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Important Announcements

Trash & Borrowed Chairs

All players are required to dispose of their own trash at the conclusion of the session AND return all borrow chairs to the table from which they were borrowed.


The Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club is a "no frangrance" club.  Please refrain from wearing any perfumes or colognes.

Upcoming Local Tournament Schedule

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September 12 - 15 Daytona Beach Sectional Daytona Metropolitan Bridge Club
October 21 - 22 Jacksonville NLM Sectional Jacksonville School of Bridge
October 5 - 6 NAP District Finals Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Club
October 11 - 13 Jacksonville Fall Sectional Jacksonville School of Bridge
October 23 - 24 St. Augustine NLM Sectional St. Augustine Bridge Club


Club Managers' Weekly Message - Week of August 19th


Members of the Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club:


NEWS FLASH:  THE MALFUNCTIONING AIR CONDITIONER HAS BEEN REPLACED.  It was nice and cool in the building last Friday.

Next, we have a couple of issues to talk about before we get to the other news.

First, we are having an ever increasing problem with trash and borrowed chairs being left at the tables.  Both are getting out of hand.  The solution is so simple, yet the problem seems to be getting worse.

Each player is responsible for disposing their own trash at the conclusion of the session and returning all borrowed chairs back to the table where they belong.  If we all do this very simple thing, the problem will be solved immediately.  Currently, at the end of each session, the Director and a handful of club members are often policing the entire playing area to restore it back to its original condition.

Let's not have to adopt a policy related to this.  PLEASE, everybody just do the right thing and dispose of your own trash and return the chair you borrowed.
Next, the cell phone ringing is also getting out of hand.  The club policy is to silence your cell phones prior to game time.  There is absolutely no talking, texting, web surfing, or social media checking in the playing area.  You may use your cell phone in the break room during a break, but using a cell phone on speaker is prohibited anywhere in the building.  If you have an emergency need to have your cell phone available during the game, notify the Director and an accommodation will be made.

We have Club Championship games this week, then the week after is the final NAP week of the season.

Betty Morgan (one of our members and a member of our sister club in St. Augustine) is presenting a class on Saturday, August 24th from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the St. Augustine Duplicate Bridge Club.   The class is "2 over 1 Game Force Revisited."  You can come early for coffee, juice, and pastries, and there is no book required.  Sign up at the St. Augustine club or RSVP Betty Morgan at 904.501.5031 or  The cost is $20.00.


This Week's Game Schedule

Monday: Open Pairs at 1:00 PM
Tuesday:  Open & 299er Pairs at 1:00 PM
Wednesday:  Open Pairs at 1:00 PM
Thursday:  Open & 499er Pairs at 1:00 PM
Friday:  Open Pairs at 1:00 PM

This Week's Class Schedule
Monday: CANCELED until the fall
Monday: 12:15 PM.  Pre-game class and supervised play at 1:00 PM with Gerry Calabrese
Tuesday:  12:10 PM.  Pre-game class with Tom Fletcher
Thursday:  Beginner Bridge, Level 2 with Junty
Thursday:  12:10 PM.  Pre-game class with Tom Fletcher
Friday: 10:00 AM.  Intermediate Bridge with Tom Fletcher

See you at the club.  Have a good week.

Patrick & Jonathon

Open Pairs
Open & 299er Pairs
Open Pairs
Open NAP Pairs
Open & 499er NAP Pairs
Open NAP Pairs
Open & 499er NAP Pairs
Thu Aug 22, 2019
Open & 499er Pairs
1:00 PM
Fri Aug 23, 2019
Open Pairs
1:00 PM
Mon Aug 26, 2019
Open NAP Pairs
1:00 PM
Tue Aug 27, 2019
Open & 499er NAP Pairs
1:00 PM
Wed Aug 28, 2019
Open NAP Pairs
1:00 PM
Thu Aug 29, 2019
Open & 499er NAP Pairs
1:00 PM
Fri Aug 30, 2019
Open NAP Pairs
1:00 PM
Class activities

Class schedules:.

  • Monday morning bridge I cancelled
  • Wednesday morning at 10 am, Bridge "I" basics for beginning players; covers notrump, major and minor suit opening bids and their respective responses. Introduces some conventions like stayman and transfers. Also, the basics of declarer play and defense are covered. Presenter Patrick Heading, starts Oct 1, 2019.
  • Thursday morning at am Bridge "II" for more advanced beginning players; covers competitive bidding, preemptive opening bids, overcalls, takeout and negative doubles and the law of total tricks. Presenter Jinty Chappell, class is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Friday morning at 10 am Bridge "III" for intermediate players covering additional conventions, more advanced defense and play of the hand with problem hands review to clarify bidding, play and defense. Presenter Tom Fletcvher, class is ongoing throughout the year.

Supervised play schedules

  • Monday afternoon class(12:15) and supervised play (1 pm)  for newer players with Gerry Calabrese, ongoing throughout the year.

Pregame classes

  • Tuesdays at 12:15
  • Thursdays at 12:15 

One month of free classes are offered to the first time student; chose any or all events and they are free to help encourage your first attempt to "play bridge" at the Palm Coast DBC.

"Two over one" bidding system is presented in all classes.