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More about bridge

The game of bridge is one to be enjoyed.  Facilitating the orderly playing of the game is the responsibility of all participants.  The players at OBC are expected to be familiar with the Laws and the Etiquette of the game which can be explored starting from this page.

Session Guidance

Each session at Oxford Bridge Club varies in the style and standard of play. An 8 page leaflet called "Playing Bridge at OBC" is available so that a player can consider which session may be most suitable for them. Click for a page with further detail.

Best Behaviour at Bridge

Oxford Bridge Club is keen to enable all players to enjoy the experience of playing bridge at the Club, and accordingly requires all players to observe the principles of Best Behaviour at Bridge.  Guidance on the EBU policy on BB@B can be found here

Bidding, alerts and announcements

Partnerships are expected to have convention cards and to be familiar with the rules for bidding and for alerts and announcements. The intention is to avoid mishaps at the table which might give an unfair advantage to one side or the other.  However in the event of any mishap or irregularity, the Director must be called so that any problem is resolved fairly.


The document on etiquette describes the orderly conduct at the table which enhances everyone’s enjoyment and allows the Director to maintain a regular rhythm of play through the session (generally 2 boards every 15 minutes).  If there is any mishap at the table then the Director should be called - see the section entitled “During Play” in the Playing Guidelines.

Playing Guidelines

The OBC Playing Guidelines summarise the main expectations for a Master Pointed session at the club.  The Director is responsible for implementing these guidelines and for the smooth running of the session.  Players should be familiar with this document and with the information about etiquette referenced below.  Familiarity with procedures at the table helps everyone keep to time.

Host System

Information for hosts and on using the host system at OBC can be found here

Reporting psychic bids

All psychic bids should be reported to the director.  A form for recording psychic bids can be downloaded by clicking here.

Interesting Hands

At present we can share these links.