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BBO Tournaments for Members



Details of the tournaments are on our Home page and in the Calendar.
Further information is given below.
If you have any other questions, please email Chairman@NottinghamBridge.Club.


Getting Started on BBO

Playing on BBO is fairly straightforward, but you need to get used to this new way of playing before you venture into our tournaments. We recommend Jeff Watkins BBO Beginner's Manual to get you started.

Playing in our Tournaments

Each member who wishes to play in our tournaments needs to register their BBO user name by emailing it to Chairman@NottinghamBridge.Club. This only needs to be done the once. You will also, then, be added to our emailing list to receive notification of any changes in our tournament schedule.

Buying BB$

You pay for the tournaments with BBO's own currency, the BB$ which costs the same as a US dollar. Our tournaments cost 3 BB$, which is the lowest we are allowed to charge. You buy these from BBO - but beware that it is best to log in to BBO through your web browser, as Apple add a large mark-up if you use the iPad app. There is a video here showing how to buy using your credit card. The charge is in US dollars, so your credit card may add a foreign currency transaction charge. Although, it doesn't say so, the option to pay by credit card also includes debit cards. 


The big change for a club player, when playing on BBO, is that you have to alert your own bids. Failure to do this properly is the biggest cause of annoyance to other players, and can slow the game down for everyone. Even if you think you know how to alert on BBO, you are asked to watch our video on alerting so that you do it "our way". Failure to alert correctly will be deemed to be misinformation.

Finding our Tournaments

Click on Finding Virtual Club Tournaments to see how you find them and register to play in one. There's also a few tips on what to do when everything seems to "freeze" when you are playing.


If you wish to ask for an adjustment to any of your scores, you must email Director@NottinghamBridge.Club within 20 minutes of the end of the tournament, giving details. Adjustments will not be made to the BBO scores, but may be made to the scores before they are displayed on the Club web site and uploaded to the EBU for Master Points and NGS. BBO offers excellent opportunities to analyse your performance after the tournaments as explained in See your scores - and more.

Rules and Regulations

We aim to provide an enjoyable game of bridge, but feel that it would be wrong to take online play too seriously. We are certainly not going to get into discussions about whether there was a hesitation! Nonetheless, if you are concerned about such matters, we endeavour to run our tournaments according to the EBU Sky-Blue Book and our own Virtual Club Tournaments rules as Regulating Authority for these tournaments.



Setting up Teams of Four

Our guide, Teams of Four, describes how a team of four match can be run on BBO.


How our teams of four competition is run is described in Competition - Teams of Four. When the Teams of Four competition is running, you can see the results, so far, here: Competition Results

Setting up Teams of Eight

A way of setting up a teams of eight match is described here: Teams of Eight