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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 12 June 2019 at 5:30 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

22 April 2015


Minutes of meeting 22nd April  2015


  1. Apologies for absence. Gordon Fullerton, Tim Anderson, Ian Dovey


  2. Matters arising. It was noted that the county also supported the winning club  of the Division 1 teams of 8 with the entry to the Garden Cities trophy.


  3. Approval of the minutes of last meeting


  4. Chairman Report Keith Rodgers.  Welcomed Toni Smith to the committee.


  5. Received correspondence Clare Batten. The EBU had sent information concerning the entries for national events.  It was decided that the treasurer would deal with these.  The EBU had also sent correspondence on reduced adverts for clubs. The EBU national working group are looking into 3 main issues :


    Improving the relationship between EBU/Counties and unaffiliated clubs

    Developing a Progression strategy for all players

    Structuring and motivating the volunteers at National and County level.


    The EBU had invited us to nominate people for the Sport and Recreations Alliance Awards. There had been a request from Nottingham Bridge club email account concerning master points for the teams events received on the day of the meeting.  The secretary had asked for clarification of who had sent it to the secretary of the club and which team’s event they were concerned about. Chris Clarke is to follow this up.  The club had also received a letter from Keyworth bridge club relating to their concerns about declining membership and they wished to make suggestions to the county.  It was decided that the secretary was to write back requesting that they submit their ideas to be discussed at a further meeting. Toni Smith to look into these along with Secretary.


  6. County Captains report Lloyd Eagling.Lloyd had submitted a written report which was read by the secretary


  7. Teams of 4 Joan Burgess.  Joan stated there was one last match to be played between the “Ruffians” and “Four Deuces” but that “Parsons Pack” had won the league. 


  8. Teams of 8 Chris Clark.  The league was now over and all had gone smoothly.  Gambit were the winners of division 1 and Mansfield and Alderclarke were relegated.  In division 2 it had been a close finish but Retford B and Wollaton were promoted and Phoenix Red and Woodborough X were relegated.  In Division 3 Nottingham B and Keyworth B were promoted.


  9. Treasurer’s report Irene Auld.  Irene had a written statement of the accounts.  The books were now being audited.  It was suggested that the fees for the county events be revised for next year.


  10. Entries for Pachabo – Graham Brindley. The winning team were unable to field a team for the Pachabo and were seeking the counties permission to ask members from the runners up to join them.


  11. County Events Keith Rodgers.  Keith was running this event at Spondon and Irene noted that Spondon have reduced their fees on rental.  Keith unsure of whether the event is viable for next year.


  12. Keith Rodgers.  The Secretary had sent emails to the affiliated clubs asking if people had items for the AGM and a notice had been put on the county board at Nottingham Bridge club.  Lloyd wished to stand down as County Captain but at present no one wished to take on the role.  Irene wished to stand down as treasurer.  David and Joan Burgess did not wish to be on the committee next year.