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2019 Fund Raising Drive

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Tom and Diane Fletcher

Next drawing: Tuesday, June 4

Our annual "Longest Day" celebration is Thursday, June 20th, for the benefit of the Alzheimer's Association.

It's a fun-filled day of 2 sessions of bridge, good food, and a silent auction.  All profits are donated to the Alzheimer's Association.

Please help by making your individual donation now by clicking the link below.

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Upcoming Local Tournament Schedule

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June 17 - 23 Unit 128 STaC Week Unit 128 Clubs
July 12 - 14 Jacksonville Sectional Jacksonville School of Bridge
August 5 - 11 District 9 STaC Week District 9 Clubs
September 12 - 15 Daytona Beach Sectional Daytona Metropolitan Bridge Club


Club Managers' Weekly Message - Week of May 27th


Members of the Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club:


Jinty's class is canceled this week.

We have a big couple of weeks of Bridge ahead.  This week we are featuring STaC games with all Silver Point awards on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the big Longest Day Alzheimer's event on Thursday.  Then, next week, we have a full week of North American Pairs Games.  We'll get to those things in a moment, but first, here's a note from Sylvia about the Tournament last week.

"As Tournament Chair, I would like to acknowledge those who contributed to our tournament efforts.
Of course, Jan Anderson and her team captains, Connie Bridge and Carol Elson, along with many helpers provided delicious meals which were beautifully presented.  The dining room area was first class at all times.
Thank you to all who contributed food, June Vignati with her usual generous quantities, Richard Perez for his now famous eggplant Parmesan, and Linda Stone’s partner’s meatballs.  We now anticipate the delicious breakfast casseroles traditionally provided by Shari Hildebrandt, Pat Wilson, and Terry Wager.  Our members and guests have become spoiled and are never disappointed.
Again, thanks to all who donated food or money.  I should mention, though, that for the first time, we were short on dessert donations, and last-minute arrangements had to be made for Sunday’s lunch.   
We received numerous compliments on our food and organization.  I think Jonathon has us all well trained on setting up the playing area and we were happy he was able to assist during the Swiss team game.  We also had two excellent high school students caddying at that game.
We are grateful to all who helped with set up and clean up, especially David Wager (as always), Joel Atwood, Per Berg, Howard Wilson, and Phil Whitney.
Thanks also to Pete Chido, our partnership chair and his helper, Jinty Chappell.
We appreciate all members who played in the tournament (some for multiple sessions), and if more members participated we could be even more successful next time and in the years ahead.  Imagine if we added our Thursday table count to the visitor table count … it would be unbelievable!!!  We will hope for that in February.  We know it can be done!
Sylvia Diane Caviggia"

There's a full list of the overall winners at the bottom of this message.  Many of our club members did very well, and many more won some big masterpoints.

Now, more about this week's events.

STaC means Sectional Tournaments at Clubs.  Your score is submitted to the DIrector in Charge and is compared to all participating clubs in the Unit.  This means that you may get a big payoff in Silver masterpoints.  You could win up to 20 or more masterpoints for a single session.  Come play this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On Tuesday, we will have both open and 499er sections.

The Longest Day Alzheimer's Association Event is here, this Thursday, the 20th.  Everything begins a 9:00 AM with light breakfast items and the start of the silent auction.  PLEASE BRING CASH OR A CHECK IF YOU WISH TO BID ON ANY ITEMS.   We are auctioning off some very nice things with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association.  Then, there's full day of bridge with 10:00 AM and 2:15 PM sessions, each having separate Open and 499er Sections.  We'll have a free lunch in between session, then the silent auction concludes at 2:15 PM just before the afternoon session.  Extra masterpoints are awarded and all proceeds (including the fees paid to the ACBL) are donated to the Alzheimer's.  Tom Fletcher is chairing the event this year.  Additionally, we are urgently requesting that members donate a tax-deductible contribution to the Alzheimer's Association in whatever amount you are comfortable giving by clicking on the link on our home page or the one below.  You may also donate directly at the club, but the easiest way is on the website.  Last year, our club contributed over $13,000 to the Alzheimer's Association.  Lets see if we can beat that this year!  So far, we are short of our goal, so we ask that members do whatever they can do to contribute this year.

