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Thank You

At Mary's funeral the following amounts were raised.  £406 for the Welsh Air Ambulance and £365 for Hope House.  Nat and his family would like to thank everyone from the Bridge Club who contributed.
Thank you,

Data Privacy

Oswestry Bridge Club regards the personal information you supplied on joining the club as private and will not disclose it to any third party. It is only kept for club related matters, such as to help members find to a bridge partner, and is stored in a protected area of the website that is not accessible to the general public.  If you would like this information removed from the club database, please inform a member of the Committee.              (uploaded 21/07/18)

News Page

This page has information and news of interest to Members. See below for details of Chicago/Charity events.  The"Calendar" on the menu on the left may show forthcoming events of possible interest to individual pairs, although OBC may not necesarily be formally participating as a club activity. For results see "Results" on the menu on the left.

Minutes AGM 2021


Thursday 30th September 2021

6.30pm Memorial Hall

Members were welcomed to an AGM now possible after the Covid epidemic restrictions.   Pat Ramsay, chairperson asked members to pay tribute to the late Paul O’Brien.

APOLOGIES:  N. Williams, G Hope, M Richards, G Coldwell, J Hargreaves, J Foster,  B Marples, J Clowes, B Scott

MEMBERS PRESENT: P and H Ramsay, B and E Sinker, V and E Richardson, M and R Ingle, G Cripps, M Stevens, J Rogers, A Bennett, G Roberts, E Billingham, F Baldwin, S McMahon,  D Embrey, E Redrup, P Inch,  M Pritchard, H Whiting, J Owen, R Evans, F Fynn N Sutton, A Sherlock, J Menage, J Roberts, L Chew

MINUTES OF AGM 2019:  These were read, agreed by members and signed by Pat.


It has been 27 months since our last AGM and who could have predicted the Covid pandemic.  Thanks to Glen Hope, Linda, John, Rosie, Mike, Flo and Judy’s efforts the club has been playing online and now thanks to Phil’s efforts we are playing face to face on a Thursday.

During this period Linda, Margaret, Rosie, Mike and Robert have resigned from the committee, thank you for all your efforts.  Flo and Phil were co-opted on, Jenny has taken over as secretary, Flo as webmaster and Phil as treasurer.

John ran a successful course of lessons which was unfortunately cut short byCovid lockdown but we have welcomed 6 of his class to online bridge and I know others are playing together but not yet ready to join us.

Pat Gilbert’s idea of coffee at Carriages has been a success withmembers meeting for a chat, thank Pat.

As Judy Mitchell said to me Oswestry is one of the most successful clubs in the county so let us hope it stays that way.  To close I would just like to thank members who support the club by playing either online or face to face because without you we would not have a club.

TREASURER’S REPORT.   Phil Inch presented two years’ accounts that had been prepared by Rosie and audited by himself.  The club has £11,000 in its bank accounts.  Pat thanked Rosie.  L Chew proposed and S McMahon seconded that this be accepted.  Members agreed.

 ELECTION OF COMMITTEE: P Ramsay, P Inch J Hargreaves and F Baldwin were re elected having been proposed by L Chew and G Roberts. P Ramsay stressed the need for more members to come forward.   F Fynn volunteered later.

ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON    P Ramsay our chairperson was re-elected having been proposed by E Billingham and P Inch.


  1. Pat announced there would be no membership fee until next June.
  2. The cost of online and face to face club nights to remain at £2.50.
  3. The next AGM will be in June 22 when it is hoped to return to normality.
  4. Sue McMahon thanked all the members who had contributed to making online bridge for our club so successful.

Meeting closed at 7p.m.

There are plenty of County events coming up over the next few months, many of them Green Pointed.

Please contact the counties directly for further information.

EBU calendar

AGM on Thursday 30 Sept at 6.30 pm - Agenda


  1. Welcome 
  2. Apologies 
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM Read and Approved 
  4. Report by Chairperson 
  5. Treasurer’s Report adoption of report 
  6. Election of committee 
  7. Election of Chairperson 
  8. AOB 
  9.  If anyone would like to join the committee or have any issues they would like to raise please let Jenny or myself know  
Club Reopening on Thursday 9th September

We are planning to start playing face to face on Thursday 9th September

continuing in the meantime with online on Mondays.

