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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

2010 AGM Minutes


Minutes of the


held on

SUNDAY 23rd May 2010



There were 23 members present.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Keith Rodgers, in the absence of the President.


1. Apologies for absence: Barbara Bucknall, Sally Cook, Lloyd Eagling, Angela Fullerton, Gordon Fullerton, Judith Gamble, Margaret McCorkell, Ellen Overton, Joyce Severn, John Watson.


2. Chairman’s Annual Report.

The Chairman said the committee had been brilliant and he thanked the members.


3. Minutes of the AGM held on 3rd May 2009.

These were proposed by Chris Clark, seconded by Tim Anderson and approved.


4. Treasurer’s Report and Submission of Accounts to 31st March 2010.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Martin Mellor.

He pointed out that during the year NCBA lost £367, due to a combination of low interest rates, and drops in subscriptions and in entry fees. However the NCBA still has reserves of £14000. Douglas Adderley asked how P2P will affect it. Martin Mellor replied that the Committee has made a guess in setting the county rate at 3p but we have to see. Martin Edwards asked what the Committee had in mind to use the reserves for. The Chairman replied it would welcome proposals worth investing in to advance Bridge in the county, and he will inform clubs of this. He and Lloyd Eagling visited a number of the county's clubs during the year. Martin Mellor suggested asking for suggestions on the website.

The report was proposed by John Auld, seconded by Dinah Mairs, and approved.


5. County Captain’s Report.

Lloyd Eaglimg thanked all those who had turned out for the county during the season. The use of email to invite players, and their prompt replies, has made the task considerably easier.

The 1st team finished 3rd with 90/160, having been in with a chance of winning with 2 matches to go, and won 5 matches. The 2nd team was 8th with 63/160 winning 2 matches and the 3rd team was 6th with 69/160 winning 4 matches.

In the Tollemache qualifier, Notts finished 6th in its group winning 4 of its 8 matches and drawing 1. Tony Sowter was the top individual player in this group of 9 counties.

In the Three Counties Notts won the 2nd division, Alderclarke being the top club in that division, but in the other two divisions Notts was last.

Some notable successes during the year included Simon Berry and Kyle Lam (from the High School) being selected to play in the England Under 20 team in Amsterdam, and John & Irene Auld winning the Midlands Flitch.

The Chairman thanked the County Captain for all his work.


6. Secretaries’ Reports:


Membership Secretary,

In 09-10 there were 353 members, and 12 affiliated clubs.


Master-points Secretary,

The award of local-points for the League was not yet complete as the last match had only just been played and some results sheets had not yet reached the League of 8 Secretary. Points for Wednesday drives and the NCBA Sunday events are submitted electronically as will the awards for the Leagues in future. There remain a few events for which points for 2009-10 still have to be written.


League for Teams of 8 Secretary,

Nottingham A, Boots, Nottingham Mechanics, Phoenix Red, Woodborough X, Wollaton Park are promoted. Retford B, Alderclarke, Nottingham B, Keyworth White, South Mansfield, East Bridgford are relegated.

In this season several matches were not played and others were played after the end of the season.

Joan Burgess confirmed her resignation from the post of League of 8 Secretary and the Chairman thanked her for her work in that and other positions over many years. She had done more than anyone else for the County.


League for Teams of 4 Secretary,

The season went smoothly and most matches were completed.

Parsons Pack is the runners up in the 1st division. Goulash and Sunday Tigers are promoted. Keyworth & Ramblers are demoted.


Events Secretary,

Numbers participating in Sunday events continues to fall and clubs are asked to support the county's events. The Swiss Teams Championship was cancelled for lack of support.

The Swiss Pairs Championship was won by John Auld & Keith Rodgers.

The Anniversary Teams was won by John & Irene Auld, Keith Rodgers & Lloyd Eagling.

The Mixed Pairs Championship was won John & Irene Auld.

The Teams of 4 KO Heat was won by Daphne & Mike Coggles, Gerry Franklin & Steve Mulligan. The KO winners however were Rob Sharpe, Graham Kirby, WIlliam Crook, Tony Sowter, Tony Kitson & Sandy Fulton.

The Journal Cup was won by Mike & Daphne Coggles.

The Inter-Club Pairs was won by Satish & Margaret Shah.

The Under 19's Heat was won by Brandon Alam & Cheng Li.

The Individual Championship was won by William Crook.


7. Election of Officers and Committee Members

The following were elected unopposed.

Chairman, Keith Rodgers

Hon. Secretary, David Burgess

Hon. Treasurer, Irene Auld

County Captain, Lloyd Eagling

Chief Tournament Director, Angela Fullerton

Ordinary Members, Marie-Claire Adderley, John Auld, Graham Brindley, Joan Burgess, Chris Clark, Chris Close and Jackie Parsons.


8. Motion:

Re Team of 8 League.

After the arrangements of fixtures by phone or email in late August, a nominal period of time, up until September 21st, be available to all team secretaries to consult their players and re-arrange fixtures if inconvenient. Exceptions to this would be matches planned to be played before the end of September. After September 21st all arranged fixtures should be played, the only exception being where driving conditions are dangerous. If the offending team fail to play a match, their opponents score 12-0 or their average for the season, whichever is greater

Proposed: Mike Coggles. Seconded: Daphne Coggles.


Chris Close, the Chairman of the ad hoc subcommittee established by the NCBA committee to consider the League rules, outlined the existing rules, and added that the proposed change could not simply be added as a new rule as it would conflict with existing rules. Mike Coggles agreed that mutual agreements to alter a date should remain acceptable, and agreed that the date 21st September might be replaced by a date in October for matches up to 31st December, and a later date for those in the following year. Peter Merritt drew attention to the problem of squads who had relatively few members.

Mike and Daphne Coggles formally withdrew their proposal and it was referred to the subcommittee, and the subcommittee agreed to co-opt Mike Coggles onto the subcommittee.


9. Presentation of Prizes and Trophies

Priday Cup: 1st Irene Auld, 2nd John Auld, 3rd Lloyd Eagling, 4th Gordon Fullerton.

Black Cup: 1st John & Irene Auld, 2nd Martin Mellor & Ellen Overton, Leading Lady Joan Burgess, Leading Man Graham Brindley.

Farr Cup: 1st William Crook & Daniel Crook, 2nd Keith Rodgers & Lloyd Eagling, Leading Lady Dinah Mairs, Leading Man John Auld.

President's Cup: 1st John Auld, 2nd = Ellen Overton & Martin Mellor, .

Spring Event 1st= David Burgess & Gordon Fullerton, 3rd John Auld,

Teams of 8 League:

Div 1 1st Gambit, 2nd Keyworth Red; Div 2 1st Nottingham A, 2nd Boots;

Div 3 1st Nottingham Mechanics, 2nd Phoenix Red;

Div 4 1st Woodborough X, 2nd Wollaton Park.

Teams of 4 League:

Div 1 1st Four Deuces; Div 2 1st Goulash.


The meeting was followed by refreshments which were provided by the Chairman.