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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
NKBC ByLaws Change Approval Vote on The Longest Day

Your NKBC Board of Trustees has been hard at work for you ALREADY this year!

We have reviewed and updated our ByLaws, and they are ready for your review.

The updates proposed are designed to get us on an even keel for our elections. We want to be electing two new members to the Board of Trustees at each election (instead of the current one and three every other year). The proposed changes also streamline the ByLaws removing extraneous items.

Please review the new document in preparation for the approval vote.

Click here to view the updated ByLaws proposal.

Click here to view our current ByLaws.

We will hold a vote for approval of the new ByLaws at our Longest Day game on Friday June 21.  We want to approve these changes before the November election. Hopefully, after reviewing the updates, you'll agree these changes will help streamline our organization.

Every member of the Board of Trustees fully supports these changes and urges you to review and then approve them.

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the board:
President: John Wolfe
Vice President: Howard Simon
Secretary: Peggy Ammon
Treasurer: Tim Martin
Club Manager: Cordell Coy


Lions Club Charity Fund Raiser, Friday April 26

April is Charity month at ACBL.

For the games that we play on April 9, 24, and 30, ACBL will designate those proceeds to the ACBL Charity Foundation. NKBC contributes $1 per player at these games to the ACBL Charity Foundation.

We also will play a charity fund raiser for our hosts, the Erlanger Lions Club on Friday 4/26. As you know, the Lions Club does a lot for us and for our community. This our chance to support them. Funds that you donate at this game will go to the Lions Club Charity Foundation. Please be generous.

Annual Awards Party, Tuesday April 30

Let's celebrate our 'Movers and Shakers' at NKBC. laugh

On Tuesday 4/30, please bring a dish to share to help celebrate.

Over lunch, I'll share the 2023 statistics of who's at the top of every category from Rookie to Life Master to Emerald Life Master, but with one important catch, These awards will based solely on performance at NKBC.

April 23, 2024
ACBL Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
April 24, 2024
ACBL Charity IMP Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Cordell
April 26, 2024
LIONS Charity Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Howard
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Cordell
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Vern Goetz
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Cordell