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Class Schedule

Winter/Spring Class Schedule

This is our Typical Class Schedule

Pre-registration is NOT REQUIRED

Class Fee: $5.00 per class

Please check the Club Managers' Weekly Message for Class Updates

Class Schedule:

  • Beginner Bridge, Level I.  Thursday morning at 10:00 AM.   Starts at the beginning with basic bridge concepts.  Students begin playing the cards right away.  Continues with major suit openings and responses, minor suit openings, 1 NT openings, Stayman, and Jacoby Transfers.  Other topics include scoring, defensive carding, 1 NT forcing response, 2 over 1, etiquette, and convention cards.  Presenter: Jinty Chappell.
  • Advanced Beginner Bridge, Level II.  Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM.   Review of Level I, play of the hand, overcalls, takeout doubles, negative doubles, preemptive bidding, 2 club opening bid and responses, and Blackwood.  Presenter: Patrick Heading.
  • Intermediate Bridge, Level III.  Friday morning at 10:00 AM.   Advanced conventions, advanced card play and defense, supervised play of problem hands to clarify conventions, play and defense.  Presenter: Tom Fletcher.

Supervised play for newer players:

  • Monday afternoon.  Class begins at 12:15 PM, supervised play at 1:00 PM.  Presenter: Gerry Calabrese. 

FREE Pregame classes:

  • Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
  • Thursdays at 12:15 PM
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The Common Game

We are using "The Common Game" deal definitions on a trial basis.  This means we will be playing the same hand as other participating clubs play, such as St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona, and many other clubs in various parts of the country.


Hand analysis is available from many bridge experts, plus you can see how we stacked up compared to the other participants.

Click on any "Event" below to View Results and Analysis

Click "CG Formats" to see how we stacked up against other Clubs

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Click Here to visit The Common Game Website