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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

2016 AGM minutes

Wed 11th May 2016

6.30p.m. at Nottingham Bridge Club


1.      Apologies for absence.  Tim Anderson, Kyra Wills, Dinah Mairs, Graham Brindley, Chris and Dorothy Close, Shirley Ashtari

List of attendees

Clare Batten Nottingham
Ian Dovey West Bridgford
Chris Clark East Bridgford
Irene Auld Nottingham
Jane Hall  Woodborough and Nottingham
Frank Ball Nottingham
Mike Coggles Retford
Daphne Coggles Retford
Graham Lee Nottingham
Mark Goddard Nottingham
Toni Smith Woodborough and Nottingham
John Auld Nottingham
Gordon Fullerton Keyworth and Nottingham
Keith Spencer Woodborough and Nottingham
David Burgess Keyworth
Joan Burgess Keyworth
Penny Craven Newark
Mike Craven Newark
Lloyd Eagling Nottingham
Keith Rodgers Nottingham
Anthony Pettengell Nottingham
Ray Furlonger Woodborough and Nottingham

22 members in attendence

2. Minutes of the EGM held on 18th May 2014. These were approved by the meeting.  Proposed by Lloyd Eagling and seconded by Irene Auld.

3. Chairman’s report John thanked everyone for coming. He commented on new members of the committee having a positive impact. Numbers attending events had moderately improved.  There was a need to communicate with all members as the association was nothing without its members. We needed to encourage more young people to play.  He remarked on Joan and David Burgess both receiving the Dimmie Fleming awards.  The first married couple to do so.

4. County Captains report Keith Rodgers Keith commented on the second team’s performance. 

5. Event Winners and presentation of prizes. Chris Clark/ John Auld.

 Prizes for the teams of Eight were handed out.

Division one winners Nottingham Gambit second Retford A.

Division  two winners Woodborough Red second Nottingham Alderclark

Division3 winners Phoenix Red second Woodborough White

Nottingham Gambit also received a trophy.

The winners of the teams of four completion was Parsons pack.  The winners of the knock out teams of four was yet to be decided.  Other prizes winners for the year had already received their prizes at the event they had won.


6. Treasurer’s Report and Submission of Accounts to 31st March 2015.

Ian thanked Martin Mellor for compiling the statement.  Graham Brindley for managing the NCBA competition entries and Irene Auld for her patience and assistance in responding to his questions regarding the accounts.  The statement reveals a profit of £850.  The turnaround from last year was due to:

Increase in P2P revenue

Higher attendance at Wednesday night drives

Increased Green point income

Reduced expenditure on EBU events

The objective of NCBA is not to make money – but neither should it operate at a loss.  The accounts justify the committee decision not to change the P2P for this year.

Accounts were approved by the meeting.

7. Pay to Play Current rate and comparison table with other counties enclosed. Clare Batten went through the components of this and stated that she would like to have a nominal sum for direct members who wished to be members of NCBA this was purely so they could be tracked.  This was referred back to the committee for discussion.

8. Election of Officers and Committee:  The following ordinary members of the committee are standing down are Lloyd Eagling, Kyra Wills. 

The other members of the committee were elected back to their roles

Chairman, John Auld

Hon. Secretary, Clare Batten

Hon. Treasurer, Ian Dovey

County Captain, Keith Rodgers

Chief Tournament Director, Tim Anderson

Members. Toni Smith, Keith Spencer, Irene Auld, Graham Brindley Chris Clark.

They were joined by Jane Hall and Anthony Pettengell who have agreed to join the committee.

Gordon Fullerton has agreed to be President

The shareholders remain as Clare Batten, Keith Rodgers

9.  Teams of Eight competition and its use as a Garden Cities qualifier.  Toni Smith and  Gordon Fullerton had both asked that this topic be discussed at the AGM.  The committee is undecided as to how to proceed.  The problem has arisen as a result of the committee becoming aware that a competition with the concept of squads ( a squad is a group of NCBA members who play for a team of eight who may not all belong to the same club) is not acceptable as a Garden cities qualifier by the EBU.  There is currently one squad playing in the competition but some members of the committee felt that we should keep this element in the competition to encourage more people to play.  John Auld and Chris Clark would like to see the first division being kept as a club event only.  It was pointed out that this may not satisfy the EBU tournament committee as a suitable way of providing a garden cities qualifier and would need approval.  Gordon Fullerton put the case for the squads to remain and not use the competition as a garden cities qualifier.  Toni Smith put the case for making it a club event.

The meeting ended with a date being fixed for the next committee meeting as 1st June.