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Club Etiquette

System Cards: Each pair must carry a systems card when playing at a session
Mobiles: Must be turned off during sessions
Running Late: Ring the Club on 49 339521


Bridge sessions commenced on 3 August, 2020 and are a little different:-

1. There will be no air conditioning at the club - so please dress appropriately.
2. The kitchen is closed - so please bring your own drink and snacks.
3. Please bring your own pen, gloves and mask (if you wish).
4. When you arrive you will be directed to a table to wait for the session to begin.
5. Sign-in sheet will be completed at your table and tokens collected at the table.
6. Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes are provided at each table.
7. Please wipe your chair with the anti-bacterial wipe when you vacate it.
8. If you require a director - please indicate and then move to the front of the room.
9. At the end of the round please do not move until directed

At the end of the day -
*Please wipe over your chair,
*North to wipe the table after returning the boards
*South to wipe and return the BridgeMate
*East/West to empty the bins.

11. Then please move directly to your cars.


Can’t wait to welcome you all back at MBC!!

Jenny Coyle

(Updated 6 Aug, 2020)

Sessions Mondays and Fridays.

The MBC Covid-19 Safety Plan is on the menu. It has been registered with NSW Heath.
Please READ IT so you are aware of your responsibilities.

Minimum Bookings for Sessions to Proceed
Monday 10 August, 2020 Friday 14 August, 2020
12.45pm 9.15am
Minimum 4 Tables Booked
Vacancies Available

Bookings close 5.45pm the night before the session.
If session is cancelled Booked players will be emailed before 7pm.
Please update the calendar (before the deadline) if your circumstances change.

Fri 14th August 2020
Friday Pairs
MBC 9.15am
Mon 17th August 2020
Monday Pairs - Red Pts
MBC 12.45pm
Tue 18th August 2020
Monday Pairs
Director: Jenny Coyle
Friday Pairs
Director: Jenny Coyle
Monday Pairs
Director: Ken and Jenny
Buy Tokens Online

10 tokens - $50.00
Account: Maitland Bridge Club
BSB: 062-813
A/C No: 10361999
Desc: Your Name