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Covid-19 Update

Bridge games at the Penang Club are once again being played face to face. Club members and non-members are all welcome to play. Contact Alan Orchard if you wish to join us.

Welcome to Penang Club Bridge Section
About Us

We play Duplicate Bridge every Friday morning at 09:00 upstairs in the Penang Club, George Town, Penang.

We have a range of abilities amongst our players and we encourage a friendly and respectful approach at the table for the enjoyment of all. 

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Important Information

Please note that the Penang Club is a private members club. The bridge section welcomes visitors to come along and play bridge, however we must comply with the rules of the club. 

Firstly  non-members must be signed in as a guest of one of the members so please let us know if you wish to participate by giving us your name and the date you wish to play in advance. 

Secondly guests are asked to comply with the dress code for the Sunken Veranda which is smart casual. Gentlemen are asked to wear long trousers, closed shoes and a collared shirt or T-shirt.


Penang Club Host USRC

On 6th April 2024 we were delighted to see our old friends from United Services Recreation Club return to Penang for a friendly interclub match. Each club provided 3 competing teams together with a hybrid team made up from one Penang pair and one Hong Kong pair.

Although the Hong Kong team led by Mimi Wong were the highest scoring team, when the three teams on each side had their results aggregated Penang came out on top.

Penang Club Visits Hong Kong
Penang Club Visits Hong Kong

With Covid-19 firmly behind us, the Penang Club restarted their friendship with the United Services Recreation Club in Hong Kong. The USRC players visited Penang earlier this year. Then in November we were fortunate to create new ties with the Hong Kong Club. So for our 2023 visit to Hong Kong we were fortunate enough to play a head to head team game against the Hong Kong Club. Which Penang Club won. On day two we joined USRC for their annual open pairs competition. There was excitement all round when our hosts announced that one of the Chinese gold medalists from the recent bridge Olympiad was playing. Then on the third day we had our team game against USRC. Each club fielded three teams. USRC gained top spot with the teams from Penang coming 2nd, 3rd and 4th with USRC 5th and 6th.
We were very well looked after by our hosts and everyone had a great time.

Penang Club & Royal Lake Club
Penang Club & Royal Lake Club

Penang Club hosted a friendly match against Royal Lake Club on 4th November 2023.

The aggregated results from the morning and  afternoon  sessions are

Team 1 56 VPs

Team 2 86 VPs

Team 3 46 VPs

Team 4 46 VPs

Team 5 98 VPs

Team 6 28 VPs

Director: Alan Orchard
Scorer: Alan Orchard
USRC afternoon
Scorer: Alan Orchard
USRC morning
Scorer: Alan Orchard
19th Apr 2024
Sunken Veranda 09:00
Director: Alan Orchard
26th Apr 2024
Sunken Veranda 09:00
Director: Alan Orchard
3rd May 2024
Sunken Veranda 09:00
Director: Alan Orchard