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No Team game on June 19th

Monthly Team games and Mix & Mingle may be rescheduled starting September.

Check Calendar for current details

Of course, you are always welcome and encouraged to invite a player you have not played with before....   smiley

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Monday 0-200 Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre 12:45
Tuesday   Learning game (F2F) Halina Club Room 9:00 am
morning      May 7th - June 25th  
Wednesday    Open Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre 12:45
Thursday Virtual Open on BBO - 20 Boards 6:30
afternoon Open Pairs (F2F) - Halina Centre 12:45
  virtual events will not be offered at the same time as in-person events  

Looking for a partner?

  • use the BBO partnership feature when registering for the Virtual Game
  • For F2F games use "find a partner" under Member's only tab on website

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You can opt to purchase an annual membership once the introductory (or guest) membership lapses ... or not.  The ACBL number assigned to you does not lapse and is used in all ACBL events (club games, sectionals, regionals, Unit events, Virtual Games etc).

Are you a novice player or new to ACBL?  What better way to get a taste of what membership looks like - and the great resources you can access. 

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New Alert Procedures
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New Alert Procedures and they came into effect January 1st, 2021. ..........

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Open Pairs
Learning Game
0-200 Pairs
Virtual Open
Thu 13th Jun 2024
**No Game
BBO 6:30
Sat 15th Jun 2024
Open Pairs
Mon 17th Jun 2024
0-200 Club Championship
Tue 18th Jun 2024
Learning Game
Halina 9:00
Wed 19th Jun 2024
Open Pairs