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Welcome to Mayfield Duplicate Bridge Club
Mike Scoltock

It is with great sadness that we hear that Mike has passed away peacefully at lunchtime today (21/3/24).

Mike's achievements at the Bridge table include:

National events

Crockfords winner 2021

Garden cities (teams of 8) winner 2022

Corwen Cup winner 2012

National Teams League winner 2023

Gold Cup semi-finals

Spring 4s semi-finals

Pachabo - 3x runner-up

Tollemache finalist numerous times, winner in 2001



Winner of the Lady Rose at least 11 times (archive only goes back 10 1997)

Winner of Surrey League div 1 at least 9 times

Winner of the County Pairs at least 4 times

Winner of the Mary Edwards pairs

Winner of the County Teams of 8 at least 7 times

Winner of the Wanborough Cup at least twice

Member of the Surrey Tollemache team. for ever

And of course he won everything at Mayfield, many times over.

Mike Scoltock - Obituary written by Peter Lee

I was very saddened to learn of Mike Scoltock’s premature death at age 64.  I knew him as a friend and team mate in the Tollemache and in Surrey team events for many years.  I first partnered him in 2013, and played very regularly with him in the past seven or eight years.  I found him very bright and kind, and an extremely strong and thoughtful player, with whom I have had many successes.  He was aware of his impending death some times before it occurred, but took it with great fortitude, trying to fit in as much bridge as possible before the inevitable, and never complaining.

He was married to Mary for 35 years and had two children, now aged 33 and 35.  He read Psychology at Hull University and only a few years ago got an MSc in Taxation at Oxford University, and worked as a tax partner.   He played rugby union in his younger days, and more lately acted as a referee.  Indeed I remember him explaining details of the laws to me, while we watched a game on Friday night at a hotel in the Midlands prior to playing in a national bridge final.

His national successes in the last 3 years included playing in teams winning Crockfords, the Garden Cities and the National Teams League, and winning the Corwen with Jeffrey Allerton.  He was also a member of Surrey’s only Tollemache winning team, playing with Paul Fegarty, in 2002.  Further details of his successes can be found on the Mayfield Bridge Club website.

Below, I give details of a hand he played recently in a Surrey league match, which illustrates the strength of his card reading.


North (Peter Lee)

West (Richard Fedrick)                  

East (Andrew Southwell)

South (Mike)

In an uncontested auction at game all  Mike opened 1H, I raised to 2H (showing 7-10 with 3 hearts or a weak 4 card raise), Mike made a game try with 3C and I bid 4H.

After a spade lead covered all round, Mike ruffed, played a heart to the King and finessed to the now blank Ace. After a spade continuation again covered all round, Mike ruffed, played the Ace and King of diamonds and another to the 10, and East exited with his heart, Mike winning and West discarding a spade.

At trick 9 Mike cashed his winning diamond and West had to discard another spade to keep the blank Queen of spades and Qxx of clubs. Mike then discarded his club, cashed the Ace and King of clubs, and at trick 12 played the King of spades to pin the now blank Q and make trick 13 with the 10, East having been forced to play the 9 and J earlier.

Well played indeed.   I will miss you very much Mike.

Recent Successes
Recent Successes

Congratulations to Peter Lee and Dave Norman who won the National Pairs last weekend, repeating their victory of 2023. This is the sixth time Peter has won, a record we believe.

Julie Allman and Derek Ash won the Cliff Street Trophy for the best score vs their NGS handicap on 19th March

Robin Griffiths won the Mayfield Cup for the highest number of matchpoints scored over the entire year (April 2023-March 2024)

BridgeWebs Trial

At the AGM on April 9th, it was agreed to continue to use BridgeWebs and discontinue updating our old web site, which will be retained until autumn 2024 in order to transfer across legacy information

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