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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
All Games At NKBC Temporarily Cancelled
All Games At NKBC Temporarily Cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 infection,
all NKBC games are cancelled.

This decision is reviewed daily.
We will re-open as soon as possible.

In the interim, we are online at BBO.
Please see below.

Pre-Game (video) Call on FRIDAYs @ 1:00
Pre-Game (video) Call on FRIDAYs @ 1:00

Remember being face-to-face?
Yeah, me neither.
Join the 1:00 call ANYWAY.
Practice being with your friends.

It's one step closer to normality.
Well, as normal as we normally are! smiley

Contact Arlene or Cordell for details.

Tin Can Telephone photo by Chris Potter

Valentine's Weekend Specials
Valentine's Weekend Specials

Just for LOVERS of bridge smiley

DOUBLE awards: 50% RED / 50% BLACK
NO extra charge! All games just $3

Saturday 2/13 @1:45 - 4 is Enough Pairs
Sunday 2/14 @1:30 - U500 Pairs
Sunday 2/14 @1:45 - Open Pairs

ACBL Education Foundation Week 2/22-2/28
ACBL Education Foundation Week 2/22-2/28

ACBL is raising money for bridge education.

$4 for our ACBL VC games.


Free Parking
Free Parking

Well, not free, but still 25% off !

  • During January and February,
    get a 3 BB$ credit,
    every 4th game at NKBC

  • Only Tuesdays and Fridays
  • paid same day as game
    (4th, 8th, 12th, ...)

2021 is looking good already smiley

Free Parking photo by Thomas Hawk


Unit 124 January Silver Linings Results:

Silver Linings
Type: Tables: 1st Place
Tue PM 1/26 OPEN 7 DonD & KrisM
Tue AM 1/26 U50 3 BarbG & MaryM
Mon EVE 1/25 FUN 6 HarrietE & TomP
Mon AM 1/25 U50 4 BarbG & MaryM
Fri PM 1/22 OPEN 12 JohnT & PegA
Fri PM 1/22 U500 7 EstellaH & JohnH
Thu EVE 1/21 4=E 11 CarlaR & KelleyK
Thu PM 1/21 OPEN 9 PamC & SteveM
Wed EVE 1/20 OPEN 10 JohnT & Steve
Wed AM 1/20 U1000 11 BettyM & PeteO
Tue EVE 1/19 OPEN 7 AlB & SteveM
JohnM & PamC
Tue PM 1/19 OPEN 13 BartJ & HowardS
Tue AM 1/19 U50 4 JohnM & KathrynM
Mon EVE 1/18 OPEN 11 MikeP & SteveM
Mon PM 1/18 U50 5 MaryM & PhyllisR


November-January BBO Results

ACBL awards 150% club rated BLACK points for our ACBL Virtual Club games.
Upgraded ACBL Virtual Club awards may be viewed at ACBL Live for Clubs.

Unit 124 January Game Schedule on BBO
Unit 124 January Game Schedule on BBO

Let's Play!

Unit 124 January Virtual Club games:

Day/Time Type   Director
Mon/2:00pm U50 Pam
Mon/6:30pm FUN   John
Tue/1:45pm OPEN   Cordell
Wed/11:00am U750   Pam
Wed/6:30pm FUN/IMPs   John
Thu/6:30pm 4=E/IMPs   Pam
Fri/1:30pm U500 Cordell
Fri/1:45pm OPEN   Cordell

Deck of Cards photo by z Q

FUN games - free, non-sanctioned, just for fun.
There are no awards.
Find these games in Competitive->Free Tournaments.

UNNN games - Only Unit 124 members with less than NNN masterpoints may play.
4=E IMP PAIRS - 4 is enough, 1=0-400, 2=400-1500, 3=1500+, all pairs must be <=4
150% ACBL black points awarded.
U50, U750 & U1500 partnerships: Mike Burns 513-926-1790

OPEN games - all Unit 124 members may play.
150% ACBL black points awarded.

Let's Play!

January 27, 2021
6:30 PM
Director: John
January 29, 2021
1:30 PM
Director: Cordell
January 29, 2021
1:45 PM
Director: Cordell
Director: Cordell
Director: John
BBO: U500 Silver Linings
Director: Cordell