The committee has managed to negotiate the hire of downstairs large room at Memorial Hall, with storage space for equipment and tables. We have therefore agreed to purchase new tables which will be for our use only.

It is hoped that all members will have had their second vaccination by then. Members will be asked not to attend if they feel unwell or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid.

Members will be asked to sanitize hands when they arrive and at start of each round.

You can either bring your own bidding box or collect one when you arrive to use for the whole evening.

Only North will touch Bridgemates.

Table money of £2.50 will be collected by invoice at the end of each month.

It is hoped that by using larger room and putting these measures in place you will feel happy about playing face to face again.


Autumn Congress

Autumn Congress
22nd - 24th October
Delta by Marriott, Warwickshire

More details


The EBU  and S&S are listing online events for the coming months which may be of interest. 


The S&S County online bridge club continues to flourish on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. on BBO   New members are always welcome. Let John Withers have your name, BBO username and EBU number




in the  2020 season the club movied to online games from May onwards. Generally the same members played on both Monday and Thursday.  The Committee felt that it therefore made little sense to continue with the tradition of making separate awards for Monday and Thursday.  Identifying the most improved player was similarly rendered impossible. It was decided that for the 2020 competition year there should simply be  an overall club champion award and recognition for the top five players calculated on the basis of all the sessions played, both f2f and online.

Ian Mellor Award for overall club champion: Mike and Rosie Ingle (joint winners)
3rd: Robert Hunt
4th: John Davies
5th: Duncan Kerr

To see further details of recent winners of the Club Championship, Top Players, and Most Improved Players. please click here.



Charities directly supported by Oswestry Bridge Club , i.e. at Club evenings in the Memorial Hall,  during the financial year, June 2019-June 2020 are shown in the Table below:

 Kidney Cancer Research, July 2019           £187  
 Children in Need, November 2019       £396
 Kidney Cancer Research 2020     £116
 Children in Need, November 2020     £524

Other charities to which Club Members have given their support in substantial numbers and by assisting with /promoting bridge events:

Macmillan Cancer Research, Nov.2019                   approx.£400
Samaritans, January, 2020         £550

Ongoing regular events:

  • Oswestry Cricket Club (Junior Cricket)
  • Maesbury Bridge Drive (Maesbury W.I.)


Below are:

(1) Minutes of the AGM held on 6 June 2019 (Provisional status until ratified at next AGM).

(2) Constitution as Amended at the AGM 2019

(3) Chair's Annual Report

(3) Treasurer's Report and Accounts




6.30 Thursday 6th June 2019

Memorial Hall, Oswestry

Apologies: Pat Gilbert, Jolanta Coggle, Margaret Lewis, Pauline Morris, Robert Hunt

Present:  Rosie Ingle Pat Ramsay (Acting Chair), Mike Ingle, Linda Davies Lesley Chew, John Davies, Margaret Pritchard, Phil Inch, Elaine Billingham, Graham Roberts, Mary Bound, Henry Ramsay, David Berry, Robert Scott, Richard Bryant, Krishna Kulkarni,

Minutes of Previous AGM

These were read by the secretary, proposed by Lesley Chew and seconded by David Berry.

Chairpersons report

The chair told of the club’s success with SIMS events that had taken place and the club’s contribution to various charities as a result. She also mentioned that the club had entered a team in the county teams which was quite successful this year. She also encouraged people to play in Congresses and local Swiss pairs competition.

Ways of encouraging novices to play in the club was outlined, with the possibility of them playing on a Monday evening in a separate competition to the evening’s main competition.

John Davies to do an  EBU training course in June, with the intention of teaching bridge to beginners. This will start in early September.

More advertising of the club has taken place.


Rosie Ingle gave a comprehensive coverage of the clubs’ finances. Told members that the club is in in a strong financial position.  Copies of the finances were distributed to members.

