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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

Derbyshire (home) 9/09/2018

Report by John Auld


A new season, a new county captain and a new era of unbroken success. We shall see.

Our first match was against familiar foes Derbyshire.

The teams (Butler imps in bold:


Sandy Fulton & John Rolph                          42

William Crook  & Ankush Khandelwal            37

Irene & John Auld                                        26

Nick Dyer & Mark Goddard                          -32


Lloyd Eagling & Stan Zygadlo                         1

Keith Rodgers & Maciej Lejman                     -1

Bill Whalley & Pravin Tailor                          -7

Shirley Ashtari & Graham Lee                      -17


Jane Hall & Clive Wood                                   32

Ray Furlonger & Phil Dale                               31

Bill Milligan & Steve Mulligan                          -2

Dorothy & Chris Close                                    -7


Congratulations to Sandy and John who had the best Butler score this time.


The match started with some big hands which mostly yielded imps for Notts. Board 1 was a laydown grand slam

Over the 1S overcall Irene showed a good raise to 4H with short spades. I kept it simple with a 6H bid. In truth I was lazy. A cue bid of 5C (or 6C depending on your style) will elicit cooperation from partner and 7H can be bid. But as so often happens with slams we gained 11 imps when an opposing pair stopped in game. Just one of 12 pairs bid the grand- Derbyshire's Andy Wells and Roman Gembicki in the Porter match. Well done to them.

Board 2 was a nice 3N hand:

Another simple sequence put Irene in 3N. She won the heart lead cossed to a diamond and led CJ surprisingly ducked by East. 3N made.

Elsewhere on the same line East covered and declarer needing a spade trick crossed to dummy and played SJ. When declarer guessed to play the SK that lost to SA and East got in with SQ to push a heart through for 2 off. Was that an unlucky guess? No because if East had SA he would already have played it to lead a heart through; your only chance is the actual spade layout.


Board 3 was another swing hand:

I am sure that 4H is the best bid third in hand and it worked this time. How can East not bid 4S? That went for 800.  Two rounds of hearts were played followed by a spade. Now declarer played three rounds of spades putting South on play as I discarded big hearts to call for a diamond. The DA and K left South on play having to help declarer with a club or diamond lead. Elsewhere this hand was generally played in hearts presumably after a lower start enabled East to overcall 1S and then subside over 4H.

Sandy Fulton and John Rolph had an identical auction but they achieved +1100. I thought about this and realised that we could have done better. Instead of playing DA then DK leaving South on lead we should play DK then DA leaving me on play to exit in hearts. Very pretty but Sandy tells me that did not happen!

It was a relief to play some small hands. I went wrong on board 9:

North opened a strong NT and declared 2H. I led a club won by North who played Ace and another heart. When I won the HK I realised that declarer had 4 heart tricks and possibly 4 (or 5) clubs. If so I needed to attack diamonds or spades in the right order to take 5 more tricks. Or I could exit passively with a trump and hope declarer had only 3 clubs. Eventually I tried a diamond. That is a mistake because it is unlikely that partner (marked with about 6 points) has the rirght cards in diamonds to enable you to cash. She needs the SK almost certainly. The answer is simple ; partner should save your brain cells by playing H9 on the HA. That can only be suit preference.


At half time captain Mark Goddard was feeling pretty good about his new responsibities. Notts were ahead in all matches by 70, 53 and 20. In the end the Dawes won 17-3 and the Markham won 14-6. But in the Porter something happened. Lloyd Eagling and Stan Zygadio had on their card a half time score of +61 but were struck down on board 25 by the curse of the misunderstood redouble and-2200 cost 37 imps. Unfortunately the Porter team lost narrowly 8-12.

There is consolation for Stan and Lloyd. Despite that one board they had the best Butler score in the Porter. And they have some way to go to match Tony Sowters experience at the Spring Fours of 1995. He saw his partner Roman Smolski go 9 down redoubled in 3S for -5200.