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Yorkshire on line events

There are more On line Yorkshire events coming up. The YCBA Mixed Pairs is on Sunday 16th May Mixed Pairs . On Saturday 22nd May there is a YCBA Stepping Stones (NGS grade 5 or below).  Stepping Stones  All events are on BBO.


These are regular extracts (with permission of course) from Andrew Robson's The Next Level where there are 145 articles. These are very instructive and thoughtful approaches to bridge at intermediate and above. Our fifth feature is Stayman the book is available from Andrew Robson Bridge Club.


One of our members has encountered a black screen issue on BBO. This can occur when playing and trying to look at history. If this happens just log off and log back in again. However it is suggested you avoid looking at history whilst playing. BBO is apparently aware of this issue and is aiming to resolve it ASAP. If members have tried resolve this by deleting their BBO programme and then reinstalling it but have lost points or even money they can ask BBO via to reinstate them to their current user name on BBO. 

Wednesday morning session on Real Bridge

Every Wednesday  at 10am there will be a Guided Play session on Real Bridge and you can see and talk to those playing at your table. This is aimed at less experienced players and you don't need a partner. Results will be uploaded to the club website but will not earn master points or NGS but will earn EBU magazine points. Note there will be a new session link each week and you can log in directly from the calendar entry. For more information contact 

I Pad Tutorial for Zoom meetings

Ivan Watling and Louise Elliott have put together a very useful short You Tube video on how to use Zoom with an iPad.

Zoom Tutorial

On line tuition

Mike Collier is currently running a weekly on line bridge tuition session on BBO on Thursday evenings at 7pm. Other Olicana members are welcome to "come along". All free. Search jmcilkley to find the table.

Cow and Calf In Ilkley

Committee Minutes

The latest committee minutes and updated telephone list are now in the Members Only section along with archived minutes too.

Welcome to Olicana Bridge Club

We have three on line Duplicate Pairs earning master points. On Monday evenings we run a 20 board Duplicate Pairs on BBO (Bridgebaseonline) starting at 7.15pm. On Thursday  evenings we have Duplicate  Pairs on Real Bridge at 7.15pm. On Friday afternoons we run an 18 board Duplicate Pairs on BCL(Bridgeclublive) starting at 2.15pm. We have a guided play session on Wednesday morning at 10am on Real Bridge (no master points). All events will cost £1.50 per player for members and £2.50 for all other players. Detailed instructions on how to play in each event can be downloaded from the links below. Members will be invoiced bi-monthly in arrears for each game played and it would be appreciated if members could use their EBU number only as a reference.

BCL Club Room

How to play in BCL club room

How to play in BBO club room

How to play on Real Bridge

Host pair guidance

Note direct links to the Real Bridge sessions will be posted on the calendar entry at least 24 hours before the event to simplify login.

Bridgeclublive (BCL)

We have a well established individual club area under Bridgeclublive (BCL) which you can access by following this link.

 BCL home page

BCL is essentially a private on line club and  as from 31/12 the EBU has terminated their special relationship to award master points. You need to be a full member of bridgeclublive to participate in club sessions and in various tournaments. The cost is £12 inc VAT per month (there are various other options too) but there are no extra fees outside this. If you have not already registered please register via this BCL registration form  which should offer free membership for 50 days to existing Olicana bridge Club members (as they are also EBU members).

Once you have joined as a full member you can set up a personal profile with your preferred bidding system(s). You should also register as an Olicana member so you need to go to Members then Clubs to click on Olicana. This will enable you to see when other Olicana members are playing. You can also add other Olicana members to your Friends list.

If you are new to on line bridge it is recommended you start in the Social Bridge section to familiarise yourself with on line bridge before moving on to match pointed Pairs and teams of four). BCL has lots of help to get you started see HELP to get started. You may want to try out social bridge with four Olicana members. You can also set up a private table in the Social Room see Private Table  

To see a step by step guide on playing in the Dropindropout daily  tourney watch this video DIDOVIDEO

To play our BCL teams of four please familiarise yourself with this Teams guidance  

Teams League Match 2 Tuesday 11th May (VP scores)

Team Clifford 8 v Team Edwardson 12

Team Wharmby 7 v Team Hopkins 13

Team Ebbutt 6 v Team Andrews 14

See under Competitions for the latest standings.

We also have a regular  dropindropout (DIDO) event every Wednesday. You  can play at any time of the day but you need to play a minimum of 16 boards to qualify for the Olicana leaderboard. Here are the results for Wednesday 12th May.

