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Private Bridge Lessons

Irene MacAuthur offers

Private Bridge Lessons

with groups of 4.


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Welcome to Over The Bridge Club
  Web Site
Over the Bridge Club offers a modern introduction to basic bridge lessons and
also an opportunity to improve skills at the intermediate and the advanced levels.
ACBL Sanctioned Duplicate Bridge Games are held at The Haviland Club
Monday Afternoon,        Will return early September. Enjoy the summer.  
1:00pm -  4:00pm    Guaranteed Partner
                                           12:30pm mini-lesson  no charge
Tuesday Evening,             7:00pm - 10:00pm   Guaranteed Partner
The lessons and workshops follow Audrey Grant's technique of "cards on the table"     
Check for updated COVID-19 Policy on the Haviland Club website see footer on "welcome" page.                  
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  Chase the Ace


The Haviland Club is running a "Chase the Ace" to raise funds for needed repairs and upgrades at the Club.

Tickets can be purchased at the Haviland Club or

online at TicketWizard (

Link to update page for The Haviland Club "Chase the Ace"


Last updated : 16th Jun 2021 14:43 HAA

Changes to ACBL’s Alert Procedure Link


The Over the Bridge and Happy Bidders Bridge Clubs welcomes you back for
face-to-face bridge games at The Haviland Club.

The Haviland Club operates under Public Health guidelines in effect each particular day.

Please enter by the front door, mask required, sign in, and follow the arrows to your seat,
and finally exit by the back door.
Bar open as normal.


Over the Bridge:              Monday afternoon 1:00 pm
                                           ACBL sanctioned duplicate, guaranteed partner

                                           (12:30 pm mini lesson no charge:  to start Jan  4, 2021)

Over the Bridge:              Tuesday evening 7:00 pm
                                           ACBL sanctioned duplicate, guaranteed partner

Happy Bidders Bridge:   Thursday evening 7:00 pm
                                         social duplicate, guaranteed partner

We can accommodate a Maximum of 12 tables (50 people) under the current operating plan.
Masks are optional
Hand sanitizer will be available at each table.


Irene and Carol

PS:  You will be notified immediately when there is any change



Last updated : 4th Aug 2021 21:45 HAA
  Important Information

* It is appreciated when players arrive and are seated 10 minutes before start of game. This allows the Director time to greet the players, determine the number of pairs/tables, distribute movement patterns, boards, scoring units and input information for the electronic scoring units. The Director's goal is to start on time, finish on time and for everyone to enjoy the session.

ACBL  Code of ethics

ACBL  Zero Tolerance Policy

ACBL "Play Nice"         smiley  not  sad


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Mon 18th Oct 2021
Club Appreciation
Haviland Club 1:00pm
Director: Irene MacArthur
Tue 19th Oct 2021
Club Appreciation
Haviland Club 7:00pm
Director: Irene MacArthur
Mon 25th Oct 2021
Open Pairs
Haviland Club 1:00pm
Director: Irene MacArthur
Open Pairs
Director: Irene MacArthur
Club Championship
Director: Irene MacArthur
Club Appreciation
Director: Irene MacArthur
Important updates

Two Bridge Clubs call The Haviland Club Home.

Over the Bridge Club (this site, ACBL sanctioned)


Happy Bidders Bridge Club, (a Social Duplicate Bridge Club)