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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

Archived County Match Reports

Report by John Auld

This match twice rescheduled because of bad weather was almost the match that never happened.

The teams were as below:

( Butler imps are in italics)


David Hodge & Nick Dyer -2

Ankush Khandelwal & Willie Crook  7

Steve Mulligan & Sandy Fulton -17

Irene & John Auld -19


Shirley Ashtari & Dick Milne24

Steve Fordham & Keith Spencer 51

Janet Jacques & Michael Bleaney -12

Toni Smith & Maciej Leman -71


Frank Turton & Roger  Stock 23

Dorothy & Chris Close 27

Jane Hall & Clive Wood -4

Hannah Tuus & Ivan Brajkovic -39


Well done Steve and Keith in the Porter match.


Notts had decided that after two attempts it was not going to be possible to play this match, but discussions with Warks persuaded me that the match needed to be played. The result was not important to Notts but other counties results were very much affected. If we did not play then the winners would be determined by committee. So some players rearranged their commitments, scratch partnerships were formed and a decent team assembled. No doubt Warks had their own challenges sending players into the breach for a third time.

The match was played mostly as county matches usually are; harmoniously but competitively. Despite help from Adrian Knight (much appreciated) the Nottingham computer would not accept the EBU software to run the match which led to a slightly chaotic start; and unfortunately there were a few rather surreal disputes over very minor issues. But the match was played and a proper result achieved. Warks gathered some 60 imps in the final set to win the Dawes match by 14-6 VPs and the league by 4 VPs from Gloucestershire.


The most interesting hand of the match was board 24 with opportunities for bidding, declarer play and defence:


This was often the bidding to a theoretically hopeless 3NT. The HQ was led and declarer won and played A and another club won by East with the K as West played the J. At least one defender (who wishes to remain anonymous) woodenly continued hearts and watched declarer make an overtrick. David Hodge took the time to count declarers tricks and switched to a small diamond leading to 3 off. David and Nick Dyer who had not met before formed an effective partnership for this match.

Given that a competent defender will beat 3NT as played, declarer should play small to the C10. That at least makes it a bit harder to find the diamond switch.

The best contract is 4S but only Willie and Ankush managed that. Ankush tells me that was lucky but lets not quibble. Ankush won the heart lead and drew SQ and A (hiding SK) before playing clubs. (He could not afford to play three rounds of trumps having three losing diamonds). Now the defence have to underlead DA to enable a third round ruff, but that was missed. 


The final of the county teams of 4 has been won by John Auld's team (Irene & John Auld, Pravin Tailor & Bill Whalley) who now represent Notts in the Pachabo Inter Counties event.

In a surprisingly one sided match they beat John Rolph, Sandy Fulton, Angela & Nick Dyer by 81 imps.

The Retford team scored a major upset in their semi final against Willie Crooks team winning by 2 imps thanks to a redoubled slam in the last few boards.  This hand is reported on the Retford website.

John Auld's team beat Ray Furlonger's squad in the other semi-final.

NOTTS v WORCS 11th February 2019

Notts lost all matches 5-15; 6-14; and 9-11

Click for report & Butler imps

Gloucestershire versus Nottinghamshire 13/01/2019

Gloucestershire won all 3 matches

MATCH SCORES WERE : DAWES 1 - 19,  PORTER  7 - 13,  MARKHAM  2 - 18

Results on Gloucestershire 

Report by John Auld

WORCS v NOTTS 4th October 2015

Notts lost all 3 matches by 9-11, 1-19, and 4-16 VPs.

Click for report  

NOTTSv GLOUCESTERSHIRE 13th September 2015

Notts lost the Dawes match 7-13 VPs; won the Porter 17-3  but lost the Markham 4-16.

Click for match report.

NOTTS v DERBYSHIRE 8th February 2015

In the final match of the season Notts at last showed signs of improvement winning the Dawes match 12-8 and the Porter by a maximum 20-0. The Markham lost 6-14.

Click for report

LEICS v NOTTS 4th January 2015

In the first match of 2015 Notts won the Dawes 11-9, drew 10-10 in the Porter and lost the Markham 2-18.

Click for report 


NOTTS v WORCS 5th October 2014

Another poor performance saw Notts lose all three matches: Dawes 2-18; Porter 6-14; and Markham 2-18.

Click for match report

NOTTS v OXFORDSHIRE 29th June 2014

In the second match of the season Notts won the Dawes match 11-9 but lost the Porter 5-15 and the Markham 1-19.

NOTTS v LEICESTERSHIRE 16th February 2014

1st team lost 5-15, 2nd team lost 4-16, but the 3rd team won 17-3.

NOTTS v LEICS 24th March 2013

Notts won the Dawes match by 18-2 VPs, the Porter by 12-8 and lost the Markham 2-18. Mark Goddard and David Hodge were Notts star pair.

NOTTS v WARWICKSHIRE 11th November 2012

Another disappointing performance from all three teams, the Dawes team losing 4-16, the Porter 2-18 and the Markham 3-17.