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Ilkley Manor House Project

Becky Cooley from Leeds University is coordinating a project to pull together lots of local memories of the Manor House before it became a museum in 1959. Can you help? If so, contact Becky via

Accelerated Learning
Accelerated Learning
AGM Thursday 12th March

Our AGM is on Thursday 12th March. Reports will be made available in the members only area. If you have any queries on the reports please ask the person responsible eg Alastair Robertson for the Treasurer's report which is now on line.

Ilkley Parking

Bradford Council has now implemented new parking restrictions in the centre of town.  These do not currently impact evening sessions but those coming to our daytime events (including Sundays) are recommended to allow additional time for parking. Note we understand blue badge holders can park in parking spaces outside the club for unlimited time for free.

Cow and Calf In Ilkley

Stepping Stones

Our Stepping Stones sessions take place on selected Friday evenings. They are designed to enable students/newcomers to play in regular club duplicates and to help form partnerships. Accordingly the host system is only available for up to three sessions per individual player to help us meet these aims. Many thanks.

Duplicate Taster Sessions

On Monday afternoons from 2pm to 4.30pm with a host. Designed to help social bridge players and not for absolute beginners (who we suggest join one of our teaching classes). Cost £3.50 per person and lots of assistance given if needed.

Teams Workshop

 Each Thursday morning a group meets and looks at ways of improving bidding, play and defence from selected hands. This group is suitable for all members who wish to improve but particularly those keen on playing in the Yorkshire teams league. Since this Workshop began  over £13,000 from attendees donations have gone to the Haematology Trust Fund at the local Airedale Hospital and £150 to the charity Children with Cancer. 

Results Analysis

The latest version of Bridgewebs features an enhanced results analysis and easier access to the Play it Again feature. Once you are on any set of results click on the graph icon (on right of printer icon) to access this.

Committee Minutes

The latest committee minutes and updated telephone list are now in the Members Only section along with archived minutes too.

Welcome to Olicana Bridge Club
Harrogate Spring Congress

This weekend is the Harrogate Spring Congress. A good number of members are taking part and we will endeavour to let you know of notable successes.

Yorkshire League Match 6

Our sixth set of matches in the Yorkshire League took place on Sunday 16th February  as follows

A team v Doncaster A AWAY WON 14 - 6

B team v Sheffield D HOME  LOST 8 - 12

C team v Wakefield C HOME DREW 10 - 10

D team v Huddersfield C AWAY WON 13 - 7

E team v Keighley D AWAY WON 14 - 6

Lots of close games and three good wins. D team remain top of their division with one match to go.

New for 2020

New for 2020. We have a new Afternoon Duplicate Pairs on a Tuesday afternoon from 1.15pm to around 4.15pm now underway. This session will earn master points, play around 24 boards and is not designed for beginners and is not hosted. We are also conducting a three month trial where our evening sessions will start play at 7pm so can you please be seated by 6.50pm, we are aiming to finish earlier (hopefully around 10.15pm) whilst still playing a good number of boards. We have a new Fun Slam competition open to all members across all events. There will be three points awarded for a bid and made grand slam and one point for a bid and made small slam. Finally some evening events have been designated with a red highlight - at these events we would encourage everyone to remember that these are competition events so can you please minimise any hand discussions and call the TD to resolve any problems.

21st February 2020
Stepping Stones
22nd February 2020
Drop in Bridge
24th February 2020
Afternoon Duplicate Pairs
24th February 2020
Duplicate Pairs
Afternoon Duplicate Pairs
Director: Les
Scorer: Ian
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Alastair
Scorer: Anthony
Morning Duplicate Pairs
Director: Pat
Scorer: Ian
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Eric
Scorer: Hugh
Afternoon Duplicate Pairs
Director: Tim
Scorer: Peter