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Calendar for all tournaments for Unit 141 and all other District 4 events can be found on the District 4 website at

Zero Tolerance Policy

All Unit 141 tournaments and events enforce the Unit's Zero Tolerance Policy. 
The Unit 141 Policy many be found HERE.

The Zero Tolerance of the ACBL may be found HERE.

Partnership Desk

District 4 maintains a Partnership Desk that covers all tournaments in our area including Unit 141 events.  Click on the link below and follow the easy directions. Detailed instructions can be found by Clicking Here. Click below to go directly to the Partnership Desk application. There is also a link off of the District 4 website.

Partnership Desk

Board of Directors

Click Here for listing of current PCBA (Unit 141) Board Members.

The list is password protected and the password for all PCBA members is:
[ name of convention where you can bid two clubs as a passed hand to show a fit or find out more about partner's opening 1M opening bid ] + 
[ duplicate score for bidding 2S and making one overtrick doubled and vulnerable ]
(Put these two together, all lowercase.)


Here are the revised bylaws approved by the PCBA Board subject to the ratifiation by the PCBA membership at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Click Here for copy of Bylaws.

Directions to Bala Golf Club

Click here for directions to Bala Golf Club.

Newsletter Archives

Archives of  PCBA Newsletters are here:

2019   JAN     FEB     MAR     APR      MAY     JUN     JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT      NOV     DEC

2018   JAN     FEB     MAR      APR     MAY    JUN      JUL    AUG      SEP     OCT      NOV     DEC

2017   JAN     FEB     MAR      APR     MAY     JUN     JUL     AUG     SEP      OCT      NOV     DEC

2016   JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN     JUL    AUG     SEP      OCT     NOV     DEC    

2015   JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN     JUL    AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC

2014   JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN     JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC

2013   JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN     JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC

2012   JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN     JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC

2011           March-April               May-June            JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC


For newsletters prior to August 2013, click here.