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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
8 Is Enough (8=E) game Friday 6/30
8 Is Enough (8=E) game Friday 6/30

It's just our second team game of the year, but our first 8 Is Enough (8=E) game.

The goal for 8=E team games is to mix up the teams to create a more balanced field. It can be great time for mentors and mentees to be on a team together.

To that end, everyone is assigned a "point" range from 1-3. And, every team must have no more than 8 "points" on their 4 person team. Your point assignment is based roughly as follows:

  • 1 "point" is 0-300 ACBL Masterpoints
  • 2 "points is 300-1500 ACBL Masterpoints
  • 3 "points" is 1500+ ACBL Masterpoints

For all NKBC members, your 8=E "point" assignment for this game is now set. It will not change for this game and is detailed here. If you are considering a team member who is not an NKBC member (and anyone may play), use the table above and/or see Cordell.

May The Force Be With You
May The Force Be With You

Peggy will continue her lessons for beginners on Wednesdays 6/21 & 6/28.

She has titled these lessons "May The Force Be With You". She hopes these lessons will help you 'use the force' to peek into your opponents hands thereby enabling you to make the right play.

Please join us and 'May The Force Be With You'.

2023 NKBC Goals
2023 NKBC Goals

All FIVE months this year, you have beaten our 25% improvement target!! Congratulations and THANKS.

Our goal for June is "only" 73 tables, but there are many fewer games than in May. So, let's make it happen.

The chart shows our table count goals and our progress. We very much need your to help achieve these goals. The monthly goals are about 25% more than last year. Achieving them will get us back to pre-pandemic levels. And putting the pandemic behind us is something we'd all like to see happen this year!

Each month, if we reach our monthly goal, we'll celebrate by making the game when we reach our goal a free game for all attending!

You can help by encouraging all you know to come and enjoy a game of duplicate bridge at NKBC.

June 9, 2023
Flying PIG Regional
June 13, 2023
North American Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Joe
June 13, 2023
Board of Trustees
2:00 PM
Championship Pairs
Director: Vern
Champion Guessing Pairs (Wine & Cheese)
Director: Cordell
Championship Swiss Teams (Spring Mix)
Director: Cordell