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Latest EBU Promotions


September 2019

Peter Smith  District Master

October 2019

Ian MacFarlane 6* Premier Regional Master

November 2019

Phil Dickson 2* Premier Tournament Master

David Coles Master

Diana Prisk District Master

December 2019

Heather Peers 3* Premier Master







Promotions of Club Members

December 2019

Heather Peers                          3* Premier Master

November 2019

Phil Dickson                            2* Premier Tournament Master

David Coles                             Master

Diana Prisk                              District Master

October 2019

Ian MacFarlane                        6* Premier Regional Master

September 2019

Peter Smith                              District Master

July 2019

Geoff Plowman                       District Master

May 2019

Pam Dodge                            1* Premier Tournament Master

Margaret Woodward               Area Master

April 2019

Betty Hocking                        Tournament Master

Chris Lampitt                         District Master

Geoff Plowman                       Area Master

March 2019

Geoff Plowman                       Local Master

February 2019

Ann Ampleford                       Premier Tournament Master

January 2019

Peter Meredith                        Area Master

December 2018

Michele Waters                       Area Master

November 2018

Val Clifford                             6* Premier Regional Master

Chris Lampitt                          Area Master

October 2018

Sue John                                 12* Regional Master

Jennifer Chambers                  1* Master

Nick Burt                                Advanced Master

Pam Wakley                           County Master

Josephine Lawrey                  Area Master

August 2018

Carol Trezise                          2* Premier Tournament Master

Jim Buckland                         1* Master

Graham Kidson                      District Master

Jane Ritchie                            District Master

July 2018

Chris Lampitt                         Club Master

June 2018

David Coles                           District Master

Peter Meredith                       Area Master

Christopher Lampitt               Local Master

April 2018

Mario Rocius                         1* Master

Peter Smith                             Area Master

March 2018

Heather Peers                        2* Premier Master

Robert Smith                         1* Premier Master

Val Harrison                          Area Master

February 2018

Graham Kidson                    Area Master

December 2017

Sue Zolkiewicz                    1* Master

Jane Ritchie                          Area Master

November 2017

Linda Dickson                     2* Premier Tournament Master

Ron Harrison                       3* Premier Master

Peter Smith                         Club Master

October 2017

Maureen Brinton                 5* Regional Master

September 2017

Diane Johnstone                  District Master

Jane Ritchie                        Club Master

August 2017

Phil Dickson                        1* Premier Tournament Master

David Coles                         Area Master

Jane Ritchie                         Club Master

Margaret Woodward             Club Master

July 2017

Graham Kidson                     Club Master

Peter Smith                          Club Master

June 2017

Linda Dickson                       1* Premier Tournament Master

May 2017

Owen Prior                            Life Master

April 2017

Heather Peers                       2* Master

February 2017

Sue Zolkiewicz                       Advanced Master

Michele Waters                      Club Master

January 2017

Peter Meredith                      Club Master

December 2016

Sue John                              11* Regional Master

Ray Bliss                              10* Regional Master

Ron Harrison                         3* Master

Cynthia Owen                        Advanced Master

Mario Rocius                         Advanced Master

October 2016

Heather Upton                      National Master

Pam Dodge                          Premier Tournament Master

Daniel Orchard                     1* Master

Marita Moore                        Advanced Master

Pam Wakley                          District Master

July 2016

Ruchard Draycott                 Life Master

May 2016

Nina Mayer                          4* Premier Master

February 2016

Phil Dickson                        1* Tournament Master

Nick Burt                             Master

January 2016

Jenny Daniel                       Advanced Master

Daniel Orchard                    Advanced Master

December 2015

Nigel Jelbart                        2* Master

November 2015

Muddy Waters                     District Master

Michele Waters                   Local Master

October 2015

Sydney Phillipps                  2* Regional Master

Jim Buckland                       Advanced Master

September 2015

Freda Star                           Area Master

August 2015

Des Astin                            Tournament Master

Freda Star                           Club Master

May 2015

Val Clifford                          5* Premier Regional Master

April 2015

Heather Upton                    11* Premier Regional Master

December 2014

Patsy Bogdanov                  Advanced Master

Daniel Orchard                   Master

November 2014

Muddy Waters                    Area Master

Margaret Peers                   Club Master

October 2014

Richard Draycott                 Premier National Master

May 2014

Sue John                           10* Regional Master

Carol Trezise                      1* Premier Tournament Master

Linda Dickson                    1* Tournament Master

Robert Smith                     Advanced Master

Mario Rocius                      Master

April 2014

Jenny Bower                     Area Master

February 2014

Muddy Waters                  Club Master

November 2013

Richard Draycott               National Master

Ian MacFarlane                 5* Premier Regional Master

Pat Jepp                            Club Master

October 2013

Anne Hindmarch                District Master

Pam Wakley                      Area Master

Peter Foss                         Club Master

Olive Foss                         Club Master

July 2013

Nina Mayer                       3* Premier Tournament Master

Hazel Brown                     Club Master

June 2013

Carol Trezise                    1* Tournament Master

May 2013

Ann Ampleford                 5* Premier Master

Mary Rich                        Club Master

April 2013

Jenny Vaughan                National Master

Pam Dodge                     Tournament Master

Heather Peers                  1*  Master

Pater Coad                       Advanced Master

Anne Hindmarch               Area Master


March 2013

Ian MacFarlane               6* Regional Master

Pam Wakely                   Club Master

February 2013

Jim Buckland                Master

January 2013

Sue Zolkiewicz              Master

November 2012

Jean Law                       7* Premier Regional Master

Richard Draycott            4* Premier Regional Master

Jenny Vaughan              1* Premier Regional Master

Mario Rocius                 County Master

Jenny Bower                 Local Master

September 2012

Ann Ampleford             5* Master

Anne Hindmarch          Club Master

July/August 2012

David Boxall             Life Master

Malcolm Star            District Master

June 2012

Malcolm Star              Area Master

Anne Hindmarch         Local Master

May 2012

Heather Upton             10* Premier Regional Master

Jenny Vaughan            Premier Regional Master

Colin King                   5* Premier Master

April 2012

Pat Jepp                      Local Master

March 2012

Josephine Lawrey         Club Master

Mary Rich                    Local Master

Pam Wakely                 Local Master

February 2012

Mario Rocius               District Master

Malcolm Star               Club Master

December 2011

Val Clifford                  4* Premier Regional Master

Heather Upton             11* Regional Master

Mario Rocius                Area Master

Hazel Brown                Local Master

Jane Twose                  Local Master

November 2011

Ian MacFarlane          5* Regional Master

Richard Draycott        4* Regional Master

Greta Stephens           Advanced Master

Marijonas Rocius        Club Master

Peter Foss                    Local Master

Olive Foss                   Local Master

October 2011

Maijonas Rocius        Local Master

September 2011

Jennifer Chambers     Advanced Master

Heather Peers          Advanced Master

August 2011

Ray Bliss                  9* Regional Master

Marita Moore            Master

July 2011

Malcolm Star            Local Master

June 2011

Dommy Boxall           Life Master

Richard Draycott       3* Regional Master

Nina Mayer              13* Premier Master

May 2011

Val Clifford               3* Premier Regional Master

Margaret Peers          Local Master

March 2011

Jenny Vaughan         1* Regional Master

February 2011

Sue Howley             5* Regional Master

Richard Draycott      7* Premier Master

Michael Hosking        District Master

October-December 2010

Wendy Miller             Premier National Master

Ray Bliss                  8* Regional Master

Richard Draycott       6* Premier Master

Ann Ampleford          4* Master

Michael Hosking        Area Master

Josephine Lawrey      Club Master

July-Sepember 2010

Joyce Doyle              4* Master

Michael Rowbottom    3* Master

Robert Smith             Master

Norman Cohen           District Master

Joan McCrory             Local Master

Wallace Stevens        Local Master

April-June 2010

Heather Upton         10* Regional Master

Sue John                  9* Regional Master

Val Clifford               4* Regional Master

Jenny Vaughan         Regional Master

Ray Bliss                  18* Premier Master

Nina Mayer              12* Premier Master

Richard Draycott       5* Premier Master

Colin King                 4* Master

Ros Jackson              3* Master

Steve Stratton          1* Master

Heather Peers            Master

Marita Moore             County Master

Sue Zolkiewicz           County Master

Brian Mitchall             District Master

Marion Mitchall           District Master

Jack Marshall              Club Master

Norman Cohen            Local Master

Michael Hosking          Local Master

June 2010

Nigel Jelbart            1* Master

Steve Stratton        Advanced Master

Cynthia Owen         Master

April 2010

David Daniel           7* Regional Master

Richard Draycott     4* Premier Master

Ian Walker             3* Master

Patsy Bogdanov      Master

Marita Moore          District Master

February 2010

Richard Draycott      3* Premier Master

Heather Peers          County Master

December 2009

Richard Draycott      2* Premier Master

Jenny Vaughan        1* Premier Master

October 2009

Ann Ampleford         3* Master

Viviane Waters        2* Master

Jenny Vaughan        1* Master

August 2009

Sue Howley             4* Regional Master

Peter Polden            7* Premier Master

Richard Draycott      2* Master

Sue Zolkiewicz         District Master

June 2009

Chris Bickerdike        Premier National Master

April 2009

Sue John                17* Premier Master

Nina Mayer             11* Premier Master

Ian MacFarlane        8* Premier Master

Jenny Vaughan        Advanced Master

Congratulations to them all!