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November 2023

John Couser - 1 Star Master

Jim Buckland - 2 Star Master

Jack Jeffrey - Master

Geoff Plowman - Master

Jane Ritchie - County Master

Annette McAvoy - District Master

Sally Denham-Vaughan - Club Master

January 2024

Sarah Bell - Area Master

Heather Rogers - Club Master

Janet Meredith - District Master

March 2024

Colin Lee -†Local Master

David Batchelor -†Local Master

April 2024

Sue John - 13 Star Regional Master

May 2024

Olive Foss - District Master

Welcome to Penzance Bridge Club
EBU Online Magazine†Discovery

The EBU Online Magazine†Discovery†Issue 4: July†2024 is now available; click hereto view it

Andrew Robson articles ....

The latest Andrew Robson article on "Responding to a take-out double" can be viewed here

The earlier articles are now at the bottom of this page.

EBU Newsletter

Every month, the EBU issues a newsletter; you can see the July 2024 newsletter by clicking here

Bridge Sessions

Please contact Ann Ampleford to register to play as a pair†or if looking for a partner.†

​​​Her number is 01736 361104

Welcome to Penzance Bridge Club website. The club meets weekly on Wednesday evenings at 6.15 for 6.30pm at Westholme, the historic clubhouse of the Penzance and Newlyn Rugby Club.

There is ample parking. Tea and coffee are available†mid-evening†and the bar is open from 7p.m.

We welcome visitors. It would be helpful if you contacted the partner-finder beforehand. We always try and find partners if required.

For partners please contact Ann Ampleford†on 01736 361104 or by e-mail†

Five sessions must have been attended as a member to qualify for club competitions. Others are welcome to play but non members and partners play without standing.

We have†ArcScorer and results can be obtained at the end of play.

Andrew Robson articles

Did you know that there are a substantial number of articles by Andrew Robson that are available on-line?

They are listed under a number of headings

a) †For "articles", press here

b) †For "Beginner Corner", press here

c) †For "Tips for Intermediates", press here

d) †For "The more experienced...", press here

e) †For "If you remember just one thing ....", press here

Previous articles:-

"DO keep equal length with dummy" - is available here

"DO be happy to let declarer trump in his hand" - is available here

"DO switch to a high (spot) card if you donít want the suit led back" - is available here

"DO lead top of a sequence of three touching or near-touching high cards in your longest suit in" - is available†here

"DO lead from the opposite hand when finessing" - is available here

"DO delay drawing trumps when you can trump in dummy" - is available here

"DO be happy to open 1 NT with a five-card major" - is available here

Bridge Course for Beginners

For the time being, Wendy Miller is unable to undertake bridge lessons.

If you are keen to learn all about bridge, have a look at†

the Carbis Bay Bridge Club's web site - click here

Forthcoming Events

Duplicate pairs
Director: Jim Buckland
Scorer: Betty Rawlings
Duplicate pairs
Director: Jim Buckland
Scorer: Geoff Plowman
Duplicate pairs
Director: Jim Buckland
Scorer: Geoff Plowman
24th Jul 2024
Duplicate pairs
31st Jul 2024
Duplicate pairs
7th Aug 2024
Duplicate pairs