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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

Worcestershire (Home) 11/09/2016

Report by John Auld

This first match of the season did not start well. Worcestershire were comfortably- or overwhelmingly-up in all three matches at half time.

The teams with Butler imps:


John & Irene Auld                              -34

Mark Goddard & David Hodge             -26

Steve Raine & Ankush Khandelwal     +77

Lloyd Eagling & Keith Rodgers            -45


Graham Lee & Anthony Pettengell      -19

Pravin Tailor & Bill Whalley                -32

Janet Jacques & Will Irving               +17

Ray Furlonger & Phil Dale                   -31


Daphne & Mike Coggles                     -5

Graham Brindley & Clare Batten        -52

Wendy Walker & Nick Clarke             +2

Fay Staton & Dianne Abbott              -10


Not hard to spot our best pair. Steve & Ankush must have been playing different hands from the rest of us

At our table the opponents generally played well in the first half as on board 16:

Reaching 5D proved beyond most pairs as did making eleven tricks. Our opponents described 3D as being worth 2.5D. Well judged therefore to bid game: the distribution and the Aces were the key, not the combined 20 points. 

I led a spade and declarer cashed the D A but then left trumps alone. Top clubs, club ruff, spade ruff and another club ruff established 11 tricks and now a trump was led to my K leaving me powerless. A second trump earlier enables me to play a third one to cut down club ruffs. Well played.

There were plenty of slams including board 7 which should go down :


I took the slow route with 2C and the opponents got involved, South showing the other suits. What should I do over 2S? Given that I have got into this situation the answer is "not what I did". 3S gave South the chance to double for a spade lead or to pass (as he did) for a diamond. This was lost on North who lead a spade allowing Irene to make. The same type of inference arose at another table where South missed the chance to double a diamond cue bid and again a spade was led.

I did not leap immediately to 6H in case seven was on, but really I was not going to be able to judge with certainty. Best if you have the methods  (perhaps starting with Jacoby 2NT) is to use 4NT to find out if trumps are solid and follow with 6C to look for help there.

Board 22 was another slam, unbeatable this time: 

Irene and I had a normal unsuccessful auction to 3NT. We fell victim to the missing minor suit slam because of 3NT syndrome. I did not do enough with the East hand but what should I do? And I think Irene was blameless bidding 3NT which was highly likely to be the right spot.

Steve Raine and Ankush had the answer. Ankush responded 3D showing a decent suit and 10-12 points. Steve took control and headed for 6D easily made.

Well done to Worcestershire who scored a draw and two wins. The Dawes match was totally lost at - 157 before we scored +159 in the second half. This is probably equivalent to a 6-6 draw at football.