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NODBC Christmas Party

December 10, 2022



for In-Person Games

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Come join the fun, play On Line or In Person!
  Check calendar for current info  
*Masks optional / vaccination recommended for face to face games
Monday     Virtual Open on BBO - 20 Boards 12:45         
Tuesday   Learning Game (F2F) - Halina Centre 9:00 - 12:00
morning                 On Hold  * TBA for dates in New Year                                     
Wednesday    Open Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre 12:45
Thursday Virtual Open on BBO - 20 Boards 6:30
Friday 0-100 Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre 12:45
afternoon 0- 300Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre   
Saturday   Open Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre 12:45
  virtual events will not be offered at the same time as in-person events  

Looking for a partner?

  • use the BBO partnership feature when registering for the Virtual Game
  • For F2F games use "find a partner" under Member's only tab on website or come as a single - partner is guaranteed.

You can now obtain an ACBL number for free if you begin with an ACBL GUEST MEMBERSHIP - this assigns you an ACBL number (yours for life!) and an active membership for 3 months - with an option to activate a membership for $29.00!  (Regular $49.00)   What a deal!

You can opt to purchase an annual membership once the introductory (or guest) membership lapses ... or not.  The ACBL number assigned to you does not lapse and is used in all ACBL events (club games, sectionals, regionals, Unit events, Virtual Games etc).

Are you a novice player or new to ACBL?  What better way to get a taste of what membership looks like - and the great resources you can access. 

If you have any questions - contact us at the NODBC and we can help - or click the APPLY FOR GUEST MEMBERSHIP link below to start your guest membership experience now. 



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The new card can be downloaded here.

The same convention card has been used for years.  In the meantime, bridge has evolved with new conventions, new convention charts and alert procedures, as well as other changes in bidding practices. ..........

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New Alert Procedures
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New Alert Procedures and they came into effect January 1st, 2021. ..........

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Virtual Open
Open Pairs
Director: Al Sheasby
Virtual Open
0-100 & 0-300 Pairs
Director: Linda Ball
Fri 9th Dec 2022
0-100 & 0-300 Pairs
Halina 12:45
Sat 10th Dec 2022
Christmas Party Open & Limited Games
Party @ 11:45 Game @ 12:45 No charge! Bring appy to share
Mon 12th Dec 2022
Virtual Open
BBO 12:45
Wed 14th Dec 2022
Open Pairs
Halina 12:45
Club Championship
Thu 15th Dec 2022
Virtual Open
BBO 6:30