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Tuesday's game 10/4 is CANCELED!

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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
Tuesday 10/4 Game CANCELED!

Due to a water main break, our game on Tuesday is canceled. The water trouble is outside the building, and there is no damage to the building. However, the Lions Club will be unusable while they correct the problem. We expect to be able to play our game on Wednesday evening.


Uncle Sam photo by DonkeyHotey

Elections for 2023 NKBC Board of Directors occurs Friday 11/11!

Yes, that date is correct, the Anniversary Party is moved from Tuesday to Friday to accomodate our members who are working the polls on Tuesday.

Greg Brinker is chairing the Elections committee. He is developing a slate of candidates which will be finalized on Tuesday 10/11. We will be electing 3 new members to the board this year. Please see Greg to get your name on the ballot.

NKBC has had a good 2022, and the board's focus next year will be on growing NKBC. Please join us!

International Fund Games
International Fund Games


September is ACBL International Fund month. ACBL offers double points for these games, but they charge an extra $1 and earmark the extra funds to support ACBL teams that compete internationally.

The good news for you is that NKBC picks up the extra charge, and you get double points at no extra cost. smiley

We'll play International Fund games during the last two weeks of September.

Handicap Pairs Friday 9/30

At our 5th Friday game in September, we'll try something new to NKBC; a handicap pairs game.

In this game, there are two winners, one for open pairs and one for handicap pairs.

In the open portion, winners are those who play the best bridge that day. It is an unstratified placement 1st, 2nd, etc.

In the handicap portion, winners are those who beat their personal average (for September) by the most. Handicaps are posted on our website. Handicaps represent the % bonus you will receive. E.G. if your handicap is 150, and you had a 50% game, multiply by your handicap by your result and divide by 1000. 50%*(150/1000)=7.5% bonus, so your final score is 57.5%. To calculate your partnership handicap, just average your handicap with your partner's.

The handicaps put eveyone's average (for September) on equal footing, and the game is all about playing better than YOUR average.

Half of your award comes from the open portion and half from the handicap portion. It sounds like fun. Hope you enjoy it! smiley

8 Is Enough Team Requirements for October 18

With addition of newer players to our club, team requirements for our 8 Is Enough games has changed.

The purpose of 8 Is Enough games is to equalize the strength of the teams. Each category of player needs to be equally represented in order for 8 Is Enough to work. Therefore the requirements for our October 18 game are as follows:

Category MPs NKBC Players
1 0-300 23
2 300-1500 19
3 1500+ 20


2 Club Championships
2 Club Championships

Checkered Flag photo by Steve Snodgrass

We added two more Club Champions to our roster. Check out the hall of fame below.

There's still time for you to add your name to the list. Come show us your stuff and be our 4Q champs!

Tuesday Wednesday Friday
1Q Henry & Dennis Greg & Bert Bill & Cordell
2Q Howard & Bart Peggy & Joe Bill & Cordell
3Q Peggy & Cordell Peggy & MikeG Margaret & Howard
4Q 11/1 12/14 12/9


Feeling Lucky?
Feeling Lucky?
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4 Leaf Clover photo by Waen


If you're feeling lucky, maybe you'll scratch at one of our games.
You'll get to bask in all the glory. yes

However, if you're not having your best game ever, crying
it still might be your lucky day. ..........

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October 4, 2022
ACBL Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Howard
October 5, 2022
ACBL Open Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Joe
October 7, 2022
ACBL Open Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Vern
Int'l Handicap Pairs
Director: Cordell
International Fund Pairs
Director: Cordell
International Fund Pairs
Director: Joe Pike