Competition Rules
This page contains details on the club competititions and the rules.
Barclays Bank Trophy
  • Two session Qualified Pairs event
  • Pairs qualify through heats held in clubs. Only club members may qualify in a heat
  • Pairs may only qualify in one club, i.e. if they have already qualified they may not opt to try to qualify at another club
  • Each club may hold one heat
  • The number of qualifiers is one third of the total entry (can be rounded up)
  • If some of the qualifiers in the top third are ineligible or do not wish to play, additional players (up to the number of qualifiers) may qualify provided they achieved 50% of matchpoints in the heat
  • Double Master Points are to be issued for each heat
Wymondham Trophy
  • Restricted to pairs below the rank of Regional Master (Less than 25 Green Points)
John Harrison/EDP Cup
  • Two Session Pairs event
  • First three pairs qualify from each club through club championship pairs
  • If those qualifying are unable to play, the fourth / fifth placed pairs may be substituted
Allwood-Wharton Trophy
  • Two Session Inter-Club Teams of Eight
  • Clubs may enter more than one team
  • The Winners qualify for the Garden Cities Trophy
  • The winners may not draw reserves/replacements from another Club Team
Lowestoft Trophy & Swaffham Trophy
  • Single Session Pairs event - Lowestoft and Swaffham Club members who are not NCBA/EBU Members may play, but not win the Trophy
Buxton Trophy
  • Open Pairs event
  • Restricted to players below the rank of Tournament Master
Barbara Dick-Cleland Trophy
  • Open Pairs Event
  • Restricted to Players below the rank of  Area Master (Below 500 Master Points)

Committee Cup
  • Open Two Session Inter-Club Teams of Eight
  • Clubs may enter more than one team
  • The total number of green points per team must not exceed 200.  Please remember to convert your blue points at 1:3

Eastern Counties Cup - County Teams of Four Championship
  • Teams may consist of up to 6 players, though only four may play in the qualifying round
  • Teams which contain players who do not have Norfolk as their primary county may play in the qualifying event, but may not qualify for the final or play in the Pachabo Cup
  • Before play begins team captains must inform the organiser of their desire to play in the Pachabo Cup
  • The highest place team that wishes to qualify will play in the Pachabo Cup and will, if necessary, be able to add players from the team that finished second of the qualifiers
  • The qualifying round will be a multiple teams of four event, played over two sessions and scored by imps
  • The two leading teams will qualify for the final to be played over 36 Boards
  • If two teams tie the winner of the head-to-head match shall be deemed the winner
  • The leading team will suggest three dates for the final, one of which must be a Sunday
Hudson Cup - County Pairs Championship
  • Played over two sessions
  • The first three pairs qualify to play in the Corwen
  • If there is sufficient entry, after the first session the lower half of the field will play for the Hudson Plate