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Bridgemate Protocol

Below is guidance on the use of Bridgemates from the EBU (White Book)

Bridgemate protocol The following is published in EBU competition programmes regarding the use of Bridgemates:
North (or South) is responsible for entering the contract and result into the Bridgemate, and East (or West) must be shown it to verify its accuracy by pressing the ACCEPT button.
It is best to enter the contract, declarer and lead at the end of the auction – this saves time, reduces the risk of entering the wrong board number, and ensures the lead is fresh in your mind. 
Entering the lead accurately not only provides extra information of interest to players, but can also assist the scorer in resolving errors of data entry.
It is an offence to attempt to access the TD screen or change a score in the Bridgemate without calling the TD.

If a score is entered and accepted;
If the sitting pair at a table does not check they have the right opponents this merits a warning only for the first offence. Making a board unplayable by scoring on the electronic scorer against the wrong board number and seeing the results from a board not yet played is scored AVE-/AVE- assuming both pairs had the chance to stop the error (N/S when scoring, E/W when agreeing the score).  Exception to this may be made, for example a new Pair / Visitor that have not used Bridgemates before.

Bridgemates: Recover Results

Resending results
The Bridgemate retains the board results in its internal memory. With a simple command these results can be resent to the server. This is useful when results have been erased from both the computer and server inadvertently and your last resort is the Bridgemate device itself. 
Results can be resent from both the TD-menu and the setup menu. Proceed as follows:

1. Make sure the server is connected, and is loaded with the session data (tables, movements). When all data in the server was lost as well, restart the Bridgemate II scoring system from your scoring program in order to load the session data back in the server.

2. a) Bridgemates which are still in result entry mode can resend the results from the TD-menu. Access the TD-menu with the TDMENU function key and PIN code, and press RESEND function key.
    b) Bridgemates which show the main screen can resend the results from the setup menu. Press SETUP function key to access the setup menu (enter the Setup PIN code 749, if needed), press INFO function key, followed by RESEND function key.

3. The number of board results in the Bridgemate memory is displayed. Press OK to start the retransmission. Retransmission will only succeed when the server is activated and contains the session data.

4. After retransmission, the board results can be posted in the scoring program using the normal procedures.

Resent scores are not automatically restored back in the server. By recovering the server, the scores will all be restored in the server. Alternatively, there is a setting that automatically restores the resent scores back in the server. Go to menu Tools   Options   General   tab General, and check the setting “Restore resent backup scores automatically to server”. All resent scores will now automatically be restored in the server. This requires that the tables are loaded in the server before scores are being resent.