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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
February Board of Directors Meeting CANCELED

Our next meeting will be Tuesday March 3/12.

Wednesday 2/21 Team Game Results

Sadly, another low attendance game Wednesday night. But, we had a good time and great Canadian snacks (Thank you Monica!)

We had two even tables and played a team game. Every pair teamed with every other pair.

Here are the hands we played: 240221E.htm

And, here are the results:

Names R1 R2 R3 Total
Henry & Bert -21 -14 +8 -27
Cordell & Joe +21 +14 +8 +43
Monica & Kevin -21 +14 -8 -15
Melissa & Robert +21 -14 -8 -1


More Double Points!
More Double Points!

Double Domino photo by Clint Budd

February is ACBL Education Fund month.

We'll play three games this month for DOUBLE BLACK points. ACBL charges an extra $1/player for the DOUBLE BLACK points, but no extra charge for you, because NKBC will pick up the tab. smiley The extra $1 goes to the ACBL Education Foundation to help fund education events and interest young players in the game of bridge.

We'll play Education Fund games on Tuesday 2/6, Valentines Day Wednesday 2/14, and on Friday 2/23.

We don't get very many DOUBLE BLACK point games this year, so please plan to attend.

March Team Game Replaced With STAC Pairs

District 11 has announced their plans for STAC games this year. Their schedule this year is (of course) different from previous years. That means that our paper calendars are wrong. The correct details are on our online calendar and repeated below in this news article.

The first STAC of 2024 will occur during the last week of March, 3/25-3/31. Our paper calendars show 3/29 as an Open Swiss Team game, but now it will be a STAC pairs game. Also, the paper calendar shows the STAC during the following first week of April. Instead, the first week in April will be regular pairs games.

A similar scenario plays out for the second STAC of 2024 which is in August. District 11 has moved the STAC from 8/5-8/11 and the new dates are 8/19-8/26. You'll want to mark your paper calendars with the change. We'll just exchange the games as shown between those weeks on the paper calendar. So, 8/6 will be Mentor/Mentee, 8/7 will be NAP Pairs, 8/9 will be open pairs, and 8/20, 8/21, and 8/23 will all be STAC games.

Lastly, the October Spooktacular Cincinnati Sectional has changed dates as well. The new dates are Friday 10/25 through Sunday 10/27. That means we won't have a game on Friday 10/25, but we will have games the following week on Tuesday 10/29, Wednesday 10/30, and Friday 11/1.

Hopefully, we won't have any more changes to the paper calendar.

Are You A 2024 NKBC Member Yet?
Are You A 2024 NKBC Member Yet?


If not, please see Cordell to get all the great benefits that NKBC membership has to offer.

$7 per game is already a great price, but maybe you'd like to save $1 (or more) off every game you play. Become an NKBC member now.

February 27, 2024
ACBL Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
February 28, 2024
ACBL Open Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Cordell
March 1, 2024
Championship Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
ACBL Educational Fund Pairs
Director: Howard
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel
ACBL Open Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel