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27th May 2021 12:26 BST
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Lockdown Bridge

While face-to-face bridge has been put on hiatus, many bridge players are turning to online bridge.

I am part of a team that has been helping clubs from across the country to run their regular Duplicate Pairs sessions on "BBO", the most popular online bridge platform.

We are now also offering to run online Congresses.  This can include Swiss Pairs & Swiss Teams events, although the way they are run by BBO might differ a little from what we are used to face-to-face.

For more details, please contact us...

National Inter-County League Finals 2020


We have, inevitably, made the decision to cancel this year's event.

There is a remote possibility that we will hold it later in the year.  But most likely is that when we hold next year's events we will invite regional champions from both seasons to participate.
It is too early to make any guarantees at this stage.

News unrelated to the virus situation...

Warwickshire CBA

Having run this event in a personal capacity for several years, I have decided to step back from many aspects of the organisation.
The Warwickshire County Bridge Association has agreed to take on the event in an official capacity.  I will continue to be involved, in particular to direct on the day, and to liaise with the participants.  As such, I can be contacted on for any issues relating to this event.

In due course, a separate website will be set up for the event.  In the meantime, details can still be found on this site:  click here

Upcoming Events

I normally have a list of events in which I have some involvement - as TD or scorer, or occcasionally others of personal interest

Most events in the immediate future have of course been cancelled.  Some are migrating to the internet.

Even as lockdown eases, Bridge events might be amongst the last of social activities to return to the 'real world'.  We can only wait and see.

EBU & WBU calendars.

Highgate GC - Wednesday Pairs
Cumberland Club-Friday Pairs
St Johns Hospice Charity Duplicate
St Johns Hospice Friendly Duplicate
Cumberland Teams
Highgate GC-Thursday Pairs