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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

8 July 2015

Minutes of meeting held on 8th July  2015


1. Apologies for absence. Keith Spencer and Chris Clark

2. Matters arising. Tim Anderson asked whether the issues raised by the letter sent by Keyworth Bridge club had been resolved. Clare Batten and Toni Smith have been working on a survey to be sent to all county members.There would also be a separate survey sent to all club secretaries once this survey had been completed they would report back to the committee and the committee would be better able to respond to the needs of the whole county not just one club.Keyworth have been made aware that a survey will be taking place.

3. Approval of the minutes of last meeting.These were approved and signed by new chair.

4. Chairman Report John Auld

a. John thanked Keith Irene Lloyd David and Joan for their work on the committee. John thanked Ian for taking on the role of treasurer and Keith for becoming county captain.

b. He asked that members of the committee with agenda items send out information on their item, to the county secretary before the meeting so this can be distributed to members so as to save time at the meeting.

c. John stated that we needed to know what the ordinary members of the association wanted and that the survey would help the committee find out. Ian Dovey stated that due to play to pay procedure which made all members of affiliated clubs automatically members of the county association, there were a number of county members who were unwilling members of the association. They may not be interested in the county survey.Clare Batten stated that according to EBU records there were over 700 ( 745) members of the county association. Not all members have a valid email address so we would have to use other method to get the survey out there such as allowing people to download a copy from the county website.Ian Dovey offered to print out copies and had them out to members of West Bridgeford.

d. John mentioned that we could make use of new technology such as blogs to try and reach out to the whole of the county.

e. John welcomed Kyra and also Keith Spencer to the committee.

5. Received correspondence Clare Batten.The EBU annual return of county officers needed to be completed.The EBU had asked for dates for the 2017 green pointed event.

6. County Captains report Lloyd Eagling/Keith Rodgers.A handover of information was taking place but the season of matches had not started as yet.

7. Teams of 4 and teams of 8 Chris Clark.Chris was absent from the meeting and the new season of matches had not started but he was hopeful that there may be another team in the team of 8 competition.

8. Treasurer’s report Irene Auld/Ian Dovey.The signatures on the accounts would need to be changed with Ian taking over and Joan Burgess no longer on the committee. The committee resolved that the authorised signatories in the current mandate, for the NatWest account with sort code ******* and account number *********, be changed so that Joan Burgess is removed from the list of signatories and the new treasurer Ian Dovey and committee member Graham Brindley be added.  In future one signature from Irene Auld, Ian Dovey or Graham Brindley will be sufficient on cheques from this account.

9. Midlands Working Group Graham Brindley.Graham handed out a document on the role of a county committee issued by the EBU.It was noted that although the committee was carrying out some of the items mentioned it was not doing all the things listed.Toni Smith said that she would look at this and use it to amend the questions she was compiling for the survey.

10. Green Pointed Event– Graham Brindley/John Auld At the moment the number of pairs entered was 30 and the number of teams was 10. It was suggested that not all the entries were in yet. The closing date was end of this week.It was decided that entries would be taken up to the time of starting as this had been the practise in past years.Graham will be present at Spondon to deal with last minute entries.

11. Supervised Play sessions- Graham Brindley Graham wanted to run a session aimed at encouraging new players to play at club level.The committee discussed the idea and it was decided to allow this to start.

12. Calendar of Events for 2015/2016 Clare Batten Clare stated that the calendar was based on what had happened last year.Members of the committee did not feel that the Winter Pairs was that successful in that the number of table was poor.John Auld asked the committee for ideas on what further events should be run. Clare Batten commented that if the winter pairs was not run then the county would not be running many events compared with Derbyshire and Leicester and that we should try and find out from the survey what events should be run. Kyra felt that county players should be encouraged to support the events held on a Wednesday evening and this should be used as a training exercise for county players. Lloyd Eagling stated that he had encouraged county players to come to the Wednesday drives.It was decided to run a “bulter imps” competition in September which Lloyd will organise.It was to be advertised to all people interested in playing in teams competitions as well as county players. A decision on whether to run the Winter Pairs was left until the next meeting.

13. AOB John Auld asked about progress in writing a statement to propose that David and Joan Burgess be awarded the Dimmie Flemming award. Clare Batten was awaiting information from the Burgesses themselves and she had asked them to send this to her by the end of July as the closing date for applications was the 23rd August.The application would then have to be signed by the key members of the committee.John had spoken to Gordon Fullerton about his resignation as County President and he did not wish to reconsider. John had approached David Burgess about taking on the role but he had declined. It was decided as the post was honorary that it would be left vacant at present.Clare Batten will be sending a card to Gordon following the death of his wife Angela and it was noted that Angela had served on the committee in the past and been a county director.John Auld signed the card on behalf of the committee.

14. The date of the next meeting was fixed as 23rd September.


13 July 2015 C Batten County Secretary