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Welcome to the website of Mansfield Mechanics Bridge Club!  
New members are very welcome.
Please contact a member of the committee 


We would ask players to try to take their places 10-15mins before 7.00pm (and 10.00am on Thursday morning) to allow time for the organisers to set out the correct table movement. If you are aware that you are going to be delayed please contact the club to let them know you are on your way. (01623 624376)

Committee Meetings 2024

The bridge club committee is scheduled to meet on

Wednesday 6 March

Wednesday 5 June

Wednesday 4 September 

Wednesday 4 December

Please submit any agenda to

Annual General Meeting 2024

The AGM is scheduled for

Wednesday 27 March

at 6.30pm

Alerts and Announcements

With effect from 1st September 2022, the EBU has revised its rules on alerts and announcements.
Most of the new announcements that have to be made affect those who play transfers after a 1C opening, or play 2 over 1 (the system that robots play on BridgeBaseOnline).
One interesting change is that you no longer announce the point range after opening a strong, balanced 2NT.
So, for most of us, there’s not much of concern.

Remember, when it’s your turn to bid, if you need to know you can always ask your opponent what their partner’s bid means.
There is still no requirement to alert/announce the meaning of a jump overcall. Although the modern way is to play it as weak, we still have members who play it strong. This can catch you out, so we suggest you always check.

A summary of the new rules is on the club noticeboard.

Competition Winners


28/8/23-18/12/23   Handicap winners Chris and Jane Holdrick. Scratch winners Lloyd Eagling and Stan Zygadlo

15/8/2022 to 12/12/ 2022  Handicap competition  winners Jill Duckmanton and Peter Watmough. Scratch winners Lloyd Eagling and Stan Zygadlo

Ron Minter Cup 2019 - Jackie Parsons

Quarterly Individual 2019:  1st Quarter - Dave Tuckwell, 2nd Quarter - Hilary & Allan Kirkland, 3rd Quarter - Jane & Chris Holdrick, 4th Quarter - Jackie Parsons


30/8/23-20/12/23    Handicap winners Kathy White and Michael Harvey. Scratch winners Jane Wilkinson and Michael Rand.

17/8/2022- 28/12/2022  Handicap winners Bernard and Val Hill . Scratch winners Margaret and Peter Savage 

Marksman Salver 2019:  1st Quarter - Fay Buckley & Ian Brenchley, 2nd Quarter - Joyce Capps & Michael Harvey, 3rd Quarter - Jean & Ray Baker, 4th Quarter - Jane Holdrick & Sue Wright


Challenge Cups (non-handicapped) 2018-19 - Margaret & Peter Savage

Chaplin Cups (handicapped) 2018-19 - Gillian Rand & Fraser Smith