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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Results Correction Policy
The club committee has decided to allow correction of results at any time up to and including the Sunday following each Tuesday session.

If any results need correcting please email the scorer within this time period.
Last updated : 8th Aug 2013 23:21 BST
General Data Protection Regulations

Under the General Data Protection Regulations which come into force towards the end of May the club is obliged to have a published Privacy Notice. This can be accessed by clicking on the Privacy Notice tab on the left of this page.

Members will also be asked to sign new membership application forms to ensure compliance with GDPR.

Last updated : 27th Sep 2018 15:05 BST
Addition of Email Addresses to the Member Area

The Member Area now contains email addresses of members where available.

If any member whose address is not shown would like it to be shown then please email John Leake


Last updated : 31st Oct 2018 17:07 GMT
Changes to Duty Officer Rota

The club committee is pleased to welcome Jim Maxey who has taken over as Membership Secretary.

Jim is now maintaining the duty officer rota.

Members who change their duty officer dates are kindly asked to let Jim know so that he has an up to date list.

Last updated : 11th Dec 2018 18:45 GMT
Club Championship Pairs        
Names 1st week 2nd week Ave   Ascendancy  
Alan Deeley & Dorothy Howes
62.30 61.11
61.71 1st
Ed & Sue Devine
Ian Kemp & Hazel Miles
61.46 58.10
59.78 2nd
Stan Frost & John Howes
Sara Barnett & Mike Hunt
55.21 55.32
55.27 3rd
David Valentine & David Kenton
Kathy Jennings & Shirley Bull
49.60 59.49
54.55 4th
Jan Godbold & Chris Horder
Tony Clayton & Jim Maxey
53.57 54.40
53.99 5th
Margaret & David Murphy
Margaret & David Murphy
52.78 53.70
53.24 6th
Tony Clayton & Jim Maxey
Ed & Sue Devine
55.16 48.61
51.89 7th
Sara Barnett & Mike Hunt
Stan Frost & John Howes
48.41 54.86
51.64 8th
Jan Metcalf & Jan Cook
Jan Godbold & Chris Horder
43.75 49.31
46.53 9th
Alan Deeley & Dorothy Howes
Sally & Alan Burnay
43.06 48.61
45.84 10th
Ian Kemp & Hazel Miles
David Valentine & David Kenton
44.05 39.58
41.82 11th
Sally & Alan Burnay
Jan Metcalf & Jan Cook
42.06 40.97
41.52 12th
Kathy Jennings & Shirley Bull
Mike Klein & Joan Mills
41.67 33.33 37.50 13th
Mike Klein & Joan Mills
Last updated : 23rd Mar 2019 16:30 GMT

Congratulations to Alan and Dorothy on winning the Championship Pairs.

and to Shirley and Kathy for the ascendancy prize.

Full details on the News Page 

Last updated : 30th Apr 2019 15:24 BST
Past Members Memorial Trophy


Congratulations to the 2019 winners Sara Barnett and Mike Hunt.


Last updated : 30th Apr 2019 15:25 BST
February 11th Teams Result After Handicap

See the Results section for the result after handicapping for the February 11th teams.

Congratulations to Sue Devine, Ed Devine, Alan and Sally Burnay for winning by a large margin and to Tony Clayton, Jim Maxey, Gill Cunningham and Angela Wisson, the runners up.

Last updated : 29th Feb 2020 12:52 GMT