Table numbers have dropped since Christmas with just core members maintaining table numbers.

Subscriptions due at beginning of July and this will remain at £5 per head.

Thanks, given to Margaret Pritchard for her support given to Treasurer. 

David Hook will no longer audit the accounts, Phil Inch has agreed to take this role.  Card to be sent to David Hook and a gift voucher. Secretary to organise.  Graham Roberts thanked Rosie.  Graham proposed and Phil Inch seconded the accounts.


Copies of the amended original constitution were distributed.  Pat showed members where the proposed changes were to be made.  Changes agreed. Henry Ramsay proposed and Lesley Chew seconded. Everyone present was in agreement.

Election of Committee:   Graham Roberts proposed the committee remain. Henry Ramsay seconded.

Jenny Hargreaves and Robert Hunt have volunteered to join the committee.   Pat Ramsay proposed and Margaret Pritchard seconded.

Graham Roberts proposed Pat Ramsay to be Chairperson, seconded by John Davies. Everyone present was in agreement.

Bridge Teaching and Club Membership:

Bridge lessons will be widely advertised.  Membership dropping and not being maintained.  John Davies to be EBU trained in order to teach bridge and encourage trainees to become club members.  He will be supported in teaching by Linda Davies

 Mike Ingle asked that the club promote John as he will he EBED trained and following an EBU recognised teaching course.

Mike detailed the efforts he had made to promote the club via village magazines and other means.

AOB: Nat White was presented with a gift voucher from the club in recognition of his many years as club chairman. 

Meeting closed at 7.00 pm with no other business.



(As amended and approved: AGM June 2019)


  • To provide facilities for members to enjoy Duplicate Bridge on a weekly basis
  • To further the growth of the game at all levels of ability
  • To obey the laws as laid down by the English Bridge Union


The club shall be affiliated to the English Bridge Union


The Committee shall have the right to terminate an individual’s membership of the club in certain situations provided that the member has been given the opportunity to be heard by the committee first.

Management of the Club

  • A committee of not more than ten members, consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Webmaster, Secretary and up to five elected members shall manage the Club and co-opt new members as and when necessary.
  •  The Chairperson shall be eligible to stand for 3 consecutive years.

Election of the committee

The committee members and officers shall be elected annually at the AGM


  • Each member shall pay the subscription approved at the AGM
  • The subscription shall be due on 1st July each year
  • Anyone joining the club after 1st February will be eligible to pay a half subscription until the subscription is due in July.

General Meeting

  • The AGM shall be in June each year.
  • A general meeting other than an AGM shall be called an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • The committee may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting whenever it considers it necessary and must also convene the same if requested to do so in writing by not less that 20% of the membership.  An Extraordinary General Meeting shall only consider the matter of the Agenda.
  • Annual General meetings and Extraordinary General meetings can be called by giving 14 days’ notice in writing and the Agenda displayed on the noticeboard of the club.  Any member wishing to add items to the agenda for the AGM must do so within 7 days.

Committee Meetings

  • Committee meetings will be held as often as necessary to conduct the business of the club.
  • A quorum shall consist of five or more committee members and no business shall be transacted at any committee meeting unless a quorum of members is present.


  • The treasurer shall keep proper audited accounts and shall present them to the Club annually at the AGM.
  • All members shall be equally responsible for the liabilities of the club and any member wishing to resign shall give notice to the secretary before the end of the club year.


  • A visitor shall be expected to become a member after attending 5 meetings in any one year.
  • Visitors will be asked to pay an extra £1 table money for each visit to the Club.


In the event of the formal dissolution of the Club all surplus assets shall be disposed of as determined by a majority of at least 50% of the members present at a general meeting of the Club.

June  2019


This year the club has taken part in seven SIMS at no extra cost to the members.  Five of these were for charity: Kidney Research, Children in Need, Unicef for Children in Yemen and EBED (The EBU education charity).  Pairs in the club have had a fair amount of success with some coming as high as second.  Well done to everyone.

