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Welcome to the home of Duplicate Bridge in Norfolk - registered charity no. 1171798
Online Bridge Teaching begins September - Register Now



BridgeBase Online:

When: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 1.30 pm on BridgeBase online - visible on BBO/Competitive/Free Tournaments with host Maxcollie2 approx 2 hours before the tournaments starts

How: Make sure you have given your name, email and BBO username to Karen Blacklock ( at least 1 hour before the tournament starts.

Register with your partner at least 10 mins before start of the tournament

If no partner register on tournament partnership desk where others can see and invite you to play with them

Results: Available 20 mins after the end of the tournament on BBO - no masterpoints are awarded - just for fun.


Funbridge is a pay to play system which you only play against robots. The robots play a form of 2/1 which you need to learn to play against them effectively.Clubs joining Funbridge can run tournaments for their membership but all players play the same cards against robots and their scores are compared against each other.

BridgeClub Live

This is a UK based duplicate bridge system available to bridge players worldwide for a subscription of around £7 per month.
You only play against real people on BCL - no robots
Many of the members on BCL have been on the system for many years - there is a real sense of community and people are generally more civil than on BBO.
BCL players more often play ACOL based bridge
There is an excellent review facility where you can see all bids and play.
There is a 24 hour daily competition called DIDO which you can earn EBU online masterpoints if you play well and have played at least 16 boards.
Your Club can register its members so that you can see results from the daily competition for all members in your club that are on the system.
There are other competitions and leagues organised throughout the year and there is an annual face to face event alternating between UK and somewhere abroad each year.

County Membership Drive

The EBU have initiated a scheme to help increase membership, by offering assistance in many forms. There are already a number of County Associations that have signed up for this initiative and Norfolk is now one of them.

The principle is that the EBU help co-ordinate and facilitate inter county cross fertilisation. Jeff Smith has been asked to lead this initiative for Norfolk and he has already been in touch with other Counties in the scheme so we can learn from each other's successes and failures. 

All the clubs are invited to join in the effort to promote bridge in Norfolk in general and to increase membership in particular.

Tue 11th Aug 2020
Virtual Norfolk BBO online tournament
BridgeBase online 13.30
Director: Graham Hardman (grahamh8)
Organiser: Graham Hardman (vEBU_NFK)
 Click for more information
Virtual Norfolk BBO online tournament
Virtual Norfolk BBO online tournament