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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
STAC Games Tuesday and Friday This Week
STAC Games Tuesday and Friday This Week

Pancakes photo by Andy Rennie

Sectional Tournament At Club

$2 extra - TRIPLE Silver awards (maybe higher in the overalls)

Overall Results:

July Mentor/Mentee Games
July Mentor/Mentee Games

These games are an excellent time for Mentors and Mentees to partner. They provide 'real life' examples of bidding theory and play technique for discussion and understanding. While the game is designated as Mentor/Mentee, it is still an open game. PLEASE, no teaching at the table.

Mentor/Mentee games in July are changed slightly from the paper calendar due to the STAC schedule.

July Mentor/Mentee games:

  • Wednesday July 13
  • Friday July 15
  • Tuesday July 26
Open Swiss TEAM Game Friday 7/29
Open Swiss TEAM Game Friday 7/29
Feeling Lucky?
Feeling Lucky?

4 Leaf Clover photo by Waen


If you're feeling lucky, maybe you'll scratch at one of our games.
You'll get to bask in all the glory. yes

However, if you're not having your best game ever, crying
it still might be your lucky day.

Until at least the end of July, NKBC is going to award a free game to one non-winning pair.

Here's how it works:

  • In any pairs game with 8 or more tables, the 3rd to last pair wins a free game.
  • All players with the 3rd to the lowest percentage game win a free game.
  • Just one pair wins a free game (unless there happens to be a tie).
  • All player scores, NS and EW, are ranked together, and 3rd to last wins the award.

Maybe this will be your lucky day after all! Maybe you'll be the day's Lucky Loser! smiley

July 1, 2022
STAC Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Vern
July 5, 2022
ACBL Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Howard
July 6, 2022
ACBL Open Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Joe
STAC Open Pairs
Director: Vern Goetz
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Cordell
Longest Day
Director: Corell Coy