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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
Handicap Pairs and PIZZA Party Tuesday 1/31
Handicap Pairs and PIZZA Party Tuesday 1/31

On the last day of January, the 5th Tuesday, let's have a pizza party. Gerry is co-ordinating details for the party. If you'd like to contribute something to the party, please contact her.

Because it's a fifth-week game, we'll play a unique form of bridge, handicap pairs.

Handicap pairs is unique, because there are two ways to win. One way to win is to play the best bridge in the room. The second way to win is to beat your pair's average more than anyone else beats their average. Your final award is half from the raw score and half from the averages score.

Please come and enjoy our first fifth-week game of 2023.

2023 NKBC Goals
2023 NKBC Goals

We did it! January's goal of 34 tables was achieved Wednesday evening. A free game was enjoyed by all at the Wednesday game. Thanks for helping us get there, but there's a lot of January left. Let's see if we can break 100!

Our goal for February is only slightly higher than for January. It's just 40 tables, so we should be able to demolish both January and February's goals.

The chart below shows our table count goals for the year. We need you to help us get there. Our goals are an aggressive growth for us, and our progress on will be shown this chart throughout the year. Achieving these goals will get us back to pre-pandemic levels. And putting the pandemic behind us is something we'd all like to see happen this year!

Each time we achieve a monthly goal, we'll celebrate by making it a free game!

Please be an ambassador for our club, and encourage all you know to come and enjoy a game of duplicate bridge at NKBC.

Winter Wednesday Games Are ON
Winter Wednesday Games Are ON

Frost photo by Matt Koglin

"The weather outside is frightful", but as long as you come to play, we'll have a game, we'll have a game, we'll have a game.

Please check the website for weather cancelations, but barring that, we're playing!

Please join us on Wednesday evenings (and on Tuesday and Friday mornings).

January 27, 2023
Junior Fund Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Howard
January 31, 2023
Junior Fund IMP Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
February 1, 2023
ACBL Open Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Joe
Junior Fund Open Pairs
Director: Cordell
Junior Fund Open Pairs
Director: Vern
Club Champs Open Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel