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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
NKBC Membership

NKBC is adopting an annual membership model. The purpose is to distinguish voting members from other players. Clearly defining our membership allows NKBC to offer exclusive benefits to members. This means that the club will charge an annual membership fee and in exchange members will acquire certain privileges.

For this year, August through December, the membership fee will be $5 ($1/month). NKBC members will have the following privileges:

  • members may be elected to the NKBC board of directors
  • members may vote on all issues brought to the membership by the board of directors (including the annual board of directors election)
  • members receive $1 discount on all games ($6 total game fee)
  • members may purchase free game coupons for $6 each (typically used for gifts)
  • members may purchase further discounted promotions when available

NKBC remains an open club. Anyone may play at NKBC. Game fees remain at $7.

Please consider becoming a member at NKBC. If you have questions, please ask any Board member.

The $5 Game
The $5 Game

$5 bill photo by Sean Hackbarth

It's a real possibility for NKBC members. Play bridge at NKBC for a $5 game fee (with certain constraints)!

Members may purchase a pre-paid card that contains 24 games for $120 ($5 per game).

Purchasing a card represents your commitment to play bridge at NKBC about once a week. If you plan to play more, you can buy as many cards as you like.

This deal is not to be missed if the prospect of a $5 game is appealing and you think you'll play bridge once a week.

Here are the constraints on the card:

  • expires at the end of January 2022
  • exclusive use (may only be used for games for one person)
  • available for purchase during August and September only (please plan ahead)

Please contact Cordell with any questions.

Pro-Am Game Friday 7/30
Pro-Am Game Friday 7/30

ProAm photo by Leo Reynolds

Our first Pro-Am game of the year is Friday 7/30.

"Ams" are players under 500 masterpoints and "Pros" are players with more than 500 masterpoints.

"Ams" please invite your favorite "Pro" to be your partner. Don't be bashful, invite someone you'd like to partner with.

If you don't know who to invite, please contact Cordell. Likewise, if you're a Pro" without an "Am".

Our Pro-Am games are always a fun experience at NKBC. It offers "Ams" a chance to see a "Pro" in action for an entire game and maybe get a little advice. It's also a good chance for Mentors and Mentees to play together.

This will be the kick-off to our Mentor/Mentee program and an Upgraded Club Championship game, meaning triple points will be awarded. Pro-Am pairs will play in the C strat, and two lucky Pro-Am pairs will win free games in a random drawing.

Also, it will be an open game, meaning all pairs may play (Pro-Am pair or not).

Please plan to come and enjoy the experience in a low stress environment.

Mentor/Mentee Program August and September
Mentor/Mentee Program August and September

First Mentor photo by Hilary Woodward.

The Mentor/Mentee program allows less experienced players to partner frequently with more experienced players and get some focused and consistent advice. Sometimes a new partnership is born!

Our Mentor/Mentee program for this year will be abbreviated, because our bridge playing year is abbreviated. It will run for two months, August and September.

Mentor/Mentee pairs may play in any NKBC games, but specially designated Mentor/Mentee games give Mentor/Mentee pairs the advantage of playing in the C-strat. These specially designated games are open games and all pairs may play (Mentor/Mentee pair or not). These games will be held 1st and 3rd Tuesdays and 2nd and 4th Fridays.  Mentor/Mentee pairs should try to play twice each month during the program.

If you are a mentee, invite someone who you think you can work with to be your mentor. We strongly encourage you to choose someone who has NOT previously been your mentor. If you are not sure who to invite, please contact Greg.

If you are a mentor, and would like to participate and lend your expertise, please contact Greg.

Grand Re-Opening Celebration
Grand Re-Opening Celebration

Petit-Fours photo by Sarah R

"If you're happy and you know it," ... Have a party!

Well, we are, on both counts. smiley We are so happy to be back playing bridge face-to-face, and we're going to throw a party at the very end of August to celebrate.

The game on Tuesday 8/31 will be our Grand Re-Opening party, and it will be an Upgraded Club Championship (triple points). We will have lunch catered by a local establishment (yet to be selected).

Please join us, and enjoy the well balanced experience of food and friends seasoned with a little bridge.

July 26, 2021
6:30 PM
Director: John
July 27, 2021
North American Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Sheila
July 28, 2021
Club Championship
6:30 PM
Director: Jim
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel
Club Championship
Director: Cordell
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Vern Goetz