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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

1 June 2016

Minutes of Nottingham Contract Bridge Association

Date of meeting 1st June 2016

1.       Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence had been received from Keith Rodgers and Keith Spencer.


2.       Approval of Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of meeting held on 30th March were approved


3.       Matters Arising From the Minutes

There were no matters arising.


4.       Chairman’s Report

John Auld welcomed the new members of the committee, namely Jane Hall and Anthony Pettengell.  He thanked the members of last year’s committee who had stood down. In particular Lloyd Eagling, who had been county captain for several years.  John stated that his aim this year was to communicate more with clubs.


5.       Received correspondence

The annual county return of officers needed to be filled in.  It was decided that Clare Batten would take over the role of membership secretary, as she regularly downloaded the return of members from the EBU.  Toni Smith, in her communications officer role, will take over writing the English Bridge union column for the county.  The county had also received information on the change in procedures for direct debits to the EBU.


6.       EBU Shareholders’ Meeting

Clare Batten attends these meeting twice a year and before the meeting she receives the items to be discussed and any relevant paperwork.  Sometimes there are topics which may be of interest to the committee.  In future, Clare will circulate these to the whole committee, but noted that any questions needed to be submitted to the EBU in advance of the meeting.


7.       Treasurer’s Report

Ian stated that he had been asked to provide figures for the county’s expenditures on national events.  He said that the county only paid the entry fee to these events and not expenses.  Clare provided a list of the current cost of entering these events.  He said that partial traveling expenses were paid for some county matches and these were approximately £100 per match.


8.       County Captain’s Report

In the absence of Keith Rodgers, and the fact that no matches had taken place, there was nothing to report.  John Auld said that if Keith was absent during periods when county matches were being played, he would take over the role of county captain.


9.        Teams of Eight and its use as a qualifier for the Garden Cities Event

 Chris Clark stated he was in negotiations with the Cosmos squad and they would be representing the Sunday Tigers club next year.  The team of eight competition would be entirely club based next year, so it could be used as a qualifier for the Garden Cities.  Chris would rewrite the rules, making amendments, and these would be checked by Jane Hall.


10.   Review of Competitions Funded by NCBA

Toni Smith had asked for this item to be discussed, following a request from Clare that the county fund one pair from each club to play in the Midland Improvers competition.  As the committee were divided on this, a vote was taken and the suggestion accepted.


11.   TD courses

Toni raised the issue of having more qualified TD’s in the county.  Some clubs regularly use directors who are not qualified.  Ian Dovey saw nothing wrong in this, as he felt that in most club sessions nothing too complicated happened.  The county had a list of all the members who had passed the TD course and Toni said that some of these people never acted as TD’s.  It was agreed in principle that we fund more TD training and Toni would look into how this can be achieved.


EBU Direct Members

Direct members of the EBU who wish to have Notts as their county of first allegiance will have to pay an extra nominal sum. The pay to play form sent to the EBU will be modified to reflect this change.  Clare will also look into the position regarding associate or secondary members that is people who register another county as their county of first allegiance but wish to play in Notts county events.


12.   Communications Update

13.   Toni Smith reported that she had produced two newsletters so far.  She was asked how often these would be sent out, and she said that this depends on how often information needed to be sent to clubs.  Toni said that she was trying to avoid lots of people sending out emails as and when they wanted to communicate with the clubs.  She asked that people direct information to her so that it could be put in a newsletter.  Toni felt that we should be reaching out to schools and universities trying to get young people involved in bridge.  A contact at Nottingham University was suggested and Toni agreed to try and contact them.  She said that there was funding from the EBU to support youth bridge, and it was vital that we got into universities to try and get a stand for fresher’s week.  It was suggested that if we could get enough students interested then we could put on some lessons.  It was felt that these should be separate from the existing lessons. Toni asked about her remit regarding the communications role and John Auld said that she had “carte blanche” within sensible reason to do what she felt was necessary and she did not need to refer everything back to the committee.


14.   Events Secretary’s Report

Graham Brindley reported that the planning for the Nottingham green point event was in progress.  John Auld asked that all members of the committee advertised this event as it made a profit which was useful to the county as a source of income.  Graham also said that he would be running a drive aimed at improvers and asked for advice on the format for this drive.


15.   Midlands Working Party

Clare had attended this meeting as Graham was away.  The meeting had run into problems with its chair and Clare explained that a previous chair had been reported to the Law and ethics committee and been found guilty of an offence.  This had been discussed at this meeting but the exact wording of the minutes could not be agreed and Clare was unsure of what would be happening in the future.


16.   AOB 

Tim asked about lessons in Nottinghamshire and was told that the county now had a section on its website listing all the lessons provided by clubs and individuals.  Clare said that she was unsure how to proceed with an offer of a friendly match against Derbyshire. John asked her to email Keith, and said that he would deal with it if Keith did not reply.  Chris Clark said that the teams of four competition was up and running with more teams than last year.


The date of the next meeting was agreed as 7th September 2016.