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For a full list of forthcoming event dates, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Realbridge Tournament Links
Realbridge  Tournament Links

Realbridge recognises that there are some issues that differ from face to face play and provides options to cope with these; please see below

UNDO     A player may request an UNDO during BIDDING or PLAY when they have mis-clicked and selected the wrong bid or card. This is a friendly / social game and UNDOs are to be accepted for misclicks.  If not accepted please call the director at the time who will adjudicate, maybe at the end of the play of that hand

ALERT    A player should ALERT  partner's bids, just as in face to face play


Please connect to your tournament by clicking on the appropriate link below:


Monday Improvers (Session Opens 19:00 Start Time 19:20)

Monday 23rd May, to join click the link; 


Tuesday Evening Pairs Face to Face play: Maccabi Bridge Club (Start Time 19:20)

Sessions suspended, restart date to be confirmed 


Wednesday Lunchtime Pairs (Session Opens 12:30 Start Time 13:00

Sessions suspended, restart date to be confirmed      


Thursday Evening Pairs (Session Opens 19:00 Start Time 19:20)

Thursday 19th of May, to join click the link;


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