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7th Apr 2020 11:07 BST
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Welcome to Phuket Bridge Club
In order that members can continue to play bridge during these difficult times, the club has determined that the best available online option is to play on BBO. 
You can register and play on BBO for FREE.  If you have not already registered with BBO, we would suggest that you register your BBO ID as: e.g. "PKBRonS" or "PBKDianeL" so that you can more easily recognize and identify fellow club members. Please also forward the details of your BBO ID to either Diane Lauderdale or Ron Stern so that we can build up a database of those club members who are also BBO members.
In the longer term, the club hopes to be able to host dedicated club tournaments online which shall be restricted to members and selected past visitors only.  Hopefully, these tournaments will compliment our existing physical Monday and Friday sessions and will be able to attract a greater number of players who may not be in Phuket physically at any given time.  However, as a result of the COVID-19 situation, BBO advises that they have restricted the creation of tournaments because their servers are being overloaded due to the surge in demand.  The club will continue to monitor the situation with BBO and will initiate online club tournaments as and when the situation changes.
As an interim measure, individual club members will be creating individual tables where four club members (or two pre-arranged pairs) can play against each other.
These tables can be found under the following BBO sections:
"Casual" bridge section
     "Relaxed Bridge Club" sub-section
          "Friends" tab
At present, these games are being arranged at 1:00pm Phuket time.  However, we recognize that many of our members and selected visitors are in different time zones and that the 1:00pm Phuket timetable may not convenient for all.  As a guide, you can see the times in various countries that correspond to 1:00pm Phuket time:
7:00am - England
8:00am - France, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy
9:00am - Finland
2:00pm - Bali
4:00pm - Australia
6:00pm - New Zealand
11:00pm - Canada (Cancouver), USA (California) 
12:00 midnight - Canada (Edmonton)
2:00am - USA (New York)  

Based on the time differences, it is extremely unlikely that we can accommodate everybody's preference for a convenient time but depending upon the preferences of interested overseas members, we may try to tweek the online times to provide better access for everybody. 

At present, the club is planning to arrange these individual tables on Mondays and Fridays at 1:00pm Phuket time so as to mirror our previous physical meeting times.  However, this can be expanded to Wednesdays if so desired.  Also, there is nothing to stop any member from arranging a private table at any time to accommodate the special availability times of specific members. 
For those of you who have not registered or played on BBO, please check the following link to an introductory video to BBO that goes thru some of the basics of registering and setting up an account with BBO.
WhatsApp Communication Group
In order to facilitate communication amongst and between members, the club has established a WhatsApp group called the Phuket Bridge Club.  
It will be a CLOSED group, accessible only to invited group members.  All messages are supposedly encrypted!
If you are not currently using the WhatsApp social messaging App, it can be downloaded onto your phone from either the Apple store or the Google Play store.  Please contact Diane Lauderdale or Ron Stern if you wish to be invited into the WhatsApp group.  Please provide them with the telephone number (any country) that you wish to register with. 
The Phuket Bridge Club

The Phuket Bridge Club aims to promote competitive bridge in a friendly smiley and cordial atmosphere.

We play bridge all year round and our members are mostly long term residents in Phuket or players who spend a few months during the sunny season. However, players coming to Phuket even for a short stay are welcome to join us.

Players of all standards and nationalities are welcome.

Mondays and Fridays

We meet twice a week on Monday and Friday afternoons. You can find all useful information about where and when we are playing by clicking the "Information" button on the left.

Previous Years Competition Results Now Available

The Individual and Pairs competition results for previous years are now available for viewing by clicking on the "Competitions" button on the left and selecting the year in question.

Scorer: Didier Pinet
Scorer: Didier Pinet
Scorer: Didier Pinet