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Welcome to North Penn Duplicate Bridge Club
New Convention Cards

New Convention Cards

We ran out of the old convention cards and now only have the new ones.  So it’s time to fill out a new card.  You can get info on filling out the new cards here.

December Schedule

Club Membership

The week of Dec. 5 is Club Membership.  Lots of extra points!  We will have people collecting your dues for next year.  

Club Championships and PARTIES

The week of Dec. 11 is Club Championships.  We will have holiday parties for open pairs on 12/12, shuffle and deal on 12/14, and limited pairs on 12/16.

Robot Individual

The Robot Individual will be on Saturday, the 10th at 4:00.

Charity Weeks

The last two weeks are charity weeks.  We get in the holiday spirit by collecting an extra dollar in game fees to donate to charity.

Shuffle and Deal

Come to "Shuffle and Deal" Tuesday evenings from 7-9 and Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30!

NPDBC is offering a casual day of bridge (no scoring, no masterpoints) on Wednesday mornings for $5 a person and, starting in December, on Tuesday evenings.  Just drop in.  No commitment or advanced registration needed.  Singles are welcome!  Mentors will be available to answer any questions that may arise.

It's a great way to improve your bridge bidding and play while meeting other advancing players in the North Penn community.

Mask Policy

Mask Policy

North Penn’s masking policy is “Masks Encouraged”.  The Club will have masks available for anyone who wants one.  Proof of vaccination will continue to be a requirement.  And, as always, players who feel unwell should refrain from coming to the Club.

Although we will no longer require masks at the Club after this week, we ask that all be mindful of the health concerns of others and show courtesy and respect for their fellow players while at the table.  Please wear a mask if requested.

We will continue to monitor the CDC guidelines and intend to continue this policy as long as Montgomery County remains in the Moderate or Low categories.


This is our general schedule. Go to the Calendar to get details for individual events.


Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:30       Shuffle and Deal Club      
10:00     0-1000 Club     0-750 Club  
12:00   Open Club   Open Club Open Club    
4:00             Robot Online (occasional)
7:15     Open Online        


All games at the club require proof of vaccination.  All online games use BBO.

Save Your Club (SYC) games are available online, playing anytime with robots.

Robot Individual

Happy Hour with the Robots

Our next robot individual tournament is on Saturday, December 10, at 4 PM. 

You can check out the robot convention card by going to your account, clicking on "Convention cards" and selecting "GIB 2/1".  You can also just hover over any bid with your mouse while playing and it will tell you what it is.  Check out a video on the robots here.

Competitions Updated

Competitions have been updated.  Competitions should reflect those individuals who are or were eligible for the limited competitions.   If you aged out of a bracket last year, i.e., you now have over 100 points and aren't considered a novice, you will not appear in the rankings for the novices this year but you should appear in the competitions for last year if you had less than 100 points last year. 

Competition brackets are as follows:  Novice under 100 points, C players under 500 points, Intermediate players under 750 points, B players over 500 points and have less than 1500 points  and the A players.  Brackets were set January 12 based on the masterpoints earned last year.  Aging out of brackets during the year is based on points earned at the club and ignores points earned elsewhere.  

For instant, if you started the year with 490 master points and earned 10 points in club play and you will be excluded from the monthly competitions once noted.  The fact that you earned points elsewhere would have no bearing.

If you join the club and believe you should be appearing in one of the limited competions and aren't sent us a note.  It is likely your brackets have not been set. 


For just $20.00 a year, you can support North Penn and save on every game we play at the club.

Join online: Go to our membership form

Join by mail: New members should send your name, address, telephone number, email address, ACBL #, BBO name, and birthday (not year) and a check for $20 made out to the North Penn Duplicate Bridge Club.  Returning members whose information hasn't changed can just send the check.  Send it to:
    Norh Penn Duplicate Bridge Club
    298 Wissahickon Ave., Suite B
    North Wales, PA  19454

New members: Apply during a bridge session; just ask the director.  Put your dues in an envelope and into the red mailbox by the restrooms.  We will contact you about creating a password for the Member Area.

Renewing members: Use the red mailbox, too.  After renewing, please verify your contact information by logging onto the Member Area or by sending an email to