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♠  For the next 8 weeks, all Tuesday games will be Double points.

Sep 21 to Nov 23.

Welcome to Peace Arch DBC
The Peace Arch Duplicate Bridge Club is sanctioned under ABCL and is a non-profit organization.  

 The Club provides a venue for a friendly game that is open to all.


Returning to Elgin Hall

There will be a face-to-face game at Elgin Hall on the 26 Oct and the club will make a decision, after that as to the direction the Club will take.


The rules from the Health Authorities is in constant flux and the club is closely monitoring them to be in compliance.


The game (Wed 7 P.M.) will continue to be held on BBO.  

People can take advantage of putting their name on the partnership desk or just play with a robot.

The past 19 months have been taxing on everyone and we wish to thank our members for their

continued support and understanding.

The club only exists with the support and attendance of its members.

Up coming special games
Up coming special games

The Tuesday games at Elgin Hall will be double points--Sep 21 to Nov 23.



Log into BBO and the game is listed in “Virtual Clubs”.  Click on Clubs North America.  Look for the game under HOST “VACB221192” and/or “Peace Arch open pairs 1:15 PM”

NOTE:  The game will not be visible until 2 hours before the game starts.

VACB221192 is director’s name on BBO.  You can send me a message by CHAT in BBO.  Online two hours before the game time … usually


Once you locate the game, click on it and there will be four tabs: Registration--- Details--- Entries---Partnership

Click on the registration tab.  Fill in your partner’s BBO name and click on “Invite”.   Your partner must be on-line also, as he/she has to accept the invitation.

Please register early.  Once you register, you can do other things. You can verify your registration by clicking on “Entries” tab.  Be back on-line in BBO at least ten minutes before the start of the game.

NOTE: At game time, the BBO software checks to see if all players are on-line. If it thinks you are not, it will cancel the entry for the pair.  Don’t be playing casual or solitary game.

Game details

The game is a match-point pairs’ tournament with 20/22 boards, timed for seven minutes per board.   Most of the features are preprogramed into the system by BBO and the director has no power to change them.

COST – $4.00 BB. 


The game has a partnership desk. Log on early and locate the tournament by host (VACB221192) and “Peach Arch open pairs 1:15 PM” Click on the partnership tab and add your name to the list. 

You can invite someone who is already listed or wait for someone to invite you.   You will always have the option to accept or deny the invitation.

If you have not found a partner before the game starts, remain on-line for a few minutes as I may be able to use you to fill up a table or a sit-out.   You will be my first choice to fill any empty spots in the game. 

If you attempt to register or put your name on the partnership desk and are rejected, contact me immediately --- (VACB221192) in BBO or e-mail.  If you leave this to the last minute, I will have a tough time getting around to finding the problem and getting you in the game. 


Since the games on BBO are a timed event, slow play cannot be tolerated by any party. A bid should take no more than 10-12 seconds.  Try to pre-plan your bidding….holding 2 HCP requires no thinking ..BE READY TO PASS.

With three cards to play, taking 2 minute to decide to take a finesse is not acceptable.

Delay in bidding/play can be seen as unauthorized information. 

When wanting a valid explanation “ASK ONCE” by clicking on the bid or a private chat.  If you don’t get a response don’t badger the point.  Call the director and if warranted an adjusted score will be issued.  Just because there was no alert or no explanation you still have to have a good reason to be damaged.

Asking “Carding please”, is not a problem but when you persist “CARDING???”, it is rude and not acceptable.   Some people don’t understand what you are asking or even don’t see the question.  Maybe ask, “what does the play of the 9 spades mean?”.  You can also check their convention card.

If you play an unusual system; Benji ACOL, Prescision, Polish Club, they require a pre-alert when you move from pair to pair.  You still must alert the bids.

The use of “WDP”, “well played”, can sometime be seen as ‘offensive’ when it was clearly a mistake by the opposition.  Save it for a private comment to your partner at the end of the hand.

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.

Playing on BBO is on the honor system, but they are also aware of the unique issue that it presents.  BBO has software that monitors all activity and will alert the directors of any anomalies.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me ASAP.  If you are new to BBO or changed your name, I will have to manually add you to the “pool” list so you can join the game. 

If you are unsure about anything, again, contact me.

 It is easier for me to correct something a couple days ahead of time than two minutes before game time.


For corrections please contact the director of the game or Jack Johnson--


The membership area will give you access to "find a Partner" ---personal stats--and membership lists.

Accessing the membership tab for the first time, put in an email address and click "set password" you should be sent an email which will allow you to register, make sure you change your password to be unique to you.

There will be other questions that you will need to complete.

You should then be able to access the "members" area by name--email address---or ACBL# .

Something not working give me a call Jack Johnson 604 679-0414.

26th October 2021
PADBC Tues open
27th October 2021
PADBC Wed Night
2nd November 2021
PADBC Tues open
PADBC Wed Night
PADBC Tues open
Director: Jack Johnson
PADBC Wed Night