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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 12 June 2019 at 5:30 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

30 March 2016

Minutes of Nottingham Contract Bridge Association Committee Meeting

Date of meeting 30th March 2016


  1. Apologies for absence. Tim Anderson, Kyra Wills
  2. Approval of the minutes of last meeting.  These were approved.
  3. Matters arising. No matters arising
  4. Chairman Report:  John Auld

Although some progress had been made regarding the attendance on Wednesday, John felt that people were less inclined to play competitive bridge.  He felt that the committee were managing decline.

  1. Received correspondence: Clare Batten.

Entry forms for various events had been passed on to Ian Dovey to complete, once he has been notified of the people entitled to enter.  A suggestion had been made by Derby that we try and run a 3 counties event.  Clare was going to look into the possibility of a friendly matches or 3 way matches and report back. Clare had organised with Willie Crook some masterclasses. These were popular and she would continue to organise these on an ad hoc basis.

  1. County Captains report: Keith Rodgers

Reports of the previous two matches were on the website.  John Auld and Lloyd Eagling had captained the sides in Keith’s absence.  Keith said that he was likely to be absent for some of the matches next year, as he would be spending more time abroad, but he was willing to stay on as Captain and pick the team.

  1.  Teams of 8: Response to Woodborough regarding changing the rules for teams of 8:  Chris Clark

Chris went through all the points raised by Woodborough and these were discussed. He agreed to certain points but felt that certain points were not workable.  The definition of squads was explained by Chris.  He was asked to check the EBU rules regarding this concept and its tie into the Garden Cities competition.  Chris said that he would summarise the findings of the discussion and then send it back to Clare to reply to Woodborough, as the original questions had been sent to her.

  1. Teams of 4 update and viability: Chris Clark

The number of teams in this league was declining and the committee agreed to revamp this competition.  It was decided to run the league at a separate time to the teams of eight and have larger squads.  Keith Spencer has agreed to take over the league from Chris and liaise with him over the rules.  It was hoped to run the league from May to September and invite entries with a view to trying to have two divisions (a second more relaxed division for those teams who wanted a more social game) as this was brought up in the survey.

  1. Treasurer’s report update: Ian Dovey

Ian said there were no worries about the accounts.  He was currently in discussions with the bridge club regarding charges for county events.  He hoped to have the accounts available for the AGM on 11th May.

  1. County Survey report and recommendations update: Toni Smith 

Toni asked if the committee could discuss and adopt the recommendations of this report.  John Auld said there wasn’t enough time to go through it all this meeting but was in broad agreement and asked if Toni would consider the position of Promotions and Communications, as he agreed with the survey conclusion that this was area which had been lacking in the past.  Some of the recommendations of the report had been implemented already, but there was more to be done.  For example the Priday cup had been set up for players with an NGS of 8 or below.  Toni suggested a subgroup to look into further improvements, particularly with regards to Communications. Toni asked whether she need to refer back to the committee and John Auld said this was not necessary.  It was suggested that the report be put on the website.  As a result of the survey the website now promoted teaching and the number of unaffiliated clubs listed had been increased.  Keith Spencer was keen to advertise more events and would be adding national events but also Charity events run by individuals or clubs.

  1. Events secretary report: Graham Brindley 

The knock out teams competition was progressing.  The numbers of entries for the Journal Cup was down from last year but there was still time for people to make entries.

  1. Midlands Working Party: Graham Brindley

There has been no meeting since the last committee meeting.

  1. AOB.  Details of the AGM on the 11th May were confirmed.  There was to be a session of bridge after the meeting.