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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
8 Is Enough
8 Is Enough

8 ducklings is certainly enough to stir things up.
The same is true for your Swiss team too!

On Tuesday May 29, we'll play an 8 is enough Swiss team game. Players more than 2000 are 3, players between 750-2000 are 2, and players less than 750 are 1. Your team of 4 players can pair as you like, but must always be less than 8.

Come and enjoy the fun. smiley

8 Ducklings photo by countrygirlatheart

NAP Qualifiers (North American Pairs)
NAP Qualifiers (North American Pairs)

Catnap photo by Kevin Lau

Don't be caught napping during the North American Pairs Qualifier (NAPQ) games. smiley

These games qualify you to play in the District 11 finals in Cincinnati in October. The winners of the finals will represent our district In New Orleans at the spring 2024 NABC. There are three flights that will compete in New Orleans: C 0-500, B 500-2500, A 2500+.

The games cost an extra $1 and award TRIPLE points half red and half black. During June, July, and August we'll play 3 NAPQ games each month. Check the calendar for specific dates. The first one is Friday June 3rd.

The Longest Day Tuesday 6/21
The Longest Day Tuesday 6/21

On The Longest Day, we'll join all of ACBL for a fund raiser in support of The Alzheimer's Association.

We're not doing anything fancy, no silent auctions, no donated gifts to purchase.

Come to celebrate all those who have suffered through and those who are suffering through Alzheimer's.

We'll play two shortened sessions of 18-20 boards, the first at 10:00 and the second at 12:45. We'll provide coffee, OJ, and donuts at 9:30, and lunch shortly after 12:00. Expect the second session to end about 3PM.

Everything you need will be provided, just bring your generous selves and support this very important cause.

May 31, 2022
ACBL Grass Roots 8 Is Enough
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
June 1, 2022
Mentor/Mentee Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Iris
June 3, 2022
North American Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Vern
Mentor-Mentee Pairs
Director: Howard
ACBL Grass Roots Pairs
Director: Cordell
ACBL Grass Roots Pairs
Director: Vern Goetz