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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
Proposed Bylaw Changes
Proposed Bylaw Changes


At our 20th Anniversary party on November 16, as usual, we'll vote for new members on our board of directors. Additionally, we'll vote on whether to adopt these proposed changes to our bylaws. These changes have been discussed and approved unanimously by the board of directors.

Briefly, the changes are:

  • institute annual membership fee for the purpose of identifying voting members
  • reduce the number board members from 7 to 5
  • define a quorum of board members as 60% of board members
  • assign acquisition of game directors entirely to club manager
  • assign club assets to other non-profit organizations in the unlikely event of our dissolution

Please read the proposal below and make an informed choice at our anniversary party. If you have questions, please contact Cindy or any board member.


Thursdays are BACK!
Thursdays are BACK!

Beginning in October, Thursday games at NKBC are back in the mix!

Due to conflicts with area tournaments, there are only two Thursdays in October when we can play. We'll play the second and third Thursdays (14 & 21), and they're good games to play.

On the 14th, we'll play an Eight Is Enough Swiss game for triple points with 25% GOLD. And on the 21st, we'll play a Club Appreciation Pairs game for triple points.

Our Thursday games will begin at 10:00 AM, like our Tuesday and Friday games.

There is no extra charge for any of our triple point games in October.

Masterpoint requirements for Pro-Am and 8 Is Enough

On Tuesday 9/28, we'll play our second PRO-AM game of the year!
For this game, PROs are 1000+, while AMs are under 1000.
All pairs may play in the PRO-AM game, but PRO-AM pairs will get 2 (random) chances at free game.

In October, at our 8 Is Enough games on Thursday 10/14 and Tuesday 10/26:

  • 3's are 2000+
  • 2's are 500-2000
  • 1's are under 500

Remember, your team of 4 must total no more than 8.  smiley

Let's Play!!

October TEAM Games
October TEAM Games

At ACBL, October is Jane Johnson Club Appreciation month!

At NKBC, thanks to ACBL, October means 8 triple point Club Appreciation Pairs games (at no extra cost!). It also means 4 triple point Club Appreciation TEAM games with  25% GOLD points (also at no extra cost!).

We've scheduled a variety of Board-A-Match, 8 Is Enough, and Open Swiss games during the month.
Check the October calendar for date details, and start thinking TEAMs.

Club Appreciation Pairs Club Appreciation TEAMs
Friday 10/15, Pairs Friday 10/1, Open Swiss
Tuesday 10/19, Pairs Thursday 10/14, 8 is Enough
Thursday 10/21, Pairs Wednesday 10/20, BAM
Wednesday 10/27, Pairs Tuesday 10/26, 8 is Enough


The $5 Game
The $5 Game

$5 bill photo by Sean Hackbarth

It's more than a possibility for NKBC members. 19 or our members are enjoying this price point. In fact, some are almost done with their first card!

Remember, this sale ends in just two weeks at the end of September. If you want a $5 bridge game, now is the time. And, with the addition of Thursday games, there are more than 48 day games and 16 night games when you can use your 24 game card!

This card is EASY to use. No need to carry cash. Just present the card at game time.

Here are the constraints on the card:

  • expires at the end of January 2022
  • exclusive use (may only be used for games for the purchaser)
  • $120 up front cost pre-pays for 24 games ($5 per game)

Please contact Cordell with any questions.

September 28, 2021
Upgraded Pro-Am Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Sheila
September 29, 2021
Guess Game % Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Cordell
October 1, 2021
Club Appreciation Open Swiss TEAMs
10:00 AM
Director: Vern
Mentor/Mentee Championship Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel
Club Championship
Director: Jim
Mentor/Mentee Championship Pairs
Director: Vern