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14th Jul 2021 10:34 BST
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Welcome to National Inter-County League Finals (NICLF)

the National Inter-County League Finals 2021
took place online on 11th July

Congratulations to
Gloucestershire 'A', Hertfordshire 'B' and Gloucestershire 'C'
for winning their respective divisions.


Links to overall results are on the right hand side of this page.

They haven't come out entirely as I expected...
Although I am fairly confident that the software has scored the event using Cross-IMPs (though it isn't transparent on Bridgewebs), it has not merged the two halves of each 10-board match.  So in fact the VPs are as if you have played eight (or ten) 5-board matches.

In the overall rankings, the Cross-table represents the VPs scored in the second half only.  I have therefore re-produced the first half results, which can be found via the results calendar on the left-hand menu.  I hope that you will find that the VPs then add up correctly!


On RealBridge, each division will be run as a Multiple Teams-of-Four event, with either 10 or 12 teams.  Counties should organise themselves into two teams-of-four for this purpose.

The results on RealBridge will be displayed as if for teams of four, with total IMPs only.
However, for the purposes of Teams-of-Eight, they wlil be rescored using Cross-IMPs (Tollemache style) converted to Victory Points, and results posted on this site.

update:  although intended that the two matches - one in each session - against each team should be combined for the purposes of conversion to Victory Points, the scoring software had other ideas!  Therefore each 5-board round has been treated as a separate match and VP'd appropriately.  the same will apply to match-won master point awards. 

  Prizes and Master Points

Cash prizes will be awarded to the leading two counties in each division:

1st place: £120 per team of eight
2nd place: £80 per team of eight

There will be modest Green Points awards for each match won (as a team of eight) and bonus awards to the leading teams.
These may take some time to be calculated & credited.  Please be patient!

  About the Event

The Inter-County Leagues National Final was conceived by Graham Jepson, who ran the event for the first five years of its existence.  Up until 2020 (when Covid intervened) the event was run by Ian Mitchell in a personal capacity, but he decided that it needed the backing of a more official organisation, and Warwickshire CBA agreed to take on the reins.  Ian will nevertheless continue to be involved.

(n.b. although this is a "National Final", and sanctioned by the English Bridge Union, the organisation of this event has nothing to do with the EBU).

The event is a one-day teams-of-eight event open to the champion counties of each division of the five Regional Inter-County League Teams-of-Eight events:

The Northern Bridge League;
The Midland Counties League;
The Eastern Counties League;
The Western League (South West);
The Metropolitan Cup (South Eastern Counties).

Each of these regional events has a slightly different format, but the common feature is that they all consist of three divisions, with every county generally having one team in each division (i.e. there is no promotion / relegation, but every county ‘A’ team competes in Division 1, etc.)

The National Final consists of three events (divisions).  Division 1 (or 'A' Division) is contested by the five champion teams of the respective 1st divisions of the Regional Leagues.  Similarly the five Division 2 champions (county ‘B’ teams) and the Division 3 champions (county ‘C’ teams) compete within their own categories.

NICLF Division A
Scorer: Mitch
NICLF Division B
Scorer: Mitch
NICLF Division C
Scorer: Mitch