Bridge Club Live - DIDO Tourney Archived Leader Board for Olicana Bridge Club UK
Dealt 12/05/2021 07:01:00  For 16 or more boards played

The Raw% is the average of the % achieved for each board
The Bds% is the result after including the number of boards played
n/a shows when the score is <=50% or fewer than 16 boards played
Starting 28th Dec 2014: DPs are issued based on the Bds%
See our webpage: Information > Tournaments > DIDO Tourney
Rank Alias Bds% Raw% mps Max mps Bds Bds Played DPs
001 CU3ADouglas 64.77 64.77 394.5 611 16 1 25-28 52-55 62-65 92-94 148
001 CU3AMargaret 64.77 64.77 394.5 611 16 1 25-28 52-55 62-65 92-94 148
003 JanetL6714 59.84 58.80 437.5 743 20 7-8 20-21 40-43 46-49 80-85 87-88 67
004 The Dark Lord 58.70 58.70 356.5 604 16 4-7 50-53 81-84 93-96 44
004 The Rock Chick 58.70 58.70 356.5 604 16 4-7 50-53 81-84 93-96 44
006 eastjohn7 56.87 56.87 340 597 16 15-18 55-58 72-79 6
006 valmab 56.87 56.87 340 597 16 15-18 55-58 72-79 6
008 berniburns 55.24 53.96 578.5 1068 28 10 20-23 54-64 67 72-73 76-80 90-93 0
009 MarkA12284 54.15 53.39 483 896 24 7-14 19-22 35-38 51-54 69-72 0
009 JohnC69432 54.15 53.39 483 896 24 7-14 19-22 35-38 51-54 69-72 0
011 PatriciaW60993 53.29 52.20 702.5 1335 36 7-12 20-21 36-43 46-49 63 76-77 80-88 93-96 0
012 CarolS33016 n/a 47.59 274.5 574 16 9-12 22-29 90-93 0
013 Buddy n/a 45.98 285.5 626 16 19-26 48-55 0
013 hannah21 n/a 45.98 285.5 626 16 19-26 48-55 0
015 Heather H n/a 43.94 265 592 16 9-12 36-39 63 76-77 86 93-96 0
016 Bob.S n/a 38.96 478.5 1229 32 12-15 26-29 53-64 69-72 79-82 91-94 0
016 LaurieRn n/a 38.96 478.5 1229 32 12-15 26-29 53-64 69-72 79-82 91-94 0
Bridgebaseonline (BBO)

We are now offering a weekly Olicana only Duplicate Pairs event on BBO on Monday evenings at 7.15pm. If you have not played in these sessions before please register with your BBO user name to by the previous Sunday evening.

If you have not already signed up on BBO (it is free to join) please see these helpful guidelines put together by the EBU BBO guide  To look at your results and conduct a review see Post mortem (with thanks to John Blackett from Ripon Bridge Club).

Milan Macura and Pete Hollands

There are some very entertaining videos from Czech player MILAN MACURA who was Junior World Champion in 2009. These are free on You Tube. He has a free Livestream each week too. You might also like to look out for the Australian Pete Hollands on You Tube, he has a lot of interesting bridge teaching videos and also plays the weekly free 8 board solitaire bridge on BBO (five card majors, strong NT with robots).

9High Daily EBU competition

There is a daily EBU competition at 11am for players with an NGS rating of no more than 9. 12 boards, relaxed session, cost $2 per player. Follow the link    9high  for more details.

Bernard Magee Livestream

Bernard Magee is a popular bridge teacher (son of Mr Bridge) and initially offered FREE on line livestreamed videos. These are designed for players at all levels. You might like to search on You Tube for his series on the Losing trick count (LTC) covered in episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13.  Episode 10 is for complete newcomers to LTC, episodes 11, 12 and 13 become more advanced. Topic 24 is on teams of four tactics. Well worth a look. All new presentations are via his website WEBSITE and you will need to subscribe at £13.99 per month.

Andrew Robson bridgecast

A further option to entertain and hopefully enlighten bridge Club members is a daily series of bridgecasts from the well known teacher and international bridge player Andrew Robson. There are four channels each 6 times per week entitled  beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced. Each costs £7.99 per month plus VAT (so just under £10). If interested, please click BRIDGECAST to subscribe to the channel of your choice or multiple channels as appropriate.  Andrew Robson also has lots of books, flippers etc available BOOKS

Jack Stocken has set up a new bridgecast where he takes you through interesting daily hands to help improve your bridge. Jack is a well known Yorkshire bridge player and teacher. There are two options intermediate and advanced both costing £9.50 per month or you can subscribe to both for £14.50. Click here to link to Jack's weblink.  You can also register to access four free mini lessons on doubles via Free videos


Congratulations to our SIX new TD's who have successfully passed their final assessments. David Goodman, Jacqui Farrar, Tom Morton and Lindsey Wharmby passed with distinctions and John Cole and John Williams passed. Well done everyone. Hopefully they will get the chance to put their training into practice some time soon!

17th May 2021
Duplicate Pairs on BBO
18th May 2021
BCL Teams League
19th May 2021
Guided Session on Real Bridge
Aimed at less experienced players. Will not earn master points or NGS but will be eligible for EBU magazine points. For more information contact
19th May 2021
Duplicate Pairs in our BCL club room
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Duplicate Pairs on Real Bridge
Scorer: Shiona Dawson
Guided Session on Real Bridge
Scorer: Les Rothnie
Duplicate Pairs on BBO
Scorer: Oliver Cowan
Duplicate Pairs in our BCL club room
Scorer: Bridge Club Live