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Welcome to Loreburn Bridge Club
SBU online Bridge

Scottish Bridge Union (SBU)


Upcoming Events in the SBU Virtual Club

Every Tuesday at 7 pm - 24 boards of match-pointed Pairs; only 3 BBO$

Saturday 13th June at 7 pm for 7 weeks - 'Lockdown' Swiss Pairs: Details

All proceeds will be used to fund the training of club and district online tournament directors

Instructions for finding SBU events on BBO:

From the BBO home page:
click on Competitive,
then All Tournaments,
then type 'SBU' in the search box - or scroll down to find the tournament.

The tournament description will appear 2 hours before the start time and you can then register, provided your partner is also online

Please remember that registrations are only accepted from those who have provided their BBO username in advance.  These now are being collected on MEMPAD.  Even if you filled in the 'form' previously, please check it and update via Mempad.

Log in to Mempad, Click on the 'My Contacts' tab, then select the 'edit' tab.  Scroll down and then fill in your BBO user name.

Remember to hit Save before you leave the page



Dear Members,

Firstly I hope this finds you all in good health.

As you know the competitions that are due to finish this month can not be completed. Hence we will be using half the number of completed events +1 to work out the winners of these competitions.  The Prize giving which was scheduled for May 1st will not take place but the Trophy winners for 2019-2020 will receive their Trophies and Prize Money at a future date. The Winners will be posted on the website.

Similarly the Charity/JHS Law competition will be either postponed or cancelled.

 The AGM is due to take place in May, that being the month when it has always taken place, and must take place, as per the Constitution (Clause 10.1).

Under the Constitution the following rules apply, the numbering corresponding to the Clause numbers in the Constitution:

     8.1 The AGM will appoint the Office Bearers for the ensuing year.

     9.4 Ordinary Committee members can only be appointed at an AGM; and Ordinary Committee members may only serve for three years and may not be re-appointed until a year has elapsed since their ceasing to be an

            Ordinary member.

     9.7 Meetings of the Committee must be at least quarterly (no format specified).

     9.13 Deviations from the Constitution will be allowed and be legal unless there is objection from any member when there is specified a remedy for such member or members.

    10.4 The Quorum for an AGM is one fifth of the total membership.

Even if 9.13 did not exist, the Committee feel that there would have to be a deviation from the Constitution, anyway, because of Corvid 19 and thus we are proposing that the AGM is postponed to the first date when it would be reasonably practicable for it to be adjourned to, and meantime to continue with the existing Committee until the adjourned AGM.

The Committee will, in the meantime, exchange emails and phone calls and will make all necessary arrangements for when the Club re-opens in the hopefully not too distant future. We doubt if there would be any point in trying to arrange any sort of “remote” AGM as for one thing, we would be unlikely to get a Quorum.

I would be pleased to hear from any member who would like to express a view on the proposed arrangements during the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Take care and Stay Safe

Kindest Regards





On Fri, 26 Jul 2019, 11:47 Sandra Schneider, <> wrote:

Please find attached the letter I send to Donald yesterday to inform him of the changes that will be taking place.



Online Bridge

Hi Everyone

The SBU sent out a letter saying they would be developing Online Bridge.

The following is the information from the SBU website,


A guide is being prepared to help SBU members get started with Online Bridge.

Very useful information available via the following links:

English Bridge Union 

Paul Gipson's Guide & You Tube Video at Berwick Bridge Club.

You can usually play for free or set up your own table(s) to invite others to join on BBO


Bridge Baso Online (BBO)

Bridge Club Live

How to create a bridge tournament for your club on Funbridge


Glasgow Bridge Centre plans to run online Tournaments for its members.

The EBU runs afternoon & evening events, for which BBO$ must be purchased in order to play.


Currently the SBU does not recognise Online Tournament Master Points.


Courtesy of Ron Klinger, the Australian Bridge Federation, is publishing a series of daily articles:

Ron Klinger Daily Columns"

I hope this information is useful. If you click on the words in Blue you will get more information.

Please take care and stay safe.

Kindest Regards



Corona Virus

Until further notice Loreburn Bridge Club will be closed.

Dumfries InterClub Competition

 Today 15th March 2020 a very successful inter club Competition was held  between Loreburn BC Holywood BC Solway BC and Cargen BC.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

£265 was raised for Food Train D&G 


Accessing Committee Minutes

The Minutes of  Committee meetings  are only available to Members.

If you click on the minutes tab you wish to read it will take you to the Members Login page. There are instructions on the page showing you how to log in. 

If anyone needs any help signing in please let me know.

Sandra Schneider



Partner Finder


New to Dumfries or your partner is not available  please contact  Eva  on 01387 252930   


Cisse Hanley10
Director: Sandra Schneider
Scorer: Sandra Schneider
Dealer: Robert Dempster
Easter Pairs
Director: Robert Dempster
Scorer: Hilary Jack
Dealer: Robert Dempster
Max West Salver
Director: Margaret Graham
Scorer: Denise Kearney
Dealer: Robert Dempster
Director: Matthew Burn
Scorer: Allan Doyle
Dealer: Robert Dempster
3rd Aug 2020
Director: George Burn
Scorer: Allan Doyle
Dealer: Colin Robertson
4th Aug 2020
Max West Salver
Director: Pauline Thorp
Scorer: Robert Dempster
Dealer: Colin Robertson
5th Aug 2020
Adamson Cup
Director: Sandra Schneider
Scorer: Robert Dempster
Dealer: Colin Robertson
7th Aug 2020
Summer Cup14
Director: Eileen Cowan
Scorer: Matthew Burn
Dealer: Colin Robertson