Sectional Tournament Overall Winners

Friday AM Open
John Brady & Patricia Dovell – 1st in A
Per Berg & David Wager – 1st in B & C
Friday AM – 499ers
Harry Richardson & Claudia Bliss 1st in A
Michelle Herling & Amy Yates – 1st in B & C
Friday PM Open
Sylvia Caviggia & David Wager – A clean Sweep – 1st in A, B & C
Friday PM 49ers
Babette Brumback & Mary Laplante – 1st in A & B
Burt Blau & Susan Averill – 1st in C
Saturday AM Open
Patrick Heading & Robert McClendon – 1st in A
Clive Morgan & Mark Kessler – 1st in B & C
Saturday AM 499ers
Phil & Sandy Pearson – 1st in A & B
Fran Chiodo & Linda Wilson – 1st in C
Saturday PM Open
Eileen Easterling & Linda Miller – 1st in A
Nick Tallyn & Mark Fitzmorris – 1st in B
James West & Brenda Harvey – 1st in C
Saturday PM 499ers
Martin Ellrich & Edward Jenkins – 1st in A & B
Bonnie Crook & Linda Gilberto – 1st in C
Sunday Open Swiss
Liane Turner, William Vaughan, Eileen Easterling & Linda Miller – 1st in A
Jason Lin, Per Berg, Terry Wager & Jim Rhoden – 1st in B
Babette Brumback, Michael Waskew, Anne Kohlman & Mary Laplante – 1st in C
Sunday 499er Swiss
Gail Danhoff, Alice Parsons, Russell Reinke & Karen Joyce – 1st Overall AM
Marilyn & Howard Wilson, Kathie Halberg & Sandra Laden – 1st Overall PM

Congratulations to all of our overall winners

This Week's Game Schedule
Monday: Open  STaC Pairs at 1:00 PM
Tuesday:  Open & 499er STaC Pairs at 1:00 PM
Wednesday:  Open STaC Pairs at 1:00 PM
Thursday:  THE LONGEST DAY.  TWO SESSIONS.  Open & 499er Pairs at 10:00 AM and 2:15 PM
Friday:  Open STaC Pairs at 1:00 PM

This Week's Class Schedule
Monday: 12:15 PM.  Pre-game class and supervised play at 1:00 PM with Gerry Calabrese
Tuesday:  12:10 PM.  Pre-game class with Tom Fletcher
Thursday:  Jinty's class is CANCELED TIS WEEK
Thursday:  Tom will be answering questions right before the morning session
Friday: 10:00 AM.  Intermediate Bridge with Tom Fletcher

See you at the club.  Have a good week.

Patrick & Jonathon

open & 299er pairs
open pairs
open pairs
open & 499er pairs
open pairs
open & 299er pairs
open pairs
Wed Jun 19, 2019
open pairs
1 pm
Thu Jun 20, 2019
Alz AM 499er pairs
10 am
Thu Jun 20, 2019
Alz AM open pairs
10 am
Thu Jun 20, 2019
Alz PM 499er pairs
2:30 pm
Thu Jun 20, 2019
Alz PM open pairs
2:30 pm
Fri Jun 21, 2019
open pairs
1 pm
Mon Jun 24, 2019
open pairs
1 pm
Class activities

Class schedules:.

  • Monday morning bridge I cancelled
  • Wednesday morning at 10 am, Bridge "I" basics for beginning players; covers notrump, major and minor suit opening bids and their respective responses. Introduces some conventions like stayman and transfers. Also, the basics of declarer play and defense are covered. Presenter Patrick Heading, starts Oct 1, 2019.
  • Thursday morning at am Bridge "II" for more advanced beginning players; covers competitive bidding, preemptive opening bids, overcalls, takeout and negative doubles and the law of total tricks. Presenter Jinty Chappell, class is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Friday morning at 10 am Bridge "III" for intermediate players covering additional conventions, more advanced defense and play of the hand with problem hands review to clarify bidding, play and defense. Presenter Tom Fletcvher, class is ongoing throughout the year.

Supervised play schedules

  • Monday afternoon class(12:15) and supervised play (1 pm)  for newer players with Gerry Calabrese, ongoing throughout the year.

Pregame classes

  • Tuesdays at 12:15
  • Thursdays at 12:15 

One month of free classes are offered to the first time student; chose any or all events and they are free to help encourage your first attempt to "play bridge" at the Palm Coast DBC.

"Two over one" bidding system is presented in all classes.