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Pinner vs Harlow Knights 1st July
Results - 1 July Pinner vs Harlow Knights
Pinner Harlow knights
Match 2 1
1 Irene
A 26 12
B 16 27
overall 42 39 Pinner Win
2 Steve Lipman A 6 41
B 1 36
overall 7 77 Harlow Knights Win
3 Lewis A 27 14
B 36 19
overall 63 33 Pinner Win
4 Mark A 25 13
B 20 32
overall 45 45 match drawn




Harlow Knights      Pinner BC      
    BBO Username Name       BBO Username Name  
      Setting Up Match         Setting Up Match  
Team A 07368 379238 (Ian)   Team A 07837 605907 (irene)  
  Pair 1 samulti Ian Kemp     Pair 1 cherriesa Irene Fine  
    hazel888 Hazel Miles        imran1 Saleem Sachak  
  Pair 2 N17UDE Alan Deeley     Pair 2 ponn Yoges ponnampalem  
    Roysieboy Roy Young       theevan Ratnaveri Murugesu  
Team B 07590 763975 (Sara)   Team B 07894 515139 (steve)  
  Pair 1 MarionAnna Marion Birch      Pair 1 Cheyneys21 Steve Lipman  
    WildGarlic John Birch        meisan Kiku Lester  
  Pair 2 sara114 Sara Barnett      Pair 2 ericstanly Eric Stanley  
    arthouse Jill Mumford        petereric Peter Winsall  
Team C       Team C 07860 237623 (Lewis)  
  Pair 1 Gilllittle Gill Little     Pair 1 Pinner3140 Lewis Selby   Note 3 consecutive L's in gilllittle
    JulesLit Jules Little       Dinesh12 Dinesh Nathwani  
  Pair 2 EXD Ed Devine     Pair 2 cadno17 Geoff foley  
    SueBrox Sue Devine       gwestern Gwen Western  
Team D       Team D 07799 581686  (mark)  
  Pair 1 Hazeee Hazel Fricker     Pair 1 humph1801 Mark Humphris  
    kaycalling Kay Vowles        linworth Ravi Kahar  
  Pair 2 cinnamong Suman Rai     Pair 2 samoss Susan Moss  
    Hiamoo Hilary Jinno       dmoss633 David Moss