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Lakeland and Kettering Trophies

Blue pointed two session teams of 4 event on Sunday 13th October at Stamford Bridge Club. For details click here.

Northants One Day Green Point Event - 18th May 2019

Congratulations to the winners, Ufuk Cotuk and Robert Miller after a close set of last matches.

1 Ufuk Cotuk & Robert Miller 100 VPs
2 Mark Hodgson & Maggie Jones 98 VPs
3 Nadia Stelmashenko & Victor Milman 96 VPs
4 Doreen Simpson & Robin Griffiths 92 VPs
5 Andy & Graham Cope 91 VPs

County Sim Pairs has been postponed from 25th February 2019 to an unspecified date

2019 Eden Cup Winners

Congratulations to 

1 Robert Miller & Daniel Baines 67.59 24
2 Maggie Jones & John Walshaw 57.24 18

2019 Broke Cup Winners

Congratulations to the Tilley Team for their win in the Broke Cup

Competition information

Belonging to the NCBA gives players the opportunity to enter any of the competitions briefly outlined below. The NCBA is here to support and assist our clubs and their members. Members will also receive copies of English Bridge from the EBU, an annual diary and any Master Points you collect will be automatically credited to your ranking. You are now able to access your overall ranking in the National Grading Scheme on the EBU web site. This grade is worked out from your last 2,000 playing sessions.


This is the County’s main Teams of Four event. It is a knockout competition with the draw being made at the end of August. Matches are played on a home and away basis, the venue being chosen by the home team. Light refreshments are provided at the half time break. Each match is played over 32 boards. Green Points are awarded for each win, the number increasing as you progress through the competition. The team can be made up of 6 players. The Eventual winners go through to the Pachabo, a National Teams of Four competition with teams from Counties all over the Country. Entry fee includes entry to the Betts Bowl, see below. Rules.


This is the ‘plate’ event of the Broke Cup. The competition is available to all teams who lost their first round match in the Broke Cup. Matches are held on the same basis as the Broke but over 24 boards and only Local Master Points are awarded.


This is the County’s major pairs event. Entry is open to all, date, location and cost will be published in the County Program. It is a two session event of Match Point Pairs. The winners and 1 or 2 other pairs, depending on the size of entry and that they are members of an NCBA affiliated club, will represent the County at the Corwen, the National Pairs event for Counties. Rules.


From 2014 it was decided to change the format to a Blue-pointed Swiss Pairs event in August at Stamford. Rules.


This is a Multiple Teams of Four event run through the 6 winter months. There are two divisions, North played at Stamford BC and South played at Northampton BC. The North League is held on the second Saturday evening at Stamford and the South League is held on the third Wednesday evening at Northampton. There is a Play Off between the two winning teams at the end of the season. Entry is £60 per team.


This competition is open to any Bridge Players, members of affiliated clubs or not. It is a Knock Out Chicago competition, played in entrants homes over 28 boards. First round losers are entered into the Plate. Entry fee £8 per pair, cash prizes are awarded. Entries to Jean Raven, 01327 340823.


This is not a County Competition but is open to any players around the country. Run as a Swiss Pairs in conjunction with the EBU. Held usually in June at Bugbrooke Community Centre. Profits are divided between the EBU & the NCBA.


This is our end of season social event, held at Kettering BC. Open to anyone, tea, sandwiches & cakes provided. Consists of 2 sessions, one match point pairs and after tea teams, made up from your finishing position in the pairs, first with last etc. Cost £10 per player including all refreshments. Cash prizes & Local Points awarded. At this event the County Trophies are presented.



This is a two session teams of eight competition held annually, alternately at Kettering & Stamford. It is run as a multiple teams event. Each club may enter one or two teams, more if space permits. The winners qualify to represent the County at the Garden Cities. Entry fee £60 per team, clubs will be invoiced by the Treasurer. Rules.


This is a two session teams of four event run on the same day as the Lakeland and is intended for those players who are not competing in the Lakeland. Held at Kettering. Entry fee £25 per team, clubs will be invoiced by the Treasurer.


This competition is run by the NCBA management Committee for the clubs. Clubs may enter as many teams of eight as they wish, and should let their delegate know by the AGM of the exact number of teams entering. Teams are arranged at present in four divisions, Div 1, Div 2 , Div 3 North and Div 3 South. The winners of the two Div 3’s will hold a playoff to decide on the ultimate winner to be promoted to Div 2. Matches are arranged at the Fixtures Meeting on the first Wednesday in May, home and away. Results are now entered directly onto the EBU League Man Rules 2007.pdfagement site and Local Master Points are directly credited to players. Entry fee £30 per team. Rules

For Captains who might need a reminder on loading up results please click below:

A quick guide to the EBU League Management System

For any further information on competitions please contact Jim Bainbridge, League & Competitions Secretary. 01788 570468.



For all two session Competitions, EXCEPT the Alastair Brodie, you are expected to bring your own light refreshments, tea, coffee and drinks will be available

Competitions outside Northamptonshire

The Tollemache Cup - a history

This was the National Bridge Association's Teams of Four Championship before World War 2. From 1947 it became the inter-county teams of eight. Group qualifying stages were introduced in 1954. From 2006 Welsh Regions joined in.

Entry is open only to County Associations of the EBU and District Associations of the WBU. Teams are limited to 12 playing members, although not necessarily the same 12 in the qualifying round and the final .