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Lakeland and Kettering Trophies

Blue pointed two session teams of 4 event on Sunday 13th October at Stamford Bridge Club. For details click here.

Northants One Day Green Point Event - 18th May 2019

Congratulations to the winners, Ufuk Cotuk and Robert Miller after a close set of last matches.

1 Ufuk Cotuk & Robert Miller 100 VPs
2 Mark Hodgson & Maggie Jones 98 VPs
3 Nadia Stelmashenko & Victor Milman 96 VPs
4 Doreen Simpson & Robin Griffiths 92 VPs
5 Andy & Graham Cope 91 VPs

County Sim Pairs has been postponed from 25th February 2019 to an unspecified date

2019 Eden Cup Winners

Congratulations to 

1 Robert Miller & Daniel Baines 67.59 24
2 Maggie Jones & John Walshaw 57.24 18

2019 Broke Cup Winners

Congratulations to the Tilley Team for their win in the Broke Cup

Betts Bowl

Betts Bowl

Since 1999 the Plate competition for the Broke Cup, previously a two session multiple teams event.

2019 Chris & Christina Heames, Christine White & Ian Clarke, Click here for EBU link
2018 Knights, Click here for EBU link
2017 White, Click here for EBU link
2016 Ross Stacey, John Josephs, Trevor Wray and Leszek Lubaszewski
2015 Richard Gibson, Ian James, Eifion Jones, Malcolm Orr-Ewing, Maggie Jones
2014 Mark Hodgson, John Walshaw, Colin Porch, & Amy Cherry


Richard Gibson, Eifion Jones, Malcolm Orr-Ewing, Ian James


Bill Chadwick, Chris Wiggins, Mike Gore-Browne, Chandra Ramamoorthy


Ross Stacey, John Josephs, Leszek Lubaszewski, Trevor Wray


Bill Chadwick, Mike Gore-Browne, Chandra Ramamoorthy, Mike Auger, Bruce McKenzie


Bill Chadwick, Mike Gore-Browne, David Dyer, Chandra Ramamoorthy


Graham Dolby, Simon Few, Ian & Liz Coltman


Richard Gibson, Eifion Jones, Malcolm Orr-Ewing, Ian James


Bill Chadwick, Mike Gore-Browne, David Dyer, Chandra Ramamoorthy


Brendan Alston, Rex Berresford, Paul Double, Bob Wakerley


Karl Farquhar, Sue Trask, Mark Tilley, Mike Trask


Trevor & Marion King, Richard Brewer, Mike Kennedy


Molly Cooke, Jo Henbury, John Swan, Sheila Parkhouse


Ken Hope-Jones, Bob Vajda, Mark Tilley, Tim Durdin, Karl Farquhar


Trevor Thrower, Marcus Witt, Chris Heames, Ben Gibson


John Walshaw, Bill Markham, Peter Hindley, Trevor Thrower




Mr & Mrs D Moss, Mr & Mrs M Luck


P Fountain, J Skillern, S Bird, J Deacon


Mr & Mrs R Porter, C Clarke, A Dutton 


Mr & Mrs P Broke, Mr & Mrs W Upcott Gill


2017 Betts Bowl
2017 Betts Bowl