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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
Got Keys?
Got Keys?

Keys photo by Shawn Rossi

We do!

If you lost yours, please contact Cordell


Introducing The BID And PLAY Ground
Introducing The BID And PLAY Ground

Hopscotch photo by Lisergico

Peggy will host a new learning opportunity named: The BID And PLAY Ground.

The first session will be held on Wednesday evening 3/29 at 5:30. The sessions will run 30-40 minutes. Afterward, participants can stay and play in the Wednesday evening game and get some immediate practice.

Coincidentally, or not, the first session is also Homemade Pie Night, the first Pie Night of the year! Remarkable. smiley

You can learn some new bridge tip, play some bridge, AND enjoy some of Peggy's highly regarded Homemade Pies.

Please join us.

Awards Party Friday 3/31
Awards Party Friday 3/31


Our awards party is at the end of March on Friday 3/31. We'll celebrate those who have excelled in the last year at NKBC. Awards for all the ACBL categories from Rookie to Grand Life Master will be presented, but only for awards won at NKBC.

Our celebration will be a pot-luck party. So please bring a dish to share.

STAC Week April 3 - April 8
STAC Week April 3 - April 8

Pancake photo by Andrew Rennie

This year District 11 (our District) is returning to a more traditional STAC schedule. Our first week of STAC games will be April 3 through April 8.

What is STAC you ask? STAC of pancakes? ...

STAC stands for Sectional Tournament At Club. Promotion to Life Master requires a large number of silver points which are awarded ONLY at Sectional Tournaments. The one exception to this longstanding rule is that silver points are also awarded at STAC games. A STAC game is held at the club, no need to travel to a tournament. smiley  Additionally, STAC games are held in several clubs at the same time, and the results from the various clubs are combined into an overall list of winners. Each club will award silver points (triple points) to local winners, and those pairs whose game gets them onto the overall winners list receive higher silver awards, sometimes substantially higher.

Please plan to join us the first week in April. All of our games that week will be STAC games. Let's see how much silver NKBC can acquire. yes

2023 NKBC Goals
2023 NKBC Goals

We did it again! We celebrated Wednesday evening when we surpassed 40 tables for the month. THANK YOU.

The goal for March will be a bigger challenge at 114 tables, but we can do it!

The chart shows our table count goals and our progress. We very much need your to help achieve these goals. The monthly goals are about 25% more than last year. Achieving them will get us back to pre-pandemic levels. And putting the pandemic behind us is something we'd all like to see happen this year!

Each month, if we reach our monthly goal, we'll celebrate by making that game free for all attending!

You can help by encouraging all you know to come and enjoy a game of duplicate bridge at NKBC.

March 28, 2023
Club Champs Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Vern
March 29, 2023
BID & PLAY Ground
5:30 PM
Director: Peggy
March 29, 2023
Championship IMP Pairs (Homemade Pies)
Director: Cordell
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Howard
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Joe Pike
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel