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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

Two Counties Event (2)
The second of three Thursdays saw Notts take a lead overall but not in the First division. Gambit slipped back to second after a series of misjudgements and misfortunes. Board 15 was a bit of both:

Gambits lady player when given a choice of routes generally takes the high road. On this hand her 4C bid  looks impeccable but it did not work well. I raised to 5C as part of the Search Me system I find myself playing so often, when as it happens the opponents  might have had trouble bidding spades had I passed.West showed a surer touch  with his club lead. The Ace of spades lead for example lets 5C through, but the trump lead followed by a well judged duck of the Queen of hearts gave declarer no chance.

This defence may well have earned Derbyshire a swing against 5C making but we will never know. At the other table South started low with 1C and after 1S-2H-2S bid 3S to steer partner into a cold 3N. Maybe that was a little fortunate but South would have finished in 5C if East had bounced to 3S as is so popular these days.