We entered the Shropshire teams this year and hopefully more will enter next year.  Two pairs also took part in the Shropshire Congress and in Swiss Pairs events. We must try to support these events or they will cease to be held.

The committee are conscious of the fact that numbers have dropped slightly and are looking at initiatives to combat this including welcoming novices to the club to have a go at playing duplimated boards, bidding boxes and using bridgemates. We have also extensively advertised the club and John has enrolled on an EBU teacher’s course and will start giving Bridge lessons in September so please if you know of anyone who might like to learn please tell John

Finally can I thank everyone who helps with the club, ie Committee, duplimators ,  putting up tables and all those who clear away at the end of the session and of course thank you to everyone who comes and enjoys playing , without all of you we would not have a club

Pat Ramsay

06 June 2019


Oswestry Bridge Club Treasurer’s  Report

Financial year ending May 31st 2019

I am pleased to report that overall the bridge club has had another good year and that we are in a strong financial position.   At the year end I have been able to set aside a further £750 into the replacement fund for our technological items, and a further £1750 into our general reserves.  In addition,  winners have enjoyed larger sums of money in their prize envelopes this year, and the club has generously subsidised a wide range of Sims,  altering  the pricing policy for members so that only the basic £3 table money is obligatory and all other costs are met by the club.  Additional donations for the charity sims are at the discretion of individual members and you will see from the accounts later on that generous amounts of money have been sent to Children in Need, Kidney Cancer Research and the Yemen refugee appeal.   So this is all good news.     However, if I put on my Membership Secretary’s hat for a moment, I’m sure none of you will have failed to notice that table numbers have dropped off significantly on both Mondays and Thursdays since Christmas.    Although we have a large membership of approximately 100, many of these members are only occasional players.   The club relies on its much smaller core of regular players to maintain table numbers, but this core itself is starting, albeit very slowly, to dwindle, and we cannot afford to be complacent in our constant quest for new members.

This is a topic which Jeremy Dhondy, the chairman of the EBU, addresses frequently in the bridge magazine and some of you may have read his most recent article in this month’s edition.    For those of you that haven’t, I will summarise the main points.  He says that In the 1930’s, when bridge was developing both in the UK and the USA, it generated great interest and extensive media coverage.   Since then, a wealth of other activities  have taken off and bridge is competing in a much tougher marketplace.   Add to this the fact that everywhere except in China, the average age of a bridge player is increasing rapidly, and it becomes apparent how much work clubs need to do to teach new students and encourage new members to join.   This is an uphill battle and we as a club are failing year on year to replace members who leave for age-related or ill-health reasons with new blood.   The committee has a new teaching strategy in place for September but, as Jeremy Dhondy points out, it is the responsibility of all members of a club to make new members welcome, to be patient and tolerant if they are unfamiliar with aspects of bridge etiquette and above all not to knock their confidence by criticising their play.   If they have a bad time and we are perceived to be unfriendly, they won’t come back and it will be to the detriment of the club in the long-run.

Subscriptions for the 2018-19 financial year will fall due at the beginning of July and I shall be collecting these from Monday 1st and Thursday 4th July respectively.   The annual subscription remains unchanged at £5 per head.   I should be grateful for prompt payment so that I can finalise the new year’s members’ list by the end of July.

I should like to thank the deputy treasurer Margaret Pritchard for her excellent work covering for me in my absence, and thank also those members who are volunteering to collect the table money during my current incapacity.   This is much appreciated.   Now we will take a look together at the accounts in detail.  Please feel free to ask any questions as we go along.    The accounts have been audited as usual by David Hook, but David has expressed a wish to step down from this role after many years’ service.   I am very pleased to report that Phil Inch has kindly offered to take over from David and I’m sure he will do an excellent job ensuring that no stone is left unturned in checking that the accounts balance next year.   Thanks very much, Phil.  

To view the details sof the Accounts, please click here.



The  Funbridge app is free, and you can get one for your laptop, ipad or smartphone: just google "funbridge".
Once you have registered you get a number of free deals etc, but when you have used these up there will be a charge.  Highly recommended.