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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

6 September 2017

Minutes of Nottingham Contract Bridge Association

Date of meeting 6th September 2017

1.     Apologies for absence. Irene Auld, Keith Spencer, Chris Clark, Gordon Fullerton

2.     Matters arising. Toni Smith mentioned the issue regarding prize money for events.  John Auld asked her if she could bring this up under any other business.

3.     Approval of the minutes of last meeting.  The minutes were approved.

4.     Chairman Report John Auld.  The summer had been very quiet.  Nottingham bridge club had a successful performance in the Garden cities event coming second.  However he felt that we must not be complacent about the performance of the county players.  John had received from the EBU a message concerning the county working groups and asked for the committee opinion on his response.  Clare Batten explained that she and Graham Brindley currently attended the Midlands working group.  She also explained that she was currently chair of this group... She thought that this was meant to be sent to those counties who did not have any representation on the groups.  Concern was also expressed about whether this was the start of the EBU regionalising the organisation and how this could impact on the counties funds.


5.     Received correspondence Clare Batten.  The EBU had asked us to confirm the dates for the 2019 Nottingham Green point event.  They had also written asking us to be prompt about submitting entries for the Pachabo.  The dates for the Garden Cities had been moved forward to mid-April so we had to ensure that the teams of 8 league was not delayed.  Ian Dovey did not think there would be an issue getting the entries for these events in to the EBU on time.


6.     County Captains report Keith Rodgers.  As it was the start of the season Keith had little to report.  Graham offered to do the boards for the game this Sunday.  Keith Rodgers said he was still waiting to confirm details with the Oxford captain for the match.  John Auld ask him to do so ASAP and get back to him if there was any issues.  There was no one available to score the match electronically.

7.     Teams of 4 Keith Spencer

a.     End of season report.  There were 2 matches in each division yet to be completed.  One team from each division had withdrawn.  Keith felt that he needed to explain at the beginning of the season how a team is run, making sure a venue is suitable and the host know their responsibilities.

b.     Issues over electronic scoring.  This had been raised because one team were using Brian scoring.  It was decided that both captain should ensure that they are happy about this at the start of the match.


8.     Teams of 8 Chris Clark.  Chris has decided to step down from the committee but has said that he will continue to run the league of 8 for present,

a.     Start of new season

b.     Number of teams

c.      Impact on the Garden Cities changing dates.  This had already been discussed


9.     Treasurer’s report Ian Dovey.  The county was breaking even with its accounts. 


10.                         Events-  Graham Brindley


a.     Green point event.  It was disappointing that more Nott’s player did not enter this event. Although both the pairs and teams events were won by Nott’s players.  The event continue to make a profit but this was reduced from previous years.  It was noted that some players, particularly local ones were only playing in one of the two events.  It was discussed whether there was anything to be gained from changing the timings of the events so they were not held on the same weekend which had been done by Leicester.  Graham said that if we did this we would lose the entries from those player who came up for the weekend from other areas.

b.     Future events dates and changes.  Most of the dates had been fixed for next year and were on the web site.  However the date of the journal cup was proving difficult to slot in to avoid clashes.  25th March was fixed as the date.



11.                         Regional Working Groups Clare Batten

a.     Changes in structure of groups following county chairs meeting.  The working groups were now under the control of a new board member Graham Smith.  There were likely to be some changes in the way they were managed in the future.  How they fitted in to the current structure of counties and shareholders needed to be monitored.



12.                         Club Liaison Toni Smith/Clare Batten

a.     Club reps.  All clubs had nominated a club rep except for West Bridgford.  Ian was asked if he could sort this out for the committee.

b.     Rota for committee to visit clubs.  Clare had compiled a rota and would be sending this by email to the committee for comments.  A script on what to say would be provided.

c.      Club conference.  John Auld asked if discussion on this could be left to the end of the meeting.

13.                         Training

a.     Masterclasses Clare Batten.  5 county players had agreed to give a master class. Dates one in November and October had been arranged.  The other dates had yet to be confirmed.

b.     Feedback from recent training course.  Toni Smith.  Although there were some issues with the quality of the training provided.  It was felt that getting the county TD’s together for a discussion   was a good idea and a request had been made that we do this again.

c.      New course in Keyworth/West Bridgford/Phoenix area Toni Smith.  The three clubs had met and were meeting again.  Toni would put their proposal to the committee when she had more details.  She had told them that they needed to have concrete plans in place.  The county would not be just handing over cash but may be prepared to help.


14.                         Communications Toni Smith

a.     Newsletter Toni was struggling to get people to write article for this.

b.     EBU magazine. The county section in the EBU magazine was changing and Toni was going to contact the club reps for more information about club events.

John Auld left the meeting at this point and Clare Batten took over as chair.


15.                         AOB.  The two items that had not been discuss earlier were now discussed.

a.     Prize Money.  Ian Dovey (treasurer) and Graham Brindley (Events organiser) did not have a fixed method for deciding how much this should be and it varied according to the number of entries.  It was decided not to award prize money for the mixed pairs to see if reducing the cost encouraged more people to play. The winners would still have their entry to the Midland mixed pairs paid.  Graham was to go through the number of entries for last year and use this to come up with an entry fee that covered the costs for catering and room hirer and set the entry fee to allow for a small profit.  The numbers entering under these circumstances was to be monitored to see if having no prize money reduced the numbers.


a.     The idea of having a club conference like other counties have was discussed.  Ian Dovey felt that clubs would not be interested. He wanted to see the agenda.   It was explained that clubs would be asked to fill in a questionnaire prior to attending the meeting.  Jane asked that it not be as long as the one done some years previously.  The answers to the questions would form a discussion of common problems and how the county could move forward to address these problem with all the affiliated clubs working together.  It was decided to provisionally book the venue that Clare had sourced and to a make a firm booking once the clubs had agreed whether they wished to come.

b.     The Date of the next meeting was agreed to be 6th December.