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January 2019

Peter Meredith Area Master

February 2019

Ann Ampleford Premier Tournament Master

March 2019

Geoff Plowman Local Master

April 2019

Betty Hocking Tournament Master

Chris Lampitt District Master

Geoff Plowman Area Master

May 2019

Pam Dodge  1* Premier Tournament Master

Margaret Woodward  Area Master

July 2019

Geoff Plowman  District Master







Latest Winners
Club Trophy Page

Winners of Club Events 2019

Bobbie Greenman Cup  

Mario Rocius and Sue John        


Bobbie Greenman Shield    

Sue Zolkiewicz and Pam Dodge


Gordon Swift Memorial Cup

Maureen Brinton and Judith Williams


Kay Smith Salver 2018

Sue John and Mario Rocius


C.A.Norris Trophy 2018

Ron Harrison and Joan Fisher


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