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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

2013 AGM Minutes


Minutes of the


held on

SUNDAY 12th May 2013


There were 17 members present.

The meeting was opened by the President, Gordon Fullerton, who handed over to the

Chairman, Keith Rodgers.


1.Apologies for absence:

Phil Dale, Carol Fisher, Martin Mellor.


2. Chairman’s Annual Report.

The Chairman thanked the Committee members for their diligent work throughout the



3. Minutes of the AGM held on 2 0 t h May 201 2.

These were approved and signed.


4. Treasurer’s Report and Submission of Accounts to 31st March 2013.

As in recent years , there had been a loss of about £800. This had been in part due

to a contribution to the updating of the the Bridgemate system at Nottingham Bridge

Club, but also due to reduced attendance on County nights. The Committee has

experimented (with some success) with more teams evenings to improve attendance.

The Green-point Weekend had again been a success, for which the Chairman was

thanked. We still have £11627 reserves.

The report was proposed by Tim Anderson, seconded by Graham Brindley, and approved.

The Treasurer gave notice that she intends to serve only one more year.


5. County Captain’s Report.

Lloyd Eagling and John Auld had shared the duties of the captaincy in the absence of

an appointed captain. Lloyd Eagling thanked all Notts players for their support

whilst being captain, with speedy replies to emails helping to expedite team

selection. A total of 47 players have represented Notts in the various county


The last season was not particularly successful. In the County league Notts finished

seventh out of 9 in the first two divisions, and ninth in the third.

In the Tollemache Notts finished eighth in its field of 9.


6. Secretaries’ Reports :

Membership Secretary,

The sum of memberships of our affiliated clubs is 871. However John Auld will try

to submit actual number of county members to these minutes.

League for Teams of 8 Secretary,

The prize winners in each division are recorded in Minute 8, Mansfield South

withdrew from the Division 4, necessitating some reallocation in the lower


League for Teams of 4 Secretary,

The Prize winners are recorded in Minute 8. Minx withdrew from Division 1 and

Optimists from Division 2.

Events Secretary,

The Anniversary Teams 1st Leicestershire team of John Milne & Brian Marlow, Michael

Mahoney & Trevor Barrett, 2nd Gordon Fullerton & Frank Ball, Ellen Overton & Keith


The Mixed Pairs Championship 1st John & Irene Auld, 2nd Gordon & Angela Fullerton, 3ry

Mike & Daphne Coggles.

The Teams of 4 KO Heat 1st William Crook & Sandy Fulton, David Hodge & Mark Goddard,

2nd Daphne Coggles & Mike Coggles, John Rolph & Gerry Franklin. The KO stage was won

by William Crook & Sandy Fulton, David Hodge & Mark Goddard, Rob Sharpe, against

losing finalists David Burgess, Gordon Fullerton, Frank Ball & Graham Lee.

22 pairs competed in the Journal Cup. 1st Graham Lee & Frank Ball, 2nd Dick Milne &

Alyson Mclintock, 3rd Ellen Overton & Stan Zygadlo.

The Individual Championship 1st Frank Ball, 2nd John Auld.


7. Election of Officers and Committee Members

The following were elected unopposed.

Chairman, Keith Rodgers

Hon. Secretary, David Burgess

Hon. Treasurer, Irene Auld

Ordinary Members, Tim Anderson, John Auld, Graham Brindley, Joan Burgess,

Chris Clark, and Lloyd Eagling.

The positions of County Captain and Chief Tournament Director were unfilled.

The Chairman thanked Chris Close for his work on the committee during the last few



8. Presentation of Prizes and Trophies

Priday Cup: 1 Gordon Fullerton, 2 David Burgess.

Black Cup: 1 Irene & John Auld, 2 Joan & David Burgess

Farr Cup: 1 Daniel Crook & William Crook, 2 Lloyd Eagling & Keith Rodgers.

President's Cup: 1 Keith Rodgers, 2 Lloyd Eagling.

Teams of 8 League:

Div 1 1st Nottingham Gambit, 2nd Retford A;

Div 2 1st West Bridgford A, 2nd Nottingham Alderclarke;

Div 3 1st Wollaton, 2nd Newark Cavaliers;

Div 4 1st Keyworth B, 2nd Cosmos White.

Teams of 4 League:

Div 1 1st Four Deuces; Div 2 1st Ruffians.

Team of 4 Championship winners William Crook, Sandy Fulton, Mark Goddard, David

Hodge and Rob Sharpe.

Dinah Mairs suggested that in future prize-winning captains should be reminded by

email that presentations would take place at the AGM.


9. Discussion “The future of Wednesday County Nights

Mark Goddard suggested the programme should follow a monthly timetable of pairs

event, advanced tuition seminar, play session followed by discussion, teams event.

Mark would be willing to help with such a programme.

John Auld suggested that the Summer events should take place, but that unless we

achieved at least 4 tables regularly, we should cancel County nights after the


Tim Anderson suggested the poor attendance was caused by the poor contact between

the County and club members. It may well be that most club members do not realise

that they may play in County night events.

Holding some form of teams event once per month over a number of months might be

more successful – perhaps a Swiss Teams.

The Chairman suggested that when this topic was discussed by the Committee Mark

Goddard should be invited.


The meeting was followed by refreshments which were provided by the Chairman.