturday or Sunday. Evening matches should commence at a time (normally 7:30 p.m.) which will ensure that they are completed by 11:00 p.m.


When a match is being played at the Club, one member of either team shall be designated as responsible for ensuring that the rules governing the use of the Club for matches are strictly adhered to. This person shall be known as the designated person and will normally be a member of the Club. By prior agreement and at the discretion of the Committee, matches may be played where the designated person is not a member of the Club.


Where the designated person is a Club member the match fee shall be £20, otherwise the fee shall be £40. The designated person shall pay the match fee to a member of the Club Committee or to the Director of a Club event coinciding with the match. The match fees indicated are subject to alteration at the discretion of the Club Committee. A match fee covers the provision of a cup of tea or coffee per person plus a reasonable quantity of biscuits.


The Director of a Club event coinciding with the match shall have the authority to deal with any matter concerning the use of the Club premises or facilities. In the absence of such a Director this authority devolves upon any member of the Club Committee present.


(i) Booking the venue. This should be done through a Committee member, who will record the fixture, together with the name and telephone number of the designated person, in the Fixtures Diary.

(ii) If the match is arranged for a time when the Club is not normally open, the designated person must make the necessary arrangements for opening and locking up of the Club

(iii) Ensuring that the Club room and other facilities used are left in a clean and tidy condition after the match. All rubbish must be placed in the waste bins provided. Any crockery or cutlery used should be washed up. Bidding boxes are closed up.

(iv) In the event that the match is not finished by the time that any duplicate session being played on the same time is completed, the designated person shall be responsible for locking up the Club. The Director will either give his keys or a spare set of keys to the designated person who shall return those keys as soon as possible thereafter.

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