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Directors Corner Oops
Common Mistakes

               This is all about common mistakes that are made at the table usually by accident
                and how they are dealt with by the director.
NB Click on red underlined options to see details

               NB If a mistake is made then always call the director 
               rather than try and sort it out amongst yourselves.


               Common Mistakes
              These fall into 3 broad categories as below


               Bidding “Oops”

  1. I did not see that bid before I put mine down
  2. Partner’s forgotten the system again
  3. Did I just bid that?
  4. I hope no one wants to see my hand afterwards
  5. I thought it was my turn to bid


                Playing “Oops”

  1. Where did that card come from, I thought I was out of them
  2. I thought that I won the last trick
  3. I was sure that they were the Declarer
  4. Cards just fall out of my hands sometimes
  5. I did not mean to play that card
  6. Wasn’t it my turn to play


                 Scoring “Oops”

  1. Those results don’t look right, is this the same board?
  2. I thought we had doubled?


               And Finally
             The Dreaded Unauthorised Information

               Which turns up almost whenever anything goes wrong

               and often when things do not appear to